real life Hunger Games

have you ever wanted to be in the hunger games without being in the hunger games? well now's your chance. Sign up now. read chapter 1 if your interested in being a tribute, mentor, or stylist! plenty of room, 24 tributes, 12 mentors, and 12 stylists! that's quite a few people! please don't sign up if you can't be on here at least once a week!
let the games begin
may the odds be ever in your favor!
- stredog12


2. hot it's gonna work

k, so how this is gonna work, is once decided (I just published the first chapter seconds ago) the stylists will decide on an outfit. That will be on the team movella (yes you have to make a movella) that the whole district will share, and be able to communicate on. Just leave the link, and you will be there. But, just to make it so you don't have to decide, the mentor will make the movella, and share it with the district team (the mentor, stylist, and tributes) and then the mentor can share his advice, the tributes can share what they look like, what their specialties are, but one thing.

I'm the narrator.

so, bring it on the outfit, and I will post a chapter for every tribute. Example:


Rue, tribute 11 girl, killed by clove, district 2 tribute girl 

would be posted on the 4th day in tribute (I'm not sure if that's right or not)

but yeah, and then the stylist will post the ending outfits, and mentor will put in there input, but there will be donations, but not by tributes. everyone has $100. 

water is $20

food is $20

skin cream (what katniss had) is $200 (you can put your money together with other people) and it can heal burns

tracker jacker healing cream $100

you can send it to one, or more of  the tributes, but this won't turn out like the 74th annual hunger games. Only one victor.


may the odds be ever in your favor



comment, I'll be happy to answer.

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