Not Quite Human

"Are you afraid?" He whispered sending a chill all the way up my spine.
'Wh-where are we?" I stuttered.
"You can't answer a question with a question."
Before I could reply to hi, his hand slid to the inside of my thigh and gripped tightly. His thumb was so close to my core and it was driving me insane! I've know this guy for all of two days and already he was making me want things I normally wouldn't.
His breath was fanning over my neck right below my ear as he began to place rough kisses all over my neck leading down to my collar bone. When his lips connected where my neck meets my collar bone, I let out an unwanted moan. He had found my sweet spot and I couldn't help but let that moan out. It was unintentional but it happened and he seemed to like it.
"Are you ever gonna answer my question?" He asked before he started sucking on my sweet spot again.
"Y-yes- no?" I managed to moan breathlessly answering him.
He chuckled lowly and brought his face in front of mine, "well? Which is it?


5. What The Hell!?

"Set me down," I whispered to the guy holding me up. Strange, I still don't know his name- that's not the point.

The guy put me down and I adjusted my clothes quickly. It was so awkward for me at the moment but it didn't seem to be affecting him. I tried to put off looking up for as long as I possibly could but this wasn't easy. Finally I gave up on putting it off and looked up.

As soon as my eyes met his, I wanted to crumble. This isn't who I am- I have no clue what takes over me when I see the guy standing next to me. I just feel like my body changes around him and I am a whole new person.

"Want to explain what the hell is going on here, Cassidy? Harry?" Zayn asked with his arms crossed looking back and fourth from me and Harry. Finally I learned his name.

"My bad, I didn't know she was your little girlfriend-"

"That's my brother," I mumbled.

Harry's head snapped towards me and his eyes were wide with shock, "your brother? No- thats not possible- how?"

"Don't," Zayn warned. "She doesn't know."

"I don't know what?" I asked confused.

"Nothing," Zayn muttered.

"She has a right to know- after all, it is her body, and you are her brother." Harry dared. 

"She'll figure everything out when she is old enough-"

"Old enough? She is 20 fucking years old!"

"You wanna yell at me!? How about we take this outside then!"


I still have no clue what the hell is going on but before I could ask then and get an answer, both Zayn and Harry were walking out te front door and leaving me behind. I let out a heavy sigh before going and paying for the food and heading out to put it in the car. When I had everything loaded into Zayn's car, I looked around the parking lot for the my brother and Harry but couldn't find them. I was about to give up and sit in the car but then I heard yelling.

I followed the sound around the back of the building where I saw Harry being pushed up against the wall by Zayn. "What the hel!?" I yelled. 

Both heads turned towards me but Zayn's snapped right back, "look what the hell you did!"

"What I did? You are the one keeping secrets!" Harry yelled right back into Zayn's face.

As soon as the words left Harry's mouth, I knew he had pissed off my brother. He absolutely hates being yelled at by anyone and my prediction had been right. I didn't even get to blink once before Zayn's fist hit Harry's jaw. Harry stumbled to the side slightly before standing backup and tackling my brother to the ground.

I stood there completely helpless as the two guys in front of me threw punches , jabs, and pushes at eachother. Everytime Harry would get hit, I somehow felt the pain as well.They started off soft but gradually began to get more painful. Every jab Harry took, I took one too. As the punches came harder and harder, I began to loose breath. My breathing came in short and painful breaths and I needed the to use the building wall to support my weight. I grabbed my chest and tried to breath in and out but it was no use. I was gasping for air but only succeeding in hurting my lungs. Everytime air went in, my throat burned and felt scratchy.

I couldn't take it anymore and collapsed. When I hit the ground, there was a soft thud and my brother and Harry came running.

"Cassidy!" Zayn yelled pushing Harry off of him and running over to me, "are you okay!?"

I couldn't answer, I could only gasp but it seemed to be the only answer that he needed to know that I wasn't alright. All of the sudden Harry was by my side and pushing Zayn out of the way.

"What the hell!? She's my sister!" Zayn yelled.

"And she's my mate!" Harry screamed.

I was beginning to loose my sight and getting dizzy from lack of oxygen but I could still see Zayn's eyes almost bulge out of his head. Whatever Harry's words meant, Zayn didn't agree with. He was furious and I couldn't even ask what was going on.  The last thing I saw was both Harry and Zayn trying to keep me awake.


When I woke up, I was in someones room that I didn't recongize laying in their bed. I looked around and realized that I was laying in Zayn's bed. What the hell happened? I tried to get out of the bed but all I managed to do was sit up before I fel pain shoot through random spots on my body. I looked down and saw that I had bruises all over my arms, legs, and when I lifted my shirt, there were burises there too. I am afraid to see what my face looks like. 

"Hello?" I called out.

I could hear talking out in the living room so I know somebody is here. The question is, who? Last people I saw were Harry and Zayn so was it just Zayn in the house with me or was it both of them?

A few seconds later, I saw the bedroom door crack open and Zayn's head pop in, "hey." He smiled coming in and closing the door behind him. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge right next to me. "You feeling okay?"

"I don't know," I mumbled. "Do I look okay?"


"Don't lie to me, Zayn."


"What the hell happened?"

"It's hard to explain-"

"I don't care how hard it is to explain. All I know is you and Harry were going at it and every time he got hit, I felt it."

He looked down at his hands for a few seconds before looking back up at me, "I haven't been completely truthful with you. There is a lot of things about me that you don't know. Hell- there is everything about mom and dad that you don't know. I know that you probably think I sound stupid right now but- everything I'm about to tell you is true no matter how untrue it would appear to be."

"Zayn, what are you talking about? You are starting to scare me..."

"No, Cassidy, I'm not trying to scare you. It's just- okay, can you promise me that you will listen to everything I'm about to tell you and be completely open minded?"

"Fine, yeah- whatever. Just tell me!"

"Cassidy... you aren't huan- and neither is Harry or me and even mom and dad aren't..."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

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