Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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*Four Years Earlier*


“Hailey, you’re much to young to be in love!” I heard her parents scream from the other room. 

“I’M SIXTEEN YEARS OLD MOM!” She screamed back. 

I was sitting in the Boust’s living room, wishing I could be anywhere else. Hailey and I had been watching a movie that I never caught the name of because we had been deep in conversation, when her parents barged in. Moments earlier, I had asked her what word she would use to describe me if she only had one. 

“Annoying.” She joked, playfully pushing my head off of her shoulder.

“No really.” 

“Well…” She thought about it for a minute before answering. “I can’t describe you in one word Niall, because you’re so much more than just one word. You’re sweet, kind, handsome, funny, you make my whole day brighten with just one smile. Every time I look at you my heart speeds up and I get this feeling that only you give me. I don’t know if you can put that into one word, but I can’t.”

“Everything.” I had replied bluntly.

“What?” She questioned.

“You’re my everything.” I smiled at her, before quietly saying, “I love you Hailey.” She looked up at me with wide eyes, and returned my smile. 

“I love you too Niall.” She leaned closer to me, and just as our lips were about to touch, her parents practically flew into the room, furious.

“Hailey Mae Boust, what on earth do you think you’re doing!?” I quickly pushed myself into a better sitting position, while Hailey jumped up onto her feet.

“Mom! What the-?” 

“Come with us into the kitchen, right now!” Her mother proclaimed. Hailey glanced at me and then back at her parents, and angrily followed them.

They left me sitting there on the couch, confused and alone. Lets just say her parents hand’t always loved me.

That was the day that changed things in our relationship. I thought her parents would hate me forever. They had gotten so mad about us being in love. Hailey got so upset at them that she didn’t talk to them for two whole weeks. I didn’t get to see her outside of school for three weeks, and four weeks later was when she finally called me. 

“Niall, I- I’m sorry I haven’t called but…” 

“I know.”

“My parents want to see you.” She had spoken those words, and I remember feeling my insides do flips. Her parents wanted to see me. Her parents wanted to see me. They probably wanted to kill me. 

“When?” I managed to get out.

“Um… Now.” She whimpered back. We stayed in silence for a long time, neither of us knowing what was coming. 

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” Hanging up the phone, I jumped up to grab my coat, decision made. No matter what her parents were going to do to me, I had to go. For Hailey. If I really did love her, I would do anything for her. And if getting beaten up by her parents was anything, then I was ready for it. 

But that wasn’t what happened.

Not at all. 

I walked through the front door to see two sobbing adults, and one beaming girl. I barely even was in the door before Hailey’s mom came up to me and engulfed me in a giant hug. 

“I’m so so sorry, love.” She muttered to me, not letting me out of the hug until Hailey came over by us. 

“Hailes? What’s going on?” I was in utter shock. The last time I had stepped foot in their house was when I got yelled at for being in love…

“Mom?” Hailey replies, looking to her mom to answer.

“Oh Niall, my husband and I are sorry.” She wipes away some tears. "In this past month we’ve seen just how much you and Hailey really care about each other. You two have something so very special, and me and David would hate to come between that.”

“Wha… What?” I asked dumbfounded. Was this really happening?

“You heard me.” Her mom said. “Go on, go get some supper.” With that she had shoved us out the door. 

From that moment on, nothing had come between me and Hailey. Nothing. 

Until now. 



Welllllllll!??? The first chapter of Steal My Girl is finally here!!!! I decided to give you guys an early update because OMG this book all of a sudden just got "so" popular. Like I went to bed one day, and when I woke up I had over 60 more reads than I did the night before! Along with this story  being posted to movellas facebook page, I thought it would be wrong not to update sooner! Also I hope you loved this chapter. It is obviously in the past, so the next chapter will be more from the present point of view. I needed to get some history in though, and thats what I decided to do. So anyways please give me feedback, and give the story a like! I love you all! <3

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