Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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I wring my hands together nervously, unsure of what to tell Hailey. On one hand, I could tell her the truth, that the song is about her and the guys. But with that, I’ll probably make her feel like shit. On the other hand, I could lie and say that the guys were joking, and that I just pulled the lyrics out of thin air. That way though, I’m going to be the one feeling like shit.

“Niall?” She looks into my eyes with concern and what seems to be anger.
I sigh, I can’t lie to her. Telling her the truth will make her more upset now, but if I lie to her and she finds out… That would be even worse.

“I wrote it about them Hailes… About us.” I look to her for a sign of changing emotion, but nothing changes. A small noise comes from her throat, and the upset look on her face grows.

“Niall…” She trails, shaking her head. “Is it true then? You think the guys are trying to take me from you?”

“Yes… No, maybe, I don’t know.” I shake my head in confusion. “They just always talk about you Hailey, like all the time.”

"Niall are you sure you aren't over reacting?" The sad frown on her face honestly hurts me more than her angry expression.

"You don't see it the way I do Hailey." I shake my head again, holding it in my hands and wishing I never would've written this God awful song. Hailey's eyes look into mine with an expression of sadness, and she wraps her arms around my neck. I inhale her beautiful aroma, and hug her back tightly.

"Get some sleep Niall." She says after pulling out of the hug, and getting up to leave the room. My stomach sinks with the realization that she isn't going to spend the night with me, and I roll over sadly onto my side.

Sometimes I just wish everything could go back to the way it was before our previous tour.



"Niall!" Hailey shrieked as I tickled her on the couch. There was an episode of Modern Family playing on the TV in front of us, and the light coming in through the windows lit up the room perfectly. We were at her house, a place we hung out more than often, and her parents were away on some sort of business trips. We had the house all to ourselves that day, but we didn't take to that as most young couples would. Hailey and I tended to spend the time we had alone together as more of a casual hangout. We didn't care about making love, we cared about getting to know each other and making each other laugh.

Which was what I was doing to Hailey then.

"Niall, Niall stop, stop!" She screamed out in between giggles.

"Not until you say it." I teased, knowing that she hated giving in to me.

"Nialllll!" She groaned out, as I continued to tickle her. I looked her dead in the eye as she giggled, until she finally caved in and called out; "Uncle, uncle!"

"I thought so." I grinned, stepping back as she caught her breath.

"You're mean." She played, punching me lightly in the shoulder. I laughed, shoving her back a little and threatening to tickle her again.

"I know." I joked, pretending to flip my hair like like a girl. She rolled her eyes back at me, and tried to turn her focus to the television. I could still catch her glancing over over at me every few seconds though, which made me smile.

"What?" She asked upon catching my happy face.

"You're so cute." I jumped back up onto the couch and wrapped my arms around her, to which she wrapped her arms around me as well.


I think about that day as I try to fall asleep in the pull out bed. This is where Hailey has been sleeping on tour, with me joining her more nights than not. The fact that she's out sleeping in my bunk near the boys makes my stomach churn a little, as well as make it harder for me to sleep. It’s not that I don’t trust Hailey, because I do. I trust her with all my heart. It’s the boys that I don’t trust, sober or intoxicated. I honestly can barely even tell the difference anymore.

I wake up the next morning to see that I received a text sometime in the early hours of the night. I groggily pick it up, and wait for my vision to clear before trying to read it.


I do like the song babe. Promise.

- H <3


She sent me this message at three in the morning, which means she probably couldn't sleep either. I sigh, tossing my phone onto the small nightstand without replying to Hailey. My phone shows that it is 8 am already, but I have no motivation to get up. We should be arriving at the next venue sometime today, and from there locking ourselves up in a small hotel room. It sucks, because we can barely even go out and see the cities we visit without getting attacked with fans. Not many people are lucky enough to travel the whole world, and we actually get to, but are stuck seeing it through windows of our bus and hotels.


Are you awake?


My phone suddenly buzzes, and I wet my lips as I look at who it’s from. Hailey. She’s obviously awake, and probably hoping she’s not the only one. I reply blandly with the word, “yeah.” And she answers back almost instantly.


Can I come over there?


I type the answer of, “yeah,” again, and it’s only seconds before I hear soft footsteps padding down the bus floors. I sit up a little, to see Hailey standing in the door frame in her Wonder Woman pajama pants and an old white t-shirt I believe to be mine.
“Hey.” She speaks softly, before walking over the bed and sitting down next to me.

“Hey.” I echo quietly. 

“I’m sorry I got mad.”

“I’m sorry I gave you a reason to be.”

The room goes very silent after that, and neither of us say anything. Our breathing is the only sound that can be heard, and our breathes fall into sync fluidly. The slight tension between us is prominent in the air, and I wish I could make it go away. Our conversation last night wasn’t even really an argument, but there’s still that uneven and off feeling around us. Hailey slowly lowers her head onto my shoulder, and I wrap my arm around her waist.

“What do you think is going to happen with the song?” She asks; a question that has been on my mind ever since the problem came up.

“I don’t know…” I trail, letting out a small sigh. “It’s going to be in the fans hands after tonights show.”

“Well despite what it’s written about,” she snuggles closer to me. “It is a good song, and whatever is supposed to happen with it will.” Her comforting words fill some of that uneasy gap around us, and I find myself feeling better already. That’s one of the things that I love about her, about us, that with one simple sentence everything can go back to normal.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” She turns her head on my shoulder and places a light kiss under my chin. After that we are silent again, and I turn my attention back to the sound of Hailey’s breaths falling in time with mine. I don’t think there is anything more calming in the world than matching your breathing to that of the one you love. It’s a special feeling, one that seems to bring you closer to that special person. I don’t ever want it to go away.


“I can say something to the guys if you want.”

“No don’t.” I shake my head quickly. “I’m really going to try and let it go. For real this time.” She leans closer into me, close enough that our noses are touching. I feel a spark go through my body, and butterflies float around in my stomach.

“You know none of them mean as much to me as you do.” She whispers, before slowly pressing her lips onto mine. I immediately respond by wrapping my arms around her tighter, and melting into the kiss. Her warm, soft lips against my own make me almost weak, something I try not to be very often. But in these situations, with the girl I love, I can’t even help it. Her making me something weak only strengthens my love for her.

“I know.” I whisper back and Hailey giggles a little at my breath tickling her skin. Right now, it feels like everything is getting back onto track. It feels like the rest of this tour could go exactly as planned.

I’m suddenly aware of a figure standing in the doorway, his long curly hair blowing from the small fan near the door. He’s just standing there, like he wants to say something, but decides to stare instead.

“Harry?” I ask, causing Hailey’s head to snap towards the door. She cocks her head, as do I, waiting for Harry to answer.

“Sorry.” He shakes his head, as if he’s pushing away what he wanted to say. “I just wanted to ask, if um…” I look at Hailey whose expression of confusion matches mine. “If you two wanted to join the guys and I on a walk around the city? No one knows we are here yet so...” He trails and runs a hand through his hair.

“Sure why not.” Hailey jumps out of the bed and towards her suitcase quickly, pulling out many different pieces of clothing. I, on the other hand, throw my head back onto the pillows with a groan, before slowly rolling out of bed.

“Two types of people.” Harry chuckles, before walking back out to the front of the bus. I walk over to my pile of clothing in the corner of the room, and grab the first shirt and pair of jeans I see. As I lazily slide the clothing items on, I look over at Hailey who’s still trying to pick out an outfit. She keeps switching off holding up a white shirt with black stripes, and one that’s plain red. On the floor next to her shirt options, is a pair of black denim shorts.

“Niall which shirt do you like better?” She asks, holding the striped one up to herself again.

“The red one.” I reply, though it honestly doesn’t matter to me. She looks good in anything, but I know if I don’t give her a straight forward option, she’ll keep asking.

“Are you sure? The striped one is so cute.” She tilts her head, switching to holding up the red shirt, then the striped again. I pull on a pair of socks, and then begin searching for my white high tops. As soon as I find them, which was underneath the bed, I turn back to Hailey who, “surprisingly,” still hasn’t made up her mind.

“If you wanted to wear the striped one then why did you ask for my opinion?” I laugh, shaking my head. She doesn’t answer me, and instead pulls the striped shirt over her head.

“Yeah, this one’s good.” I smile to myself and roll my eyes as she straightens the shirts sleeves out, before grabbing the shorts to put on. Once fully dressed, she walks back over to the bed and grabs her phone, shoving it in her back pocket.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Wait, I need to brush my hair and put on some mascara!” She grabs a brush off the small table in the room, and quickly runs it through her hair. Once she’s satisfied with how her brown locks sit, she snatches a bottle of mascara from the same table, brushing it over her eyelashes a few times. She blinks at her reflection in the mirror, before finally putting the makeup down and turning to face me.

Now I’m ready.” She smiles and I reach for her hand, intertwining our fingers together. She nudges me lightly in the shoulder as we step of the bus, and I do the same back to her.

And for the first time in what feels like forever, I’m completely stress free.


A / N

Finally an update!

Sorry it kinda sucks, it's mostly a filler chapter and I tried to make it cute because #Nailey af

But yeah, some good stuff coming up!

Does anyone even read this anymore?? XD

Love you guys <3

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