Not Quite Human

"Are you afraid?" He whispered sending a chill all the way up my spine.
'Wh-where are we?" I stuttered.
"You can't answer a question with a question."
Before I could reply to hi, his hand slid to the inside of my thigh and gripped tightly. His thumb was so close to my core and it was driving me insane! I've know this guy for all of two days and already he was making me want things I normally wouldn't.
His breath was fanning over my neck right below my ear as he began to place rough kisses all over my neck leading down to my collar bone. When his lips connected where my neck meets my collar bone, I let out an unwanted moan. He had found my sweet spot and I couldn't help but let that moan out. It was unintentional but it happened and he seemed to like it.
"Are you ever gonna answer my question?" He asked before he started sucking on my sweet spot again.
"Y-yes- no?" I managed to moan breathlessly answering him.
He chuckled lowly and brought his face in front of mine, "well? Which is it?


4. Pain

I told Zayn two days ago that he didn't have to stay while I laid around crying. Normally I can deal with all kinds of pain but this seemed to be different. I can handle tattoo pain and piercing and even stupid break up pain but this was something completely different. There was a burning feeling all over my body and when Zayn hugged me before he left, my body became hotter and it didn't feel good at all. In fact I don't want anybody to touch me now because of it... 

After having laid in the bed for days with out eating and only drinking as much as possible, I decided to get up and try to find something to eat. Once in the kitchen, I raided the fridge and cabinet's for anything I could find but unfortunately my brother doesn't keep much food in the house so I am stuck with green olives and bad milk. I guess I will be going out today after-all. 

I closed the fridge door and walked back into the guest room that I was staying in, grabbed my phone, and dialed Zayn's number.

"Hello?" He answered on only the second ring.

"You don't have food in the house." I said annoyed. "We need to go grocery shopping- do you even eat?"

"So why are you calling me? Go to the store?"

"Because I don't have a bunch of money yet and plus I'm still not feeling great so I don't wanna go alone."

"Do we need to go right now? I mean- it is nine o'clock at night?"

"Well I haven't eaten in a few days and I am pretty hungry?"

"Okay, Okay. Get dressed and ready and I will be there in a few minutes."

"Okay, love you,bye" I said hanging up the phone.

I put my phone down on the bed and grabbed the first thing I saw from my small pile of clothes I brought which included skinny jeans with ying-yand top, a white winter hat, and one of Zayns old leather jackets that didn't fit him anymore. Once I was finished getting dressed, I went into the bathroom and fixed my hair and makeup with the few things that Zayn had so kindly gotten me. My hair was easy to fix; just brust it out then curl it with my straightener and for my makeup, I just put on simple eyeliner and mascera.

"You ready?" Zayn asked starling me.

I looked up from my phone at him, "yeah, let me just put on my shoes."

He left the room without a word and I grabbed my crappy shoes, slipping them on, before getting up and following Zayn out of apartment and into his car. The ride to the store was quick byt it was silent which was awkward. Zayn is never in these types of moods and if he is, he keeps it to himself and doesn't let me see. I wanted to ask him what was wrong but didn't seem to get the nerve to so I stayed silent.

We arrived at the store and Zayn turned off the car but instead of getting out, he sat there, "I'll wait here." He said taking his wallet out and handing me his credit card.

I looked at him for a minute then at the card before I let out a sigh, taking the card, and got out of the car. Unintentionally I slammed the door behind me but I don't think Zayn cared. He was in too pissy of a mood to care and his modd seemed to piss me off too. He is being a complete ass to me because I don't have money to do anything and I asked him about food. 

The store was small and confusing but once I figured out where everything is, I grabbed the few things we would need. I grabbed bread, milk, a few frozen meats, juice, eggs, and a few little other odds and ends. After I had grabbed everything, I started to wheel the cart up toward to register to pay but I stopped when I was halfway down the aisle because of a tall and dark figure that was standing just a few feet from me picking up food of his own.

I tried to make my feet move so I could just continue to the front and pay for my items without saying a word to him but they seemed to have a mind of their own and were frozen in place. My eyes were locked onto him and I could feel that fire burning tingle return to my body. Every single one of my senses was being overridden by a strange desire towards him. I wanted to storm over to him and just  commit to an act that would be highly inappropriate. Especially under the circumstances.

All of the sudden out of nowhere my feet began to walk towards him. This time when I tried to tell myself to stop, I kept going. I didn't stop until my cart was right behind him and I was now moving myself right next to him. He looked over at me for a meer second before returning his gaze to the box of hamburger helper but I couldn't help but notice the smirk playing on his lips.

"Can I help you?" He asked as he acted like he was reading the box of food.



"Umm- I really don't know why I walked over to you actually-"

"You don't know why you walked over to me? Really?"

"You think I am lying?"

"Never said that. I've just never heard anybody make such a dumb comment."

"Well that was rude." I snapped as I turned back to my cart to walk away.

I never got the chance to storm away from him though because the next thing I know, he dropped the box of food and grabbed my wrist spinning me back around and pinning me against the shelves. I never got the chance to ask him what he was doing either because the moment I looked him in the eyes, I lost it. My mind had gone completely blank and my body was in total control. My hand grabbed the nape of his neck and pulled his lips down to mine pressing them to me. it took him a second to realize what exactly I was doing but once he did, his hands gripped to my waist and he responded to my random kiss. The kiss was sloppy and filled with a hunger from the both of us. Everytime his hands gripped my hips tighter, I pressed my body closer to his and after a few seconds, I was completely pressed to him.

My hands moved up into his unruly hair and scraped his scalp softly which caused a moan to escape his lips. I discovered his weakness just like he had discovered mine a few days prior. Thank god there was nobody around at this time of night because he picked me up and pressed me against the shelves and him againg but this time I was being held and my legs were wrapped around his waist. I could feel this geting way more heated than our last encounter and I also noticed that the painful burning had diminished the second our lips connected.

Just as his hands went under my shirt and onto the bare skin of my hips, there was an 'ahem' sound of someone clearing their throat. We ripped our lips apart faster than I had pressed them together and turned our heads towards the person who wanted our attention. My eyes grew huge when they landed on the last person I would want to have see this.

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