Not Quite Human

"Are you afraid?" He whispered sending a chill all the way up my spine.
'Wh-where are we?" I stuttered.
"You can't answer a question with a question."
Before I could reply to hi, his hand slid to the inside of my thigh and gripped tightly. His thumb was so close to my core and it was driving me insane! I've know this guy for all of two days and already he was making me want things I normally wouldn't.
His breath was fanning over my neck right below my ear as he began to place rough kisses all over my neck leading down to my collar bone. When his lips connected where my neck meets my collar bone, I let out an unwanted moan. He had found my sweet spot and I couldn't help but let that moan out. It was unintentional but it happened and he seemed to like it.
"Are you ever gonna answer my question?" He asked before he started sucking on my sweet spot again.
"Y-yes- no?" I managed to moan breathlessly answering him.
He chuckled lowly and brought his face in front of mine, "well? Which is it?


8. Running

A bag full of clothes was packed for me and while Zayn was packing a bag for him, Harry helped me put on my shoes; then picked me up, along with my bag, grabbed Zayn's car keys, and carried me out to his car. He placed me in the back seat, threw my stuff in the trunk, then climbed in the back with me.

"What's going on?" I whispered scooting closer to Harry.

He looked down at me and draped his arm over my shoulders, "it's better if Zayn explains."

I let it go right now and decide to get more comfortable. I lift my right leg and put it up up on Harry's so that it dangled between his legs and partially propped up. I noticed Harry's body stiffen up and him look down at my leg with wide eyes.

He leaned his head down to my ear, "you are really tempting me, beautiful," he whispered. 

I smiled up at him before looking back forward and placing my hand on the inside of his thigh. He sucked in a sharp breath and was about to say something but then my brother showed up. He upened the driver's side door and threw his bag of clothes in the passenger seat, started the car, and began driving. He didn't even bother to look back at how Harry and I were situated.

"Zayn?" I whispered. 

No response.

"Zayn?" I whispered again, this time a bit louder.

"What?!" He snapped.

 "Don't yell at her," Harry hisses.

Zayn shakes his head and lets out a heavy sigh, "I'm sorry- I'm just stressed right now..."

"What's going on?" I ask grabbing Harry's free hand.

He looks at me through the middle mirror quickly before looking back at the road, "remember how I told you our grandfather is a kind? And how mom's parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon Pack?"


"Well, turns out none of them knew of us and apparently our dad went to his dad, our grandfather, and told him you ran away and are missing. After he told him, he went on to telling moms parents and they called our mom to confirm the story. She told them that we were, in fact, real and not made up, but did not know if it was true that you went missing. After all that went down, our grandparents decided to get together and apparently are plotting to find us and take us in-"

"What for?"

"I don't know..."

"What if they only want to talk to us?"

"Do you really wanna risk your life to take that chance? I mean, after all the shit dad put you through? Rape? Beatings? Belittling you and making you feel like shit?"

I felt Harry's whole body tense up at what Zayn was saying. I could tell he wanted to rip my fathers head off just as much as I did. All of the shit that he put me through and how much he ruined me, I wanted him dead. Father or not, he was nothing to me. I hate him.

"No..." I mumbled.

"Didn't think so," Zayn stated. "We are going to get a bag of clothes for you, Harry- unless you aren't coming?"

"No, I'm coming. I wanna fucking kill your dad," he grunted.

I looked up at Harry then to Zayn before looking back down at my hands. What has my life become? I run from my dad and his abusiveness just to be chased after by my grandparents who had no clue Zayn and I existed. This is so much better...

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

I looked up at him with a confused face until he moved his hand up and wiped away the tears that were streaming down my face. I hadn't even realized I was crying. I nodded my head, quickly, and turned to finish wiping my face. 


We pulled up to a small apartment building on the edge of town that I assumed was Harry's place. Zayn parked the car and turned back to Harry and I.

"Are you both going up or..." He asked letting his sentence trail off.

I looked up at Harry who was already looking at me with a questioning look on his face as if to ask 'do you wanna come up?'

"I'll go up," I say untangling myself from him.

Harry climbs out of the car first and then turns right around to pick me up and carry me so that it's easier on me. My legs were still extremely sore- not broken, just sore. I could walk perfectly fine but with every muscle in my body throbbing, I would slow us down. 

As Harry climbs the stairs up to his flat, I catch him looking down at me every few seconds with a seductive smirk playing on his lips. I can tell that he is enjoying my body so close to him and I have to admit it, I am enjoying being so close to him as well.

He sets me down, quickly, to unlock the door, before picking me up again and walking us into the flat and back to his room. When in his room, he sets me down on the end of the bed and grabbing a bag and packing clothes. None of us know how long this is gonna take so we just grabbed a bag full of clothing.

I watch as Harry rummages through his drawers and closet till he has enough clothing items to satisfy him. He then turns to me and smiles before walking over to me. He stops when he is right in front of me and kneels down.

I smile at him and slowly close the space between our faces. We are meer centimeters from our lips touching when I stop. I look from his eyes to him lips rapidly trying to figure out if I he wanted me to finish moving in and kiss him. Before I get the chance to decide or not, his lips are on mine. The way that my body reacts to him is unbelievable. Instantly I feel my stomach turn and electric run up my spine.

The kiss heats up only seconds after as he pulls at my bottom lips with his teeth, asking for entrance. I groan slightly giving him the opportunity to dominate the kiss. I feel his hands snake up my legs and land on my waist before he begins to stand up and push me back onto the bed. I feel my back hit the bed and I move my hands up to his hair and lightly tug on it, earning a moan in return.

His hands move from my waist to two differen't parts of my body. One moves to the inside of my thigh whilst the other moves to my side inside my shirt. I stiffen slightly for a moment because nobody has ever touched my like that but relax after a moment.

"No," Harry mumbles pulling away and getting up.

I watch him as he climbs off the bed and sits on the end of the bed, "what's wrong?" I ask sitting up.

"We can't do this."

Instantly I feel my heart drop to my stomach. I know I shouldn't feel hurt by what he says but for some reason, I am. "Oh..."

His head spins back in my direction and his eyes are wide with worry, "no, no, no- I didn't mean it like I don't want to- I do. Trust me- It's just- I can't bond with you-"

"Bond with me?"

"When two mates have sex, they are bonding with each other. We are giving ourselves to each other and I don't wanna-"

"I get it. You don't want e like that-"

"No!" He protests crawling back on the bed to my side and cupping my face in his large hands. I look at him and see and honest look on his face. "I want to bond with you so badly even though I have only know you for about three weeks, I want you, Cassidy. Trust me when I say I do-"

"Then what is the problem?"

"I don't wanna force you into something that you can't take back... Once we are bonded, we are bonded till one of us dies and we can't break that bond. I want you to be sure that it's me that you want and not just the desire you are feeling."

I looked down at my hands for a moment before nodding, "Okay, you're right. Let's get back down to the car before Zayn comes up though."

"Okay," he says as he kisses my forehead and getting up ad grabbing his bag. 

He then turns and picks me up then walks out of his flat, locking the door behind him, and heading back to the car. Zayn is leaning against the drivers side door smoking, and looking annoyed at how long we took.

"Finally," he mutters as he puts out his smoke and opens the backseat door for Harry to put me in. "What took so long?"

"Just couldn't find half the clothes I needed," Harry lies.

Zayn rolls his eyes and gets in the car as Harry throws his bag in the trunk before climbing in next to me and we take off. We drive until it gets dark and then continue to drive until we find a motel to stay in. There, Zayn goes in and get's us two rooms. One for him and one for Harry and I. As we are getting out of the car, Harry carries me and Zayn carries all the bags up. Right before we enter the building, I see something- or someone- peeking out from side of the building spying on us but as soon as they realize I see them, they disappear.

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