Hide and Seek

Zoe is just a typical high school graduate who was lucky enough to win a meet and greet ticket to meet One Direction. But when louis's and Zoe's eyes meet could it be fate or another mistake?


3. hi I'm Zoe

Zoe pov

I found out that I won and I was so stoked I was meeting my icons,I was extremely scared about meeting louis, considering he is my favorite. I pulled up to the venue the pressure was building high I felt like I was going to get sick.

I was finally waiting for the lads after 25 minutes! Paul had to look at my license,I.d, and my pass.

I heard laughter and shouting coming from down the hall.

"Here's your cue!" Paul whispered in my ear making me laugh.

Louis pov

"Hi I'm Zoe." Her voice was so perfect,everything about her was perfect. "Louis. It's very nice to meet you Zoe." The lads all greeted her as well. She was so pretty and she was very proper.

"LETS PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!!!!!" Zoe giggled at my comment which caused me to chuckle. "Okay but I choose the teams." She grinned.

"Me and louis, Harry and Zayn, and Liam and Niall .'' She said calmly. We all agreed and with that the game started.

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