What I Can't Have

Laleh Addison Tomlinson is the Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. She has long straight brown hair and gleaming blue/green eyes like her brother. She has a small figure. 5'5 and 110 lbs. Her brother auditions for X - Factor while Louis is gone Laleh is at home watching all her siblings while her mom is gone. Her mother had just divorced her 2nd husband so now she is in charge of the girls. What happens when Louis invites his sister on tour with the boys ?


6. 6

I fell asleep on the plane my head rested against the cold window.

A couple hours later Louis woke me up and handed me a snack that the flight attendant was handing out. She glared at me then gave a huge smile to Niall and Louis. I scoffed and she looked back at me and gave me a fake plastic smile. I laughed then took out my phone. I connected it to the airplane wifi and played multiple pointless games. Niall kept looking at me over Louis' shoulder. Louis was on the phone with his girlfriend. Harry kicked the back of my seat. I turned around to face him.                                                                                                                      

" Hey, uh, do you know that Niall is staring at you ?" Harry said

I glanced at Niall who quickly turned around after he heard his name. I laughed



" MA'AM !!! GET UP NOW !" the flight attendant yelled. I looked around and all of the boys were in the back of the plane playing a game, since it was THEIR airplane which is freaking crazy. I looked at the flight attendant. she had straight blonde hair with brown ends, sky blue eyes, and a perfect body. She was wearing a navy blue pencil skirt and a white blouse, she had a navy headband in her hair. I scoffed at her then walked back to the boys.

Louis patted the seat next to him then I kicked some butt at Monopoly.






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