Hide and Seek

Zoe is just a typical high school graduate who was lucky enough to win a meet and greet ticket to meet One Direction. But when louis's and Zoe's eyes meet could it be fate or another mistake?


4. hiding and kissing

Zoe pov

Me and Louis were walking down the hall holding hands.He lead us to the catwalk of the stage, that's when we started talking about ourselves and families.

About thirty minutes later the others were trying to find us. Louis and I were just staring into each other's eyes then we leaned in and started kissing.

Louis pov

Her lips were so soft I could kiss her all day. I finally pulled away and started to smile as she did the same

"Found you!" Niall didn't find us but it was all part of the plan.

Zoe was laughing really hard but she kept quiet I knew we needed revenge so we decided to scare the lads. We had my hairdresser Lou make look like a scary doll.

Lou finally got done and even I got scared and I was watching Lou do Zoe's make up the whole time.

This is going to be interesting. 

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