What I Can't Have

Laleh Addison Tomlinson is the Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. She has long straight brown hair and gleaming blue/green eyes like her brother. She has a small figure. 5'5 and 110 lbs. Her brother auditions for X - Factor while Louis is gone Laleh is at home watching all her siblings while her mom is gone. Her mother had just divorced her 2nd husband so now she is in charge of the girls. What happens when Louis invites his sister on tour with the boys ?


3. 3

I sat down on the couch next to my crying mother after Louis had let me go and attacked the twins with hugs again as Fizzy and Lottie talked to the boys. Niall came to the couch and wrapped my mum in a hug. He then took my hand and made me stand up. He buried his face in my neck. I laughed and he let go. He looked in my eyes , I blushed and looked at my boots. Niall walked away and I heard Daisy scream as Niall had started tickling her. Liam came  over and wrapped me in a hug and kissed my cheek. Zayn came over and kissed my cheek and finally Harry came with a flirty grin and kissed my hand, I laughed. I walked up the stairs and entered my room.

I took out my neon green suitcase and started packing since we were leaving in two days. It was the middle of February  so I needed to dress for all kinds of weather due to the fact it was a world stadium tour. After I had finished with that suitcase I sat on it and zipped it up, I realized I would need two more big suitcases. I snuck into Lottie and Fizzy"s room and went in their closet I took out Lottie's turquoise one and Fizzy"s  hot pink one. I walked back to my room and packed for about an hour until I heard a knock on my door I opened the door and found my half sister Georgia. She wrapped me in a hug and I tried to count the number of hugs I had gotten today. Georgia let go and stood there. She had curly brown/black hair and sparkling blue eyes. I walked to my suitcase and she smiled.

" Georgia, why are you so happy today?" I asked while putting together my cosmetics bag.

" Because Laleh ! My only brother is famous and my sister is going on tour with him duh even if we only have dad in common you are still my siblings !"

I laughed and zipped up the finished bag. I sat all my suitcases by my door and sat on the bed next to Georgia, or me and Louis call her Georgie. She was typing away on her IPhone while I looked around my room for anything else I needed to pack, I decided I had already packed everything and I turned on my tiny box T.V. Louis walked I the room and said

" Hey halfy , hey fully."

This had always made Georgia, Fizzy, Lottie, Phoebe, and Daisy mad. halfy was just because they we're his half sisters. Georgia glared at him and I laughed.

Georgia lives with our dad and takes online college courses like me. My old stepdad ( the one right after my mom divorced me, Louis and Georgia"s dad ) had never really been there for me as I tried to get into a good college always telling me I would not make it and that everyone here except his real daughters were worthless. Which was me, Louis and my mom. I had never told Georgia about it. I was so glad my mom left him.

Thinking about stepdads I thought yet again that mom was pregnant with Marks kids, ( me and Louis took his last name as kids) I am so glad he is out of my life. But now my moms new husband, Daniel Deakin will act like he is their real father and be a real dad to the younger ones. I heard the door open downstairs and I jumped out of my bed startling Louis and Georgia and ran down the stairs and jumped in Daniel's arms. He had been gone for a week at work. He kissed the top of my head and sat me down. Lottie then jumped in his arms making him laugh as Fizzy hugged his side. The twins figured out who was here and attacked his legs. Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Harry all smiled and waved to him. Georgia gave a wave as she walked down the stairs. Louis gave him a hug then sat on the couch next to his bandmates.

I sat in the love seat and Daisy and Phoebe climbed on my lap. I slowly fell asleep then I jolted back to life as I heard Phoebe and daisy whisper then scream in either of my ears. I screamed scared and they all burst out laughing along with me, Niall gave me the weirdest face ever.



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