one step closer

one of my poem books


4. my little black dress

I always find comfort

in the things I like best

but one thing that will never be beat

is my little black dress


I can move and twirl 

with out a care in my mind

and someday

you will go behind


you will be the last thought in my mind

and I will say bye, thinking "Yes!"

but for now I will dance 

in my little black dress


people say it's weird that I will think of nothing else but and dance

but I think it's normal

and I'll say 

"give him another chance"


but the chances fade away

as I remember what you did

but instead of morning on that

I decide to get rid


get over your smile

forget about your hair

or what you used to do to me

while I just sat there and stared


I dance no matter what 

with you out of my mind

and I say

"you know what,

he's just not my type"


but you always go back to him

and want to forget

but then you decide

to forget, but forgive


I stand here alone

knowing this is happening for the best

I stand here content

in my little black dress

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