Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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5 days until departure  


After that blow out with the boys yesterday, Hailey hasn’t spoken a word to me. I’m honestly a little afraid that she won’t come on tour with us anymore because of this, and I can’t let that happen.

That’s why I’m currently on my way to her house with a dozen roses, chocolate, and the password to my netflix account which I set up this morning. I figured maybe it was time the two of us sat down and watched something together, and hopefully she’ll be willing to at least let me inside the house.

“Knock knock!” I call out instead of knocking on the door, something me and Hailey have always done. It’s sort of like our secret code. Except it’s probably not too secret considering we yell it loud enough that you can hear us throughout the whole neighborhood.

“Knock knock!” I hear her echo from inside the house, and the patter of feet coming towards the door. I hold my breath, clutching the roses and chocolates tighter as she opens the door.

“Hey.” She says quietly, her eyes glued to her feet.

“I, I brought you these.” I spit out awkwardly, handing my gifts to her which she takes with a confused expression.

“What are these for?” She brings her beautiful green eyes up to meet mine now, and I give her a half smile.

“I just, just feel bad about everything that happened yesterday.” I run an awkward hand through my hair. “And I hate seeing you get so upset…” I trail off for a moment, thinking I maybe should have thought this through before I came to her door. “I don’t know, I just really don’t want that stupid fight to hurt any of our plans.” I take my gaze from her eyes, to my feet.

“You’re afraid I won’t come on tour with you five, aren’t you.” She sighs, knowing me too well, and finally offering for me to come in.

“Well… Yeah.” I admit, not wanting to deny the fact.

“Niall, baby, I’m going with you. Nothing is going to change that. But you and the guys need to straighten out your problems or something bad is going to happen.” She sighs and plops down on the couch, after setting down the gifts I brought, and I hover next to her. “You five are an incredible group of talented musicians, and I don’t want anything to hurt that. I know it’s not my job to keep you boys in line, but I feel that it’s a responsibility of being so close to you all.” I feel my heart warm at the thoughtfulness and caring Hailey has towards all of us. I walk around the couch and sit next to her.

“I’m sorry we got so out of hand yesterday, it’s just… We have such a short amount of time to figure everything out for the tour, and it’s so frustrating that between all five of us, and you included, that we can’t figure it out.” I sigh and kick my feet up on the ottoman in front of me.

“I know, I know. I understand, it frustrates me too, but you boys have to stop getting so angry at each other. Otherwise, how do you think you’ll survive this long tour?” She makes a good point, if none of us guys can get along, the whole tour will turn out in disaster. The only thing is, we’ve never gotten in bad fights before. What’s changed?

Hailey looks from me, to the pile of gifts on the end table. A small smile creeps up on her face, and her eyes grow wide with excitement.

“Is that your Netflix password?” She reaches for the small slip of paper before grabbing the TV remote, as I burst out laughing. “What?”

“Well, I mean, from that look on your face I thought you were thinking of something much more exciting than Netflix.” I laugh, as she pulls up Netflix on the TV.

“Is anything more exciting than Netflix!?” She giggles, quickly typing in my password.

“Getting this tour figured out would be.” I mutter out, thinking she would ignore it.

“Hey, don’t get down on yourself.” She rubs my shoulder comfortingly. “Everything will work itself out. For now, let’s watch some of Friends.” She smiles giddily, obviously trying to get me out of the dumps and excited about Netflix.

“Oooh I’m down.” I smile as she rests her head on my chest.

“I thought you might be.”




Later that night, us guys and Hailey met at my house, trying once again to figure out the last minute plans for the tour.

Currently, we are trying to decide on that concert cancelation again. This time it hopefully won’t end in a fist fight.

“So lets look at the pros and cons of taking the afternoon show.” Hailey suggests, taking out a pen and paper to write things down.

“Well a pro is that it’s earlier so it wouldn’t go late into the night.” Harry pitches in.

“But since it’s an outdoor stadium it wouldn’t be dark out so some of our lights and effects wouldn’t work.” Louis contributes.

“With an afternoon show though, we could tour the city for the rest of the night after the show.” I offer.

“And partaeeee.” Zayn smiles, and we all shoot him a glare. Hailey laughs a little, before taking control again.

“So what about the night show?”

“We wouldn’t have to change any of our show set up.” Liam says.

“But there’s a chance that the Charity Event thing could run past schedule, and we would get some of our time cut.” I stand up as I offer my suggestion, pacing back and forth.

“And it could be harder to get in there while they are cleaning up even if it doesn’t go past it’s time.” Harry adds.

“On top of that,” Louis says, “we play so many night shows, wouldn’t it be kind of cool to do something different for a change?” We all think about this for a moment. It would be nice.

“So everyone is on board with the afternoon show then?” Hailey asks, staring down at her paper, then bringing her eyes up to us guys.

“Yes!” We all say in unison, glad we’ve finally checked one thing of our never ending preparations list.

“Great, I’ll call the managers now and let them know.” With that she steps out of the room to make the call.

"I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be a band anymore without her." Harry smiles, sinking back into his chair. The look in his eyes is a little too, too admiring for my comfort.

"Think about it though," Louis begins to contribute his thoughts. "We would've torn each other to pieces yesterday if she wouldn't have intervened." A smile creeps up on his face, and I'm reminded of how weird the guys were about Hailey the other day. It's happening again, why? It's making me more than uncomfortable I mean, she's my girlfriend.

"I was still thinking about it even after she did." Zayn says smiling, though I think we are all unsure if he's joking or not.

"But really," Liam begins, ignoring Zayn's comment. "I don't think we could find any agent that'd be better than her."

"Or hotter than her." Harry grins, causing me to insert my opinion.

"What the hell Harry?!" Anger begins to creep up inside of me. Maybe this thing that keeps happening between us about Hailey is more than just friendly comments. I'm beginning to suspect that there's something more they see hiding from me.

"Well he's not lying Niall." Louis shrugs. "You should know."

"Of course I know my girlfriend pretty but that's not the point!" I snap back at him, feeling my blood starting to boil.

"Well then what is your point?" Harry asks me. By his expression I can tell he's trying to get under my skin.

"What I mean is that you guys need to stop making all the inappropriate comments about Hailey!" I finally tell them what's been on my mind. "She's my girlfriend and you talk about her like she's just another single girl walking down the street!"

"You're over reacting Niall, she's just really good for us." Zayn shoots me an annoyed look but I brush it off.

"I'm sorry but that's not how you guys have been acting."

"Ni-" Liam starts, but stops as Hailey walks back in the room.

"Okay so we've got the afternoon concert booked, what's next?" She plops down next to me on the loveseat, and I wrap my arm around her. If the guys think that they can look at her as more than a friend then they are dead wrong. She's always been mine, and none of them will change that.

Or so I thought.

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