Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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“I hate my friends.” I sing as I strum a few chords on my guitar, unsure of what I’m playing and wondering why my best friends had to drive me to insanity. Within the first five days we’ve been on tour too. Impressive.

“I really, really hate my friends.” I’m sitting all alone in a deserted park in the middle of nowhere. My mind is spinning like a top, and I have an urge to punch something. Anything. Anyone.

"Everybody makes me really mad." I sing, strumming a chord that actually sounds fairly good. I strum it again and again, liking how it sounds and trying to add lyrics to it.

"Why do my friends want to take my girlfriend?" I add in a few more notes that complement the original one well, and find myself smiling for the first time in hours. "Why do they want to kiss her in the rain?" Hey, that isn't half bad. Maybe taking my feelings out through music could lead to something.

"Couple ass holes that are on my nerves." Okay maybe not, but even these shity lyrics are better than sitting on a tour bus with my "friends." If they can even be called that anymore. It seems to me, that lately, everybody I know wants to get with my girlfriend.


All of a sudden a perfect lyric pops into my head. Another smile creeps up on my face, as I strum and sing my idea aloud.


*Five Hours Earlier*


Three shows done, and it already feels like it's been a month. As much as I love making music and being with my closest friends, tours kind of suck. It's amazing to play to all our fans almost every night and see the world, but everything in between is incredibly hard to tolerate. For example; extremely late nights, little to no sleep, living out of cases, hotels, and tour busses. Fun fact, those things are not as great as they seem. Eating fake ass food in plastic trays, trying to think of song lyrics between sleep, flying across the world and being jet lagged as fuck, then immediately getting on another plane and doing it again. Think that sucks? Then throw this into the mix:

"She's so fucking hot."

"If she was mine I'd marry her tomorrow."

"Can you imagine how good she would be?"

"God I want to kiss her so bad."

You can guess who was speaking of who.

And that's not even the worst part. While the guys talk about Hailey like she's a toy, I'm sitting there pretending not to listen while she's sleeping or reading in the busses big bedroom.

Oh, and on top of everything else, 5 Seconds Of Summer is with us on the tour bus. That means four extra sweaty and hormone filled teenagers listening to inappropriate conversations about my girlfriend. I mean, overall they've been great openers and fun guys to have around, but they are still teenage boys. I'm just afraid they're going to get after Hailey too.

Or that they already have.

"Niall." I'm suddenly snapped out of my thoughts as Louis waves his hand front of my face. "You okay mate?"

"Yeah, yeah." I shake my head, and lean back on the couch.

"So as I was saying," Zayn says across from me, leaning forward on his knees. "Does anyone have any song lyric ideas?" I groan in response, and throw my head back. I'm so sick and tired of this stupid song, I can barely think about it anymore. We need to get it finished soon so we can release the album, but it's so stressful.

"I think we need to find something to base the lyrics on." Liam suggests.

Harry's eyes light up, "Or someone."

"What?" I ask, as Louis simultaneously asks; "Who?"

"Hailey." He replies with a grin spread across his face.

"Oh God." The words slip out of my mouth with the least amount of enthusiasm possible.

"Come on Niall, you should be able to write about her like crazy." Zayn complains as I roll my eyes.

"It's not that I can't write about her, it's that I don't know if I want you guys to." I flinch slightly at my words, afraid the guys will get mad.

"Niall if we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times, Hailey's just really good for us." Louis counters.

"Where even is she anyways?" Liam diverts the conversation, as to avoid another argument about Hailey, and I send him a thankful smile.

"Getting coffee with the 5 Seconds of Summer guys." I answer blandly, hoping they will be back soon so I can stop conversing with the guys.

As if on cue, Hailey skips up the steps of the tour bus, followed by Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael who's shoving a piece of something in his mouth. Luke's gaze is a little to low on Hailey's body for my liking, but I try to brush it off. Maybe his gaze is just towards the ground. I hope.

"Hey guys!" Hailey waves excitedly while running up to me and placing a big kiss on my cheek. She hands me a cup of coffee, while sipping out of the other one in her hand.

"Dark roast with-?"

"A shot and a half of raspberry." She finishes my sentence for me, and then locks her lips against mine of a moment. I smile, trying to forget about the boys and get lost in her lips instead.

"Morning coffee, kisses too." Harry says with a sing-song tone in his voice.

"No wonder I'm endlessly in love with you!" Louis finishes, giving Harry a loud high five.

"Um, what?" Hailey asks, confused, but a smile painted on her face all the same.

"They're trying to write song lyrics." I tell her before turning to face Harry and Louis. "And failing terribly."

"Better than what you've suggested." Harry shoots back, a slight sting in his voice despite the grin in his teeth.

"Can't we just do a cover for the last song?" Zayn sighs, kicking his legs up on the small coffee table as the 5SOS boys join us in the "living room."

"I wish," Liam answers, "but management insists we write it ourselves."

"And we never do covers." I include.

"Why don't we throw a song by these guys on it," he motions towards 5 Seconds Of Summer. "And say we wrote it."

"No!" Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum all cry at the same time.

"Besides, we don't have many songs yet anyway." Calum adds.

"Maybe you boys could use your heads and actually write!" Hailey giggles, a sarcastic tone in her voice.

"Ughhh..." Harry groans, getting up to grab the small television's remote. The screen slowly flickers on, as Harry settles back onto his chair and begins flipping through channels.

"Styles, I swear to God." Louis growls, trying to snatch the remote from Harry’s grasp.

"It helps me think." He shrugs, stopping on the Food Network for a few seconds, then flipping more channels.

"'Helps you think' my ass." Louis replies snottily, turning his back to Harry with a fake hair flip. Hailey laughs, and I can't help but be irritated when Louis smiles back at her. Is it me being oversensitive, or is it the guys being more than friendly with Hailey that makes me uptight? I'm leaning towards the later. I honestly have no idea where their sudden interest in Hailey came from. I mean, her and I have been dating for years, literally! What changed between our last tour and this one that make them so, so flirty with her? She’s still my girlfriend of almost four years, and wouldn’t it feel morally wrong to try and take her from me? Isn’t that like, a sin or something? I know me and Hailey aren’t married or anything, but when I look at my future, she’s in it. I couldn’t imagine ever being with anyone else, she’s the only girl for me. For me. As in not for Louis, or Liam, or Zayn, or especially not Harry.

“Niall?” Hailey says my name quietly, and I realize she’s now sitting next to me instead of by the 5 Seconds of Summer boys.

“Huh?” I ask, my mind still stuck in thoughts of my idiot band members.

“I’m going to go rest in the back room, you don’t need me for anything right?”

“No, no I’m fine.” I respond with a smile, though my insides aren’t smiling at all. I know that once she walks away, she will be the topic of conversation. I don’t think I can handle any more of that.

“Love you.” She smiles, and then walks towards the back of the bus.

“That ass.” Harry says once she’s out of earshot, and I cringe. This is probably going to be the longest bus ride of my life. Like, come on! She hasn’t even left the room yet, can they chill!? If I would’ve known that this is what was going to happen behind the scenes on this tour, maybe I wouldn’t have suggested to bring Hailey with in the first place.

“You got that right.” Louis winks at Harry, and I clench my fists by my sides.

“Doesn’t get much nicer than that.” Liam grins, and I try my best to stop the look of disgust creeping up on my face. I’m trying to mask my annoyance at them, but it’s so hard. It would be so easy for me to just tell them all off right now.

I look over at the 5SOS boys to see that Calum is grinning at Liam, who flashes him back a smile and a wink. Oh God, does he really need to encourage these guys that this is okay? Seriously Liam, I thought that out of all the guys, maybe he was the one I could trust the most in these Hailey situations… I guess not.

“Where is she going anyway?” Zayn asks, looking at me. I wish he wouldn’t make eye contact with me, solely because I could ignore his question. But now he knows I heard him, and not answering may make things worse.

‘To get away from you guys.’ I think to myself, but instead say, “To rest.”

“Oh,” Liam says, a little too sadly for my comfort. “Darn.”

“Yeah, she’s fun to have around.” Ashton chimes in. I feel my body beginning to heat up at the realization that someone outside of One Direction has joined this conversation. I try to push the anger down, but it keeps boiling back up. I pull out my phone and look down at it in attempts to block out the exchange of words around me. Pretending to text someone, I lean back on the couch. Maybe if I act like I’m not here, none of them will acknowledge me.

Or not.

“Who yah texting Niall?” Harry asks me like a curious little girl, as he jumps onto my couch and leans over my shoulder. I quickly turn off my phone and drop it in my lap, hoping he didn’t see that I wasn’t doing anything at all. He cocks his head at me when I don’t answer right away, and I roll my eyes.
“No one.” I speak flatly, shoving my phone in my pocket so that Harry won’t grab it from me.

“Is Niall texting a mystery woman?” Harry leans closer towards me, but I quickly push him away. Even so, he sits right on top of my feet, on his knees.

“No you idiot, I have a girlfriend.” I reply, having an urge to kick Harry in the balls.

“Maybe you’re growing apart?” He questions, a sly look growing in his eyes as they narrow.

“Excuse me?” I shoot back, my already hot skin start to burn. What is he implying, that me and Hailey should break up? Hell no.

“I’m just saying maybe you too need a break from each other for a little while.” My jaw drops at his statement, and I’m literally speechless. What the is going through his mind? Does he think that he can persuade me to break up with Hailey? Because no way in hell would that ever happen. We’ve been dating for almost four years, what makes him think that he can try and break us apart? Even if we did break up, for some God awful reason, he’d never get his dirty paws on her. Never.

“You dick.” I growl, turning my urge to kick him into an action. Harry yelps out in pain and jumps, well, falls, off the couch. Louis throws me a dark glare, and I can’t help but smile back a little. He can’t honestly be mad at me for that. Harry practically asked for it. If you sit in front of me with your legs spread and try to rip apart my relationship, don’t expect me not to kick you.

“What was that for?” Harry whines from the ground, his voice more high pitched than normal. I have to stifle a laugh because of this, and unfortunately, Luke catches my fault.

“Are you actually laughing right now?” He accuses, and I continue to laugh in response.

“Niall, stop.” Zayn glares at me, his face one hundred percent hard, and my smirk completely falls of my face. I look around the room, and see that all eight guys are nearly giving me the death glare. What? That was supposed to be funny! He deserved it, right? Right!

“Wait, are you being serious?” I spit out, dumbfounded. Are they all actually taking Harry’s side? What the hell? Are these eight sets of eyes, all locked on mine, telling me to fuck off?

“Yes!” Louis shouts at me. “Niall that was completely uncalled for!” I’m so taken aback by his words that I almost laugh again. Almost.

“You’re serious?” I ask, but it’s more of a statement. “Okay, are you all deaf?” They stay silent, still staring at me. “Did you not hear him taunting me to break up with Hailey? Obviously he was implying that he wanted her for himself!” Harry blinks, and the room goes dead silent. Slowly, Harry stands up from the ground and shakes his head at me. What the hell?! What did I do that was so out of line?!

“Whatever.” I mutter under my breath, and walk out of the living room, towards the bathroom. I close the door and sit down on the toilet, the lid still closed. What just happened back there? Who took my friends and replaced them with these freaks? On any other given day, me kicking Harry in the junk would’ve been a great laugh for all of us. But now… What?

“Nice work dude.” I suddenly I hear Louis’s voice through the tour buses paper thin walls. I stand up quickly and press my ear to the wall adjacent to the living room, in hopes I can overhear what’s happening out there.

“I can’t believe that worked.” Harry’s voice laughs.

“I guess now we know that aggravating Niall and then pretending he’s wrong can get us what we want.” I can almost hear Zayn grinning.
“And why exactly is that important?” I hear Michael’s confused tone.

“Because,” Liam speaks up. “Now we can tell Hailey that Niall’s a jerk, that he hurt Harry for no reason, and try to break them up.” My heart literally sinks, and I feel something inside of me that I can’t explain. My friends played me so that they can try to take my girlfriend? I know they talk about her all the time but, but this is different. They are actually taking action and trying to sabotage our relationship. That’s wrong on so many levels! Isn't there something about friendships that says this is crossing the line?
“But they seem like a good couple.” Luke interjects. “Aren’t you guys, like, best friends? Why would you want to do this?” I silently thank Luke, for at least trying to knock some sense into my friends.

“Because we’re sick and tired of Niall always getting what he wants.” What? Is that really what they think?

“Exactly.” Zayn agrees with Louis. “Hailey’s hot, and extremely helpful with everything we do. Why should Niall get her all to himself?”

That’s it.

I throw open the bathroom door with so much force that I swear it’s going to break, and storm towards the front of the bus, stopping only to let the guys know that they are complete asses.

“You fucking dicks.” I flick them all off, and continue towards the busses entrance. “Stop the bus.” I order to the driver, who immediately pulls off on the side of the road. I grab my guitar, which is sitting on it’s rack near the door, and jump out of the bus before it’s even completely stopped. I walk towards the direction of what looks like a small park, ignoring the sounds of my so called “friends” yelling my name. They don’t deserve my time, I hope they leave me here. I hope they drive away and continue the tour without me.

I really do.




Hope you all liked the update!! I worked extra hard on this one!


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