Not Quite Human

"Are you afraid?" He whispered sending a chill all the way up my spine.
'Wh-where are we?" I stuttered.
"You can't answer a question with a question."
Before I could reply to hi, his hand slid to the inside of my thigh and gripped tightly. His thumb was so close to my core and it was driving me insane! I've know this guy for all of two days and already he was making me want things I normally wouldn't.
His breath was fanning over my neck right below my ear as he began to place rough kisses all over my neck leading down to my collar bone. When his lips connected where my neck meets my collar bone, I let out an unwanted moan. He had found my sweet spot and I couldn't help but let that moan out. It was unintentional but it happened and he seemed to like it.
"Are you ever gonna answer my question?" He asked before he started sucking on my sweet spot again.
"Y-yes- no?" I managed to moan breathlessly answering him.
He chuckled lowly and brought his face in front of mine, "well? Which is it?


12. Hiding

*Cassidy's P.O.V*

I was picked up and carried by Harry as we ran out of the small building we were in. It took us a few twists and turns and getting lost two or three times before we were out of there and to much surprise, we were in the middle of a city. The bad part about being out was the sun was about to rise. There was still at least 15 minutes till it would be completely up and we had to get to someplace hidden. 

"Excuse me sir, where are we?" Zayn asked a random woman passion by. "My sister isn't feeling so well and my brother in law are trying to find a hotel on the furthest edge of town to call our mother from."

She stared at us all like we were crazy but was nice enough to respond, "you are in Cincinnati, Ohio and if you are looking for a hotel on the edge of town, what part are you referring to?"

"Cincinnati, Ohio?" This is where I was born and raised till my parents moved to South Carolina and then split! I know this town like the back of my hand! "Never mind about the edge of town thing, I know where we are- sorry for bugging you," I said thanking the woman.

She turned to walk away mumbling about how we must be some crazy druggies or something and how she can't just get one day to herself without being bombarded by stupid teens. 

Zayn turned to look at me and I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was, "nearest part of town we can go to that is secluded is our old house-"

"But how do we know that people aren't living in it?" I asked.

"Because when we left, we never sold it," he said as he began to jog down the street. "We boxed up all the windows and entrances- we have to go there!"

Harry was having no trouble keeping up with my brother, even while holding me, but I still felt like I was slowing this whole thing down, "Harry, put me down."

He looked down at me like I was crazy, while still jogging after Zayn, "no, that's the craziest idea-"

"Harry, I am not hurt. You can put me down and we will get to the old house in no time. It's a 20 minute walk but if  we run, we can be there in about 10 with how fast we can run."

"She's right," Zayn yelled over his shoulder.

Harry let out a frustrating sigh before stopping to put me down, quickly giving me a lingering kiss then grabbing my hand and pulling me along to run after Zayn. We caught up with him easily and maneuvering through pedestrians was also easy, seeing as it was only about 6:45 in the morning. 

Once we reached the old house, we went around back to where the back door was located and Zayn, easily, ripped off the wooden barrier and pushed open the door. As soon as that was done, we scurried inside and Harry kicked the door closed behind him.

"You can set me down now, Harry," I laughed.

He smiled at me and set me down then followed Zayn, again. Zayn went straight for the basement but I had something else planned. I veered off towards the upstairs, Harry stared at me like I was crazy but once I was half way up the stairs, he turned and followed after me. I knew this house like the back of my hand and maneuvering through the halls seemed natural to me. I was able to locate my old bedroom with ease.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked leaning on the door frame of my old room.

I smiled at him as I pulled out a pile of blankets from the closet, "gonna need something to keep warm, itn's he?"


"Yeah, besides, I am gonna get some shut eye on my old bed-"

"Are you sure you can?"

"Harry, it's almost pitch black in here right now and the sun has just started to come up. I think I will be fine- why don't you go tell Zayn that is it safe to come up here?"

"Okay," he said as he jogged down the stairs to talk to Zayn.

A few minutes later, Zayn and Harry came up the staires and Zayn walked past my old room to get to his, "I don't feel like hearing you two tear down the house so if you could keep it down, that would be great." Zayn yelled.

I rolled my eyes and peeled the covers back from the bed and crawled in waiting for Harry. He crawled in right after me and pulled me close to him and held me like he was going to loose me.

"Harry?" I whispered.


"I-I'm different and-"

"And what?" He asked turning my body so that we were facing each other, "What's wrong?"

"I'm just scared that things are gonna change between you and I now because I'm not just a werewolf now-"

"Cassidy- baby no-"

"No what?"

"You are mine, Cassidy. I'm never gonna let you go. No matter what you are."

I looked at him to see if he was being honest and he was. He looked as if he was about break from all of the nerves running through his body because of the conversation I brought up.

"I-I'm sorry," I mumbled. "I just have been thinking and it scared me and I know that I don't know all that much about you but I am honestly scared to loose you- especially because of what I am..."

He gave me a small smile and cupped my face in his hands, "I am never gonna leave you. You already mean so much to me- Not to get off topic or anything  but, why is there all this furniture still here?"

I couldn't help but laugh. We were having a serious conversation and he brought up the most random, off the wall question, "we left all of the furniture here when we left and only took our clothes and perconal belongings. Youknow, in case we ever came back on short notice?"

"Like what kind of short notice?"

"My parents said emergencies, I am guessing they knew something could happen because of what they did and what Zayn and I are so, yeah."

He gave me a half smile and kissed my forehead, "Okay, get some sleep, love. I'll stay awake just in case something happens."

"Goodnight, Harry," I smiled.

"Goodnight, Cassidy."

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