Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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3 days until departure


“You guys realize that we are going to have to write on the road, right?” All five of us guys are together again, still getting ready for the tour. Yesterday we took a break, mostly because I suggested it, and focused on having some fun before we have to get to work again. I’m still a little tense around the guys, nervous that they are going to bring up something about Hailey again. It’s all I could think about when I was trying to sleep the other night. Why have they all of a sudden become so... so interested with her? Before we had this tour planned, they never so much as acknowledged her presence. What changed?

“It’s not like we haven’t done so before.” Liam says, rocking back and forth on a swing. We are at our town's local park. This morning we decided that we couldn't sit around in one of our houses again, that we needed to get out and have some fresh air while still getting stuff done.

“And we’ll have Hailey’s help too.” Harry pitches in from his position on the teeter totter with Louis. My body tenses up a little at the mention of Hailey’s name but I try to let it go. All he said was that we’ll have her help, not anything bad.

“Why isn’t she helping us today?” Louis asks, looking to me as his feet hit the ground forcefully on the teeter totter.

“She had a meeting she had to attend.” I say nonchalantly, though the meeting is actually a big deal. Hailey is the co-owner of a record label in San Antonio, and she is constantly meeting with artists, looking for the best people to sign to her label. She’s got crazy talent when it comes to choosing musicians, and the fact that she’s only twenty years old makes it all the more amazing. During her second year of college, a professor came up to her and asked if she’d ever considered having her own label. At the time she was pursuing a major in music, not sure what she saw for a final career. The professor told her that he knew a girl just finishing her final year of college that was beginning a record label and looking for a partner, Ambree Stiltson. Long story short, Hailey talked with Ambree about the label, and Ambree asked her to be her co-owner. Hailey dropped out of college at the end of that semester, and put all of her work into to record label.

Today the two girls are meeting with a new group that, from what I’ve heard from Hailey, has incredible talent. The only problem is that they are a band of 4 young boys, and Hailey and Ambree need to do some background checks before they can sign them to their label. If the group turned out to be untrustworthy and inappropriate, it would reflect the company poorly.

“Aren’t we more important than some little meeting?” Zayn asks, his tone more serious than I was expecting.

Actually Zayn,” I start, not wanting to argue with him. “It’s a meeting that could determine the future of her company so no, we aren’t more important.”

“Is it that group she played a clip of for us the other day?” Liam stands up and leans against the slide he was sitting on. “They were insane!”

“Yeah, it’s them.” I smile, glad that Liam at least has some respect for Hailey’s work.

“Well, will she be helping us tomorrow?” Harry inquires, his back still turned to me on the teeter totter.

“Yeah I think so. Depends on what happens with the meeting today.” I reply. If Hailey and Ambree decide not to sign the group, she won't have anything scheduled tomorrow afternoon. If they do sign them though, who knows what they will plan.

“What is she going to do about the company while she’s on tour with us?” Louis asks the question I’ve thought about many times.

“I guess that’s the beauty of having a co-owner.” I shrug, not really sure what her plans are.

“So Ambree is going to run that whole place by herself?” Zayn says, his face confused. “I’m not sure how that’s going to work.”
“It’ll work.” I reply flatly, not enjoying this conversation anymore.

“I think she should just become one of our managers.” Harry says, finally getting off the teeter totter, which sends Louis crashing towards the ground.
“Harry!?” He shouts, while the rest of us laugh.

“He has a good point though.” Louis stands up and walks towards us, hand on his bottom from where he hit the ground.

“Wait, you’re serious?” I almost laugh. Hailey could never give up her dream job to manage our band. It’d be completely insane!

“Well yeah.” Louis says. “She’s so good at helping us, and she’d never have to miss any of her work. She’d be with us all the time!”

“Don’t be ridiculous Louis.” I shake my head. “Hailey has one of the best jobs she can get. We don’t even need another manager.” Besides, I’m starting to think that I don’t want Hailey hanging around with the guys more than she has to anyway.

“Imagine walking into work every morning and seeing her face.” Liam smiles, causing my blood pressure to rise.

“That would be pretty awesome.” Zayn agrees, a smile painted across his face too.

“Seriously?” The word slips out of my mouth, but no one seems to notice.

“Hey, we could even have her collaborate on songs with us!” Louis says excitedly. All the guys are looking at each other in excitement. Why are they even thinking about this? Hailey is never going to switch jobs; the guys are never going to see this happen.

“She would definitely make things more enjoyable.” Harry inserts his opinion into the conversation. The four start to talk simultaneously, all saying different things about how great Hailey is. It's one of the worst things I've had to endure in awhile. I hear things such as; ‘How great would it be to look at her pretty face all day?’ or, ‘She’s so hot!’ or the great contribution from Harry; ‘Oh the things I could do to that girl.’

“STOP!” I shout out, trying to make them realize how rude they are being. None of them listen to me though, and just keep talking amongst themselves like I’m not even there. You can’t just talk about someone's girlfriend like that right in front of them! Their comments are completely uncalled for, and downright stupid! I want to send my foot through Harry’s small brain, and I’m afraid I might if I don’t calm down. My anger is rising up inside of me, and I turn to walk away before it boils over.

“Where are you going?” Louis calls out after me.

“As far away from you people as I can get!” I shout back, wishing that this whole tour ahead of us could just be cancelled.




Hey guys, sorry this chapter is kind of short but I hope you enjoyed it all the same!! I'm trying to update things faster so hopefully this is just the start of that!


Who do you guys think the group Hailey is meeting with is???


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