Hide and Seek

Zoe is just a typical high school graduate who was lucky enough to win a meet and greet ticket to meet One Direction. But when louis's and Zoe's eyes meet could it be fate or another mistake?


8. Meet the brother

Louis's pov

I picked Zoe up at noon because I had to record some vocals, we got there early so I had to check in, then I heard a edgy but soft voice singing 'The A Team', I followed the voice and saw Zoe in the booth singing, after she stopped singing she looked up at me and saw my face. She walked out and apologized, but I told her to not be sorry. Her voice was amazing.

The lads finally arrived and the asked about our date and a huge grin appeared on her face as she looked at me through the corner of her eyes the she finally talked "NO, Jimmy protested!" which made Niall die of laughter causing the rest of us to laugh really hard. She told me that she had to leave because she had to meet her brother.  About 45 minutes after she left Niall had to go meet his sister, but nothing crossed my mind at the time.

Zoe's pov 

I walked over to my mum, Maura, she told me that my brother would be here in five minutes.

I went to the restroom and came back to seeing Niall at the table with my mum. " Hey Niall." "hey Zoe" My mum looked really confused "How do you two know each other?" me and Niall explained everything even me dating Louis. "Um... well you guys your... brother and sister." me and Niall cheered so loud it caused people to look at us.OOPS! We got back to the recording studio with big smiles on our faces, Louis began to looked worried then me and Niall look at each other and shouted 

"WE'RE SIBLINGS!!!!!!!!!"

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