Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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It was a late thursday night at my house, eight days until we left, when I started to suspect things with the guys. The guys, Hailey, and I were discussing everything for the tour, especially our track list of songs. Hailey was sitting at the piano in the back of the room with me, while the rest of the guys were on a couch trying to give us input on the music. We still need to write that one song that really completes the album. One really good single.

“How about this?” Hailey asks playing a few chords on the piano.

“To slow.” Harry chimes in.

“Yeah, we need an upbeat song.” Louis agrees.

“Ugh, you guys are so hard to please.” Hailey jokes, giving me a playful shove in the arm.

“Hey don’t judge us,” I return the shove. “This album has to be great.”

“Yeah, like better than ever before.” Liam adds. "We have to prove to people that we are still a great band.” 

“I think all the girls will love you no matter what kind of crap music you give them.” Hailey giggles. 

“Oh I doubt it.” Zayn joins Hailey laughing. 

“Plus, the only girl we care about pleasing is you Hailey.” Harry declares. I give him a look of confusion. Was he just hitting on my girlfriend?

“Wha-?” I start to ask, but I get cut off by Louis.

“Yeah, he’s got a point.” 

“Oh guys stop.” Hailey blushes, waving the situation off. Doesn’t she realize what just happened right there? 

Why would the guys want to please my girl? 


That was my first hint.


“Niall can I ask you a question?” Hailey’s voice all of a sudden sounds more serious.

“Yeah babe, anything.” 

“How many of the songs on this new album are about… Well, about me?” She almost sounds shy when she asks.

“Well, quite a few honestly.” I reply.

“At least five.” Harry gets up off the couch and comes over by the piano, and I give him another look of confusion. How would he know what songs I had Hailey in mind for while we were writing? Unless he was thinking about her too?

“At least.” Liam agrees. Him too? 

“Wow.” Hailey responds. “I’m glad I can influence you guys to write such great music, honestly.” 

“I think Change Your Ticket is one of the ones that sticks out about you.” Zayn smiles. Why would he be thinking about my girlfriend during that song? The first lyric is literally ‘Watching you get dressed’. He should not be thinking about her during that!!! “Since we were gone so long on tour and all, it would of been nice for you to stay with us for just a few days.”


That was hint number two. 


“Well 18 reminds me of you.” I interject, trying to show her I care more than them. 

“Awh, thats so sweet. I can’t believe you all thought of me during the last tour.” Hailey blows a little kiss towards the guys, and I can’t help but burn up with jealousy beside her. 

“Not a second passed without me thinking about you.” I whisper so that only she hears.

“Awh, this is why I love you.” She turns around and slowly kisses me, easing my mind a little bit. Her soft lips against mine give me a feeling of warmth and comfort. Even if the guys are hitting on her, she loves me and thats all that matters… Right?

When I pull away from Hailey, I see Louis looking at me with a little disgust.

“Louis, why are you looking at me like that?” I call him out.

“Do you guys really have to kiss in front of us?” 

“Since when do you care about that?” The guys have seen me with Hailey since we were 16, so why is it all of a sudden weird now?

“I don’t know, it’s just annoying.” 


Hint number three.


“Are you guys like jealous or something?” I stop trying to ignore the situation.

“Excuse me?” Harry asks.

“What are you talking about?” Liam inquires also.

“You’re just all acting weird about me and Hailey today, what’s going on?” 

“Niall, are you sure you aren’t just over-reacting?” Hailey puts a hand on my shoulder. “They don’t seem out of the ordinary to me.” I turn to face her and think that maybe I’m just being to overprotective. If Hailey isn’t worried should I be? No.



Yes I should have been. 



Hey guys! Sorry this chapter is kind of short, but I really wanted to get an update out! I hope you all like this chapter and the rest of the story!!!! Also I didn't have time to edit, so sorry about any spelling/grammer mistakes! 

Love y'all!!!! <3

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