What I Can't Have

Laleh Addison Tomlinson is the Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. She has long straight brown hair and gleaming blue/green eyes like her brother. She has a small figure. 5'5 and 110 lbs. Her brother auditions for X - Factor while Louis is gone Laleh is at home watching all her siblings while her mom is gone. Her mother had just divorced her 2nd husband so now she is in charge of the girls. What happens when Louis invites his sister on tour with the boys ?


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 Hi my name is Laleh Addison Tomlinson, if you did not know it is pronounced Lay-La . And yes Tomlinson, i am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. I look like him but  you know a girl. I had straight brown hair and blue/green eyes like my brother. I was short ! Like 5'3 at 21 short ! I weigh 113 pounds. 

In school Louis was always the crazy popular one while i was the nerd who got all A's, never missed school, and never went to any parties. But Louis was perfectly fine with that he didn't want me to get "hurt" he always said he had to protect his 'baby' sister even though i was only 7 minutes younger. Plus he has 4 younger sisters to protect. Let me introduce you to my big family.

Me and Louis' parents were Troy Austin and Johanna Tomlinson. We had a half sister Georgia. Then our mum remarried. And they had 4 kids, Charlotte,F'elicit'e, then the twins Daisy and Phoebe. And just recently our mom got remarried, again. And my mom is pregnant right now with boy and girl twins. Me and Louis are the closest,since we have the same parents.

Right now i am taking online college so i can help my mom around the house while my step dad works and Louis is always gone but he and his bandmates are coming home tomorrow for the spring. Then they are going on tour a little before summer starts then throughout the summer for their Where We Are Tour !

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