Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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"Oh. My. GOD!" Hailey squeals excitedly upon stepping into the airport lobby. "We're. In. Austria!" She jumps up and down like a little kid, clearly happy to finally get out of the United States. I'm almost convinced she's not going to stop, when suddenly her feet stay glued to the ground and she straightens out her black pencil skirt.

"I'm calm." She says, nodding and running a hand through her ponytail. I laugh at her changing of emotions, and shake my head.

I'm about to open my mouth and ask if anyone wants to go to the coffee shop in the airport, when Hailey begins to walk away.

"Where is she going?" Liam asks me, and I shrug my shoulders. I never know with her.

"Maybe she saw someone she knew?" Louis suggests, but I shake my head.

"In Austria?" I doubt it.

"Hey One Direction, come here!" Hailey shouts across the sea of people, where I can barely see her, and I freeze. Yelling out 'One Direction' in a large group of people is practically a recipe for disaster. Before, we played it low-key, and no one seemed to notice us. But now, we all go completely still as everyone in the airport turns their head to face us.

"Shit." I hear Harry mumble under his breath. It's not that we don't love our fans, we do. Really. But when you're in a confined area, in a foreign country, with a crunch time to get to a hotel, fans are like roadblocks.

It suddenly seems like everything is moving in slow motion. Everyone in the airport starts to move towards us. I begin to hear what sounds like hundreds of squeals and screams from teenage girls, and I realize I'm holding my breath. I glance towards Hailey, who I can see for only a moment, and her face shows an expression of complete horror of what she said. I don't want to blame a fan breakout on my girlfriend but... she is the one who called out our name in public. I shake my head and look back to the boys around me; we all share the same look of frustration.

What feels like hours later, I finally feel a fan tap me on the shoulder. I turn around, snapped out of my slo-mo state of mind, and find myself looking at a short girl with long red hair. The smile spread across her freckled covered face is huge, and I see her hold out a poster towards me.

"Will, will you s-, sign this?" She asks, and I immediately feel guilt fill my stomach. How horrible is it for me to think that our fans get in the way? If I saw one of my favorite bands in an airport, I'd probably go up to them too. The fans just want few autographs and pictures, and it's not like it's hard to give them that.

"Thanks a lot for saying no security with us on the airport." Harry mutters at Liam and I, but I try to brush it off. Before getting onto the plane, Liam and I decided that we wanted wanted a security free flight. It seemed logical at the time, especially since we had no idea there were this many One Direction fans in Austria.

"At least it wasn't like New York City last year." Zayn replies to Harry, as we continue greeting fans and taking pictures. New York... yikes. I swear every single person in the United States was there, trying to meet us. Times Square was filled to the brim with thousands of fans. We must've been there for hours just trying to get to our hotel.

"That sucked." I agree, as I pose for picture with a group of young girls.

The sea of people thins quickly, and before I know it we are walking across the airport towards Hailey.

"I am so sorry." She wails upon making eye contact with me, as she throws her arms around my neck.

"It's okay Hailes," I wrap my arms around her waist and give her a tight squeeze. "It wasn't that bad."

"I still feel stupid." She shakes her head. "I should've known not to call out the biggest boy band in the world's name in a public area."

"The world ay?" Louis grins, and I chuckle.

"Pretty much mates." Hailey smiles, trying to have an English accent and failing terribly.

"You are so American." I tease, and we all start laughing. Hailey punches me softly, and I nudge her back in the side.

I am suddenly aware of four young men I've never seen before standing behind Hailey. They all watch the six of us silently, almost as if they are scared to bud in. Kind of like a bunch of deer in headlights.

Hailey catches that my gaze has shifted from her to these boys, and her face lights up.

"Oh!" She turns around and backs up so she's next to me, then motions to the four guys. "These are your new openers." Their faces open up a little upon being adressed, and they look less tense. "5 Seconds Of Summer." Hailey says the name with pride, and all four of them smile wide.

"Hey." One of them says. His hair is a deep red, and I can tell by where the color is faded at the top that he dyes it a lot. "I'm Michael. Michael Clifford."

"Luke Hemmings." The blonde boy next to him with eyes so blue that I swear they're fake grins.


"Calum Hood." A tan skinned boy with dark hair and brown eyes says from the end of the line they are standing in. He grins wide at the boy he interrupted, who shoots back a look of annoyance.

"Hey!" The one he cut off yells out, giving him a hard punch in the shoulder.

"Ash!" He cries back with a shove.

"The names Irwin." The boy who was skipped over flashes us what I assume is supposed to be a 'Mr. Cool Guy grin'. "Ashton Irwin." I hear Hailey begin to giggle, which leads to everyone laughing.

"Hailey's told us such great stuff about you guys." Harry smiles, and I see every one of their grins get wider. I think I notice one of them even blush slightly.

"She must've been talking about a different band." Luke jokes, and then we are all laughing again.

I think I'm going to like these guys.




Sorry this wasn't the best, but now that 5 Seconds Of Summer has been introduced, things can get moving again!!

Let me know your thoughts - they really help me update quicker! Thanks loves!

#5SOS <3 <3 <3

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