Dagger of Simplicity

Kaycee Williams does not like her past. She fought in a war against the 4 sections. She was put in prison by the King of the evil section called Oblidain. But when people constantly try and help her out, she can't help but to let one person save her, but that will cost her. She needs to find 3 special objects that will give her powers that she dreams of. She needs the powers to kill the King, even though she has nothing left but herself.


1. [-----|3|-----]

 “Her eyes are deep red and her skin is turning black. It starts off at a brown and then goes into a grey. It slowly twists into a light black and then goes into the full dark black. She is growing taller and her nails are so long that they could cut you in half completely. Her whole body is now so black, you feel like you are in a black hole. It is slowly sucking you in. You try and resist but you can’t. But after perseverance you run away as fast as you can. You are going so fast that your heart hurts. You are running so fast that you are going to die soon. You stop because you just can’t take anymore at all. If you ran anymore you would be dead. But you can usually run a lot faster and a lot longer than that. You think it is the fact that you are so scared. You do not truly know the answer but you go ahead and speed walk. Hallways are passing by and you look behind you. The beast is absolutely ginormous and now you are so scared that you fall to the ground into a ball. You get up with all the courage that you have. You are slowly walking and you look back and now your eyes are stuck and glued at the beast. She lifts her arm up and now you are rising. She throws her hand to the left and you go flying. You smash your head against the wall and…”

Another knock! What a surprise. It must be Lisa to pick me up to go outside. I am super excited to go outside. My hands start to shake with excitement and I have never been this excited to go outside. I used to think outside was a battleground full of memories and evil people who think they own the place. I used to think outside was another prison, but you are not safe in there and everyone hates you. I used to think that outside was a world where you can’t trust anyone and you have to strategize your every move or you are dead. I used to hate outside. But just for today, I need it.

Lisa popped her head inside and smiled. Before she could say a word I ran to the door. She had a confused look on her face. I smiled and joined the other inmates. All the inmates are collected at once for outside days. I did not yet see Gazella which is odd because she is usually collected first. I waited as we went to all of the cells and waited until all of us were collect, except for Gazella. I sighed and walked down the hallway to outside.

But I saw something that made me stop. It was Gazella, being tackled by an officer. She was in another room being tackled by Emmanuel. Lisa ran into the situation and lets us go outside ourselves. None of us moved though we all watched the officers tackle Gazella. I could not watch it anymore. I needed to do something right away. I ran through the crowd of interested inmates who were just staring with their mouths open. I ran down another hallway and found the door to the room they were in.

It was an office. There were computers, desks, filing cabinets, papers, and clipboards all around the outside. The chairs were tipped upside down and all over the room. There were no walls, it was a square room made out of windows, which was kind of creepy. I would hate to work in an office that was made out of windows where everyone could see what I was doing. But I don’t want to work here and never will work here.

“Get out!” Lisa yelled.

Gazella was on the ground. Her nose was bleeding and her eyes were purple. She was crying and she was injured really badly. I felt really bad for her and it made me cry. Tears rolled down my eyes and tears rolled down her face. Lisa blocked my view and I could not see. There was a loud scream that must have come from Gazella. I got so angry at this that I totally lost my mind completely. I could not watch this anymore.

I ran up and pushed Lisa out of the way. Emmanuel punched me right in the nose and I screamed. It was not bleeding, yet. I grabbed Gazella and pulled her out of the fight. We ran out of the room and down hallways. I did not know where I was going. We ran until we reached the cafeteria. There were 5 officers after us. Gazella was crying her eyes out and her bleeding stopped, for now. I did not know what to do or what I got myself into. I knew that in any moment we would be dead. The officers were right in front of us with guns and handcuffs.

“Follow me,” I whispered not knowing what to do.

We ran to the lunch ladies and threw trays at the officers. It did not do any damage. We ran out of the cafeteria and down the hallway. We ran to the cells and we passed all of the cells. We ran to the lobby and charged out of the prison. I was now in the real world. I was outside, but I had to be outside. We ran until our hearts hurt and breathing killed our lungs. We were now inside the woods that surround Oblidian. We could not run anymore and we had to stop.

We gasped for air and coughed our guts out. My nose started bleeding and my eye developed a bump. I screamed, even though it killed my lungs. I looked over at Gazella who was on the ground. She held her nose and she was crying. She was gasping for air and I swear she could not breathe. I knew that she could not take anymore. She…she…she…she was dying!

I ran over to her and lifted her hands from her nose. Her nose was covered in blood and both eyes were black. I unzipped her outfit and looked at the ginormous blood pool on her stomach. I grabbed a leaf to wipe it off but she was bleeding out. She was losing blood quickly and fast. She can’t die, not here, not now. She has to live. She needs to live. She cannot die in this world of evil. She has to live for just 5 more minutes. But I know that she is going to die if I like it or not.

“It’s ok, hang on,” I whispered.

I was crying my eyes out now. The tears covered my face and collided with the sweat all over my face. It all made a huge mixture with the blood. I don’t think I could take anymore, but I had to. I had to live for Gazella. Her eyes slowly started to close but she blinked them open. I had to say my last words. She was dying right in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything about it. All I could do was just watch her die.

“Don’t worry, I will end war forever. Just close your eyes and enjoy your journey. I will miss you,” I explained. The blood and sweat was gone, but my tears were still rolling down my face. She slowly closer her eyes but then she blinked them open again. She opened her mouth and it took a minute for the first word to come out of her mouth.

“You…kick his…butt…I’ll…miss you…” she replied.

She forced a smile and closed her eyes completely. She did not blink them open. She was dead. Oh my! She was dead. I could not believe she was actually dead. I screamed as loud as I can and killed my lungs again. I cried all the tears I held in at prison and all the tears for Gazella. I could not let her die here though. If she stayed alive for 5 more minutes and kept running, she would have died in Gandala. I don’t want her corpse here though. I want it lying in Gandala. I sighed and decided I would carry her there, but not now. I need to rest. I have to rest now or I would end up just like Gazella. I did nothing but just sit beside her corps and think about prison. I needed to just get mind off of this before I explode. I sighed and knew that I had to start now or the officers would find me. My stomach hurt, my eyes hurt, my whole body hurt, and I could not take it anymore, but I had to do this. I lifted her dead body up and slowly walked. I struggled down through the forest, my vision getting blurry from the pain. I still kept going. I kept walking until the forests disappeared and it was all mountains and rocks. I slowly put her down and fell to the ground. My eyes shut and I did not blink them open.




(This is an entry for the Heir of Fire Writing Competition. I read "Throne of Glass" and found this competition on Facebook. I knew I had to enter because I loved the book series. Sarah J. Maas is such an awesome author and I want to write as good as her when I get older. I love writing books and I wanted to publish Dagger of Simplicity. I decided to use a bit of Chapter 3 from it because it is a work in progress and I just thought this would be a good part of the book to enter. I thought it would be great to get critiques from a professional author to help me on in the future. Thanks for reading!)

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