What I Can't Have

Laleh Addison Tomlinson is the Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. She has long straight brown hair and gleaming blue/green eyes like her brother. She has a small figure. 5'5 and 110 lbs. Her brother auditions for X - Factor while Louis is gone Laleh is at home watching all her siblings while her mom is gone. Her mother had just divorced her 2nd husband so now she is in charge of the girls. What happens when Louis invites his sister on tour with the boys ?


5. 5

    I woke up to Louis screaming at Harry for smacking him with a pillow. I smiled to myself then remembered today was the day we left for the tour, I was excited but also nervous, I mean it is not everyday you leave your home for 4 months then come back for a week then leave again, I really do not know how Louis does it.

I got out of my bed and slowly walked to my bathroom. I took a short shower then dressed in leggings and a shirt that read " Lol your not Louis Tomlinson." It was purple and Louis had gave it to me when One Direction first started. I slid on my beige Bear Paw boots ( I can't afford UGGS) then put on a couple loose bracelets. I put my hair in a high ponytail and just put on some mascara and chap stick, I did not want to over do it just for a flight. I wheeled my suitcases down the stairs, it was hard i can say that. Louis was at the bottom of the stairs laughing at me, I glared at him then Niall took two of the now 4 suitcases and took them down the rest of the stairs I sent him a smile of appreciation. The cab was outside so me and Niall put my suitcases in the back and he closed the trunk.


" Thanks Niall, my brother is such a jerk." I said

" No problem, I don't see why he would be a jerk to you though." He responded

" Well, erm yeah I guess it is weird." I lied while blushing my face off.


We walked back inside and we grabbed last minute things then said goodbye to everyone. My mom was crying and would not let go of me and Louis. When we finally escaped her grip everyone walked to the cab and got in.

I sat in between Louis and Niall, when Louis wasn't looking Niall put his hand on me knee then removed it as soon as Louis looked back. I blushed, then tried to hide it. Harry was in the passenger seat next to the driver on his phone and Liam and Zayn were talking in the back.

We finally got to the airport and made are way through the thousands of fans, some of them screaming my name as well. We boarded the plane and I yet again sat next to Louis and Niall while Liam, Harry, and Zayn were in the row behind us.

This was going to be a awkward flight....


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