Not Quite Human

"Are you afraid?" He whispered sending a chill all the way up my spine.
'Wh-where are we?" I stuttered.
"You can't answer a question with a question."
Before I could reply to hi, his hand slid to the inside of my thigh and gripped tightly. His thumb was so close to my core and it was driving me insane! I've know this guy for all of two days and already he was making me want things I normally wouldn't.
His breath was fanning over my neck right below my ear as he began to place rough kisses all over my neck leading down to my collar bone. When his lips connected where my neck meets my collar bone, I let out an unwanted moan. He had found my sweet spot and I couldn't help but let that moan out. It was unintentional but it happened and he seemed to like it.
"Are you ever gonna answer my question?" He asked before he started sucking on my sweet spot again.
"Y-yes- no?" I managed to moan breathlessly answering him.
He chuckled lowly and brought his face in front of mine, "well? Which is it?


6. What We Are

I looked at Zayn just waiting for him to continue for what seemed like forever. If we aren't human, what are we? 

Zayn seemed to be searching for the words to say without sounding stupid- though from what I am gathering, he already knows he will sound stupid to me. Yeah, what happened last night was strange as hell but does saying we aren't human really make sense? How are we not human?

"Zayn, what do you mean by, we aren't human?" I asked slowly.

"I-I don't know how to explain without confusing you and you thinking I sound stupid-"

"Tell me one at a time then."

"Who do you wanna know about first?"

It took me a second of thinking before I finally came up with the right answer, "dad."

Zayn looked down at his hands before looking up at me just like he did a minute ago, "okay, I have a better idea. How about I tell you about you, me, mom, and dad and then I will tell you about Harry? Because we tie into mom and dad and I can't think of any other way to explain it to you other than this way."

"Fine, explain."

"Okay," He sighed. "As  told you, we ren't human. You and I aren't human because our parent's aren't. Mom is a werewolf- a full blood werewolf in fact and she was in line to be leader of her pack till she ran away with dad-"

"So, is dad a werewolf too?"

"No. Dad is a vampire. The thing about him is he was a very high class ranked vampire."

"How high ranked was he?"

"His father, our grandfather that we have never met, was the vampire king. Father would have be the rightful line to the throne but he threw it away and ran away with mom."

"So let me get this straight. Mom is a full blooded werewolf who could have been a leader of?"

"The Blood Moon pack."

"Right, and dad was a vampire who's father was a king?"


"So what does that make us?"

"That's where it gets tricky. You would think that we would be half vampire half werewolf, right?"

"Well, yeah?"

"Wrong. Somehow you are a full werewolf and I am a full vampire. Nobody knows how it happened. The doctors think that since we are twins, it went half and half and that there is a part of our parents in each but have no proof. Somehow you and I are two completely different creatures. To be technical, we are enemies."

"This makes no sense. Wouldn't I know if I were a werewolf?"

"Not exactly-"

"What does that even mean?"

"You are a special kind of wolf. Every great once in awhile, there will be a person that thinks they are a normal human because they don't have any of the symptoms of werewolf, but they actually are. Doctors don't know how that happens either but it does. Think about it, you never went into heat until this past week, you have always been a strong girl but always thought it was just natural, and you never hit a regular puberty but you did begin to grow hair and your body matured."

For some reason, everything Zayn was telling me actually made sense. My body built itself very well through my teenage years- yet I never once had a period. I grew body hair but no periods. And now that I am finding out that I am some rare type of wolf that doesn't know I'm a werewolf till my later years, explains why I went into, so called heat, this past week. That doesn't explain my pull towards Harry though.

"What about Harry?" I ask.

"That's a whole differen't story entirely."

"I wanna know."

"I can't tell you everything. He can tell you some things though."

"Tell me what you can then."

"Harry is a werewolf and is in fact the same type that you are. He didn't know he was a wolf till his 18th birthday three years ago. I don't know about Harry's family or past and even if I did, I couldn't tell you about it because that's his business-

"Okay, I get that but what about my pull towards him? And how he made the hot pain go away but just looking at me?"

"I was really hoping that this wouldn't be the case but it is. You and Harry are mates. That's why you could feel everything he felt last night and why you two are pulled towards each other when close and why the pain from your heat would diminish by the sight of him. Your body and your wolf reacts to him because the moon goddess has connected your souls and now that they have come close enough to become one, both of your's and Harry's body and wolfs will fight to be together."

The information hit me like a ton of bricks. Just yesterday I was attacking Harry with passion unknowingly why and today I find out that we are mates and are bound to be together? How is all of this even possible? It just makes no sense to me. As crazy as all of this information sounds, it all makes sense and I believe every word of it. There is just one thing that doesn't make sense as of this moment.

"If Harry and I are mates then isn't he supposed to say 'mine' or something then attack me with a heated kiss or something?" I ask sounding stupider then Zayn just did explaining everything to me.

He let out a low chuckle, "that's the most over used, cliche sounding shit, people buy into. Just because you see your mate doesn't mean you growl 'mine' and sexually attack them. In the real world, when a wolf finds his or her mate, they feel an automatic connection. It's pretty much that stupid love at first sight crap but more real."

"Is it the same with vampires as it is with werewolves?"

"No, when we find the ones we are supposed to be with, we will know because we will be drawn to them by their scent. To us it will apparently be the most beautiful smelling thing we have ever encountered."

I let out a light sigh before flopping back down on the bed, "I wanna see Harry."


"Well he's here, isn't he?"

"Yeah," he mumbled as he got up and walked out of the room.

Minutes later, Harry's head of curls peaked in the room and as soon as I saw him, a smile broke out across my face. I still can't get out him. Every aspect of him, I love. His curls, eyes, dimples, smile- just him. I still have yet to figure out my feelings I have fore him- other than the sexual attraction- but there is definitely something there.

"Hey," he said smiling as he sat down.

"Hey," I smiled back propping myself up on my elbows. I cold tell right away that my face was not hiding the fact that he had me all flustered because of how warm I was getting and at the smirk playing on Harry's face.

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