Hide and Seek

Zoe is just a typical high school graduate who was lucky enough to win a meet and greet ticket to meet One Direction. But when louis's and Zoe's eyes meet could it be fate or another mistake?


7. Date night

Zoe's pov 

I put on a purple strapless shirt, white jeans, sandals, bracelets, gold heart earrings,and I have my black clutch bag. I looked in the mirror and was pleased with my look, Louis showed up 10 minutes early, wow he's really trying to impress.

"Wow,you...you look amazing Zoe." He was wearing a striped shirt, red pants, and toms.

"Thanks." I could tell I was blushing." Where we going to first?"

"Um... thats up to you." I decided on dinner first because I was starving.

We arrived at a really fancy restaurant after we ate I got mad because he wouldn't let me pay.

"Lou, do you really have to pay."

"Yes plus I'm not like harry he make the date pay half!''

He let me pick the movie to see since I am a sucker for romance I chose "The Fault In Our Stars" I ended up crying so we left right when the credits popped up. I really couldn't believe the date was over he took me home and walked me up to the door. "goodnight" I loved his whisper after that we kissed.



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