Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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6 days until departure. 


The guys hadn’t been all over Hailey again since that day, so I thought dropping it would be the best idea. It worked for a while, I didn’t feel that uneasiness between any of us and Hailey still didn’t seem worried. Plus, there were bigger things we needed to worry about. We only had six days until our plane left for Austria, and almost nothing seemed ready.

“Oh my lord, if we don’t write this song in six days starts we will never have a good single for the tour!” Harry groans from the couch, flipping through channels on the tv.

“Literally, Wayne is going to kill us. We told him we’d have a song before tour started!” Liam sighs from the counter before sinking his teeth into a sandwich, which squirts mayo onto his shirt. “Really?” He mumbles under his breath.

“Guys calm down,” Hailey hands Liam a towel while stifling a giggle, and makes her way into the living room. “The single doesn’t necessarily need to be written by the time we leave for Austria. You can open with one of your other great songs, and then sometime during the tour I’ll help you guys finish the single. I really don’t think it’s that important that you have it done by the beginning of the tour.” She smiles and sits down on the love seat next to me, setting down a glass of orange juice which I take a sip from. 

“Hey!” She gives me a playful push before swiping the juice back from me. “That’s mine!” I smile at her and shrug my shoulders as Harry begins talking again.

“Okay well, not only do we not have the single written, but we still need to choose one of those shows to cancel!” He throws his hands up, still channel surfing.

“Wait wait wait, why do you have to cancel one of them!?” Hailey shifts her position nervously. Sometimes I wonder how she isn’t one of our managers. She gets so nervous and anxious about everything to do with the band, even though it really has no effect on her.

“Because one of the stupid people who plan our tour venues and dates and stuff not only accidentally double booked us, but there’s also another event booked for that day. Now we don’t know which concert to cancel.” Zayn sighs.

“What are the venues? What time? What day? Is it possible you could still play both of them?” Hailey inquires quickly. I can tell that she is desperately trying to figure out our situation.

“One’s at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada in the afternoon of the ninth of september.” I say, trying to grab the orange juice from Hailey again.

“And the other is the same day only a few hours later.” Louis finishes for me. 

“Same stadium?” Hailey asks. 

“That’s the problem. It was supposed to be at the same stadium and it would be just us two events in a row; then it would be fine. But there’s some other event that’s, like, trying to end world hunger or something booked there too.” Liam speaks up.

“So now we have to either take the afternoon show and give the world hunger event the night show-time, or the other way around.” I groan, snuggling closer to Hailey. 

“How is this even a question, we take the afternoon opening so we can party the rest of the night!” Zayn offers his opinion.

“No!” Liam interject from still in the kitchen. “We take the night show so there’s more time to practice and run through things beforehand!” 

“No Zayn is right, we always do night shows, we need some after concert time!” Harry pitches in.

“No, no, no, no!” Louis interjects. “Listen to Liam, it’s more important to deliver a good show like our fans expect then to get drunk and some party!”

“I agree with Louis and Liam,” I add in my viewpoint. “Don’t you guys want to actually give a good performance?”

“Don’t you guys ever want to relax and have a good time?” Zayn barks back at me.

“Well excuse me for thinking singing for our fans is a good time.” I retaliate. 

“If you guys had any common sense you would listen to Zayn.” Harry sits up a little straighter, still changing channels.

“Harry Styles if you don’t stop flipping channels right now, I will flip you!” Louis screams louder than I’ve ever heard from him, and tries to grab the remote from Harry’s grasp.

“Louis Tomlinson get the fuck away from me!” Harry yells back, shoving Louis to the ground.

“STYLES!” Louis shouts, jumping back at him and yanking him to the ground. The two fight each other onto the hardwood, yelling insults and threatening to throw punches.

“Look what you did Niall.” Zayn shoots at me, a dark and angry.

“Me!?” I ask in shock. “How are their problems my fault?” 

“You’re just you, everything between us is always your fault.” He shoots me a mischievous grin, before charging towards me and pushing me into the wall, which knocks a picture frame to the floor and sends glass flying everywhere.

“Zayn you idiot!” I yell trying to push him off of me, but he resists and wraps his arm around my neck forcefully. “ZAYN!” I yell, feeling my breath begin to get stuck in my throat.

“Guys!” Hailey yells, but none of us listen. We’re too wrapped up in trying to beat each other senseless. 

Guys!” She yells again. Still, we do nothing in response. 

“Let, me, go, jerk!” I hear Louis grunt at Harry from across the room.

“Guyyss!” Hailey repeats again, but it’s more of a whimper this time. Out of the corner of my eye I can see her eyes filled with a little bit of worry, but mostly disappointment and confusion.

“Zayn let Niall go already.” Liam says from behind us, in a voice that hints he’s fed up with this.

“Oh, is Liam upset because he’s the only guy not in a fight?” Zayn teases. 

“I’m not getting into this with you.” Liam shakes his head and tries to walk away.

“Or is it cause you’re too chicken?” He takes his hand that isn’t forcing the air out of me and makes the chicken wing motion while calling out, “Bock bock!”

“Oh thats it you little twerp!” Liam joins in the fight, causing Zayn to loosens his grip on me enough that I can get a little air. I still hear the insults being thrown by Louis and Harry, and Liam, Zayn, and I aren’t much better. I’m about too try and kick Zayn so that he lets me go, since my air supply seems to be dwindling, before I’m taken aback by a shriek. 

“GUYS! STOP!” Hailey screams, so loud that I swear the walls shake. All five of us guys freeze instantaneously, and it’s so quiet you could practically hear a pin drop. From my position, which is in the headlock by Zayn, I scan our behavior around the room. Louis is on top of Harry, his fist frozen in the air from the punch he was about to throw. Liam has a pot raised above Zayn, who still has me in that headlock. Look at us, we are tearing each other apart because of a stupid decision. It really doesn’t matter which show we cancel. Either way one of us is going to be disappointed, along with thousands of fans. This is so dumb, the five of us are usually as close as brothers. Now we’re fighting like a bunch of teenage girls. 

“You guys need to get your acts together, or not having a single won’t be the only thing wrong with this tour!” Hailey shakes her head in disappointment. “Start acting like men or I will not get on that plane with you in six days.” With that she turns, and walks straight down the hallway. The last thing I hear from her is a door slamming shut. 

We all stay frozen for a few more seconds, before Zayn suddenly lets me go, and I collapse to the floor searching for air to fill my lungs. 

“What the hell is wrong with us?” Louis stands up from by the couch, and shakes his head. He extends a hand to Harry, which he takes and smoothly jumps up to his feet.

Really: what is wrong with us? I mean just the fighting is stupid, but in front of Hailey? I feel like a complete idiot.


Hailey is always the one who keeps us guys from tearing each other apart. 


I never thought she would become the reason we do. 

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