Hide and Seek

Zoe is just a typical high school graduate who was lucky enough to win a meet and greet ticket to meet One Direction. But when louis's and Zoe's eyes meet could it be fate or another mistake?


9. Never gonna go

*3 years later*

Zoe's pov

I was getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry, Louis. Niall was the best man and the other lads were the groomsmen and Perrie was the maid of honor and the other lads girl friends were the bride maids. I got to the end of the aisle and we said our vows me and Louis both ended up crying finally we then kissed. 

*1 month later HONEYMOON*

"Louis, I don't feel so well," "I think I might be getting sick."

"Okay, don't worry love, it will be fine."


Louis's pov

"Come on, Zoe they said you can get a check up now."

*at the doctors*

"How long have you been like this...Mrs. Tomlinson?"

"Three weeks..."

''How long since the wedding?''

"Five weeks."

"Well, if my results are correct, your pregnant."

Zoe looked surprised but I knew for a fact that I was.


*8 1/2 months later*

3rd person pov

Zoe and Louis had a pair of twins a boy, Lucas, and a girl, Katlin


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