Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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“Everybody wanna Steal My Girl.” I sing quietly under my breath from where I sit at the tour bus’s small counter. I haven’t told the boys I have an idea for the song, partially because I’m still pissed at them, though they barely seem to notice. I’ve tried to let it go, but the fact that they were seriously planning to take my girlfriend is a hard one to shake off. Their talking about Hailey has dwindled slightly, but I suspect they are being more careful about watching their mouths when I’m around. I guess I should be grateful for that.

“Everybody wanna…” I trail off looking for more lyrics in my head. “Wanna take her heart away?” I nod to myself and write those words down in my small song notebook.

“Whatcha’ writin’ Niall?” I feel a hand on my shoulder, and smile up at Hailey’s beautiful green eyes. She sits down in the tall stool next to me, and peers at my notebook.

“Is this a song?” She asks loudly, her eyes wide.

“A song!?” I hear Louis’ voice from behind me, and all of a sudden all four of the guys are standing around me. I groan and shake my head, trying to close my notebook, but Harry snatches it out of my hands before I get the chance.

“Niall why didn’t you tell us you were writing something?” Hailey asks, a hint of betrayal in her voice that tugs at my heart strings.

“It’s just, just not done yet.” I say, which isn’t really a lie. The song isn’t finished, but that’s not why I’m hiding it from everyone. As well as still being mad, I’m hiding it because I’m afraid the guys will hate it. I mean, it is kind of about them.

I watch Harry pass the notebook to Louis, who passes it to Liam and so on. They all page through the lyrics and notes I have written, but the expressions on their faces are unreadable. I have no idea it they like it, they won’t say anything either. Eventually the notebook gets to Hailey, and her eyes light up. Now that’s an expression I can read.

“Niall this is amazing! Where in the world did you find inspiration for this?” She looks up at me and I swallow slowly. I can practically feel the guy's eyes burning into my back, so hard that I’m too scared to look back at them.

“I guess it just came to him.” Harry’s words are dark and sharp. I can imagine him gritting his teeth behind me, and I wish he could just hold in his opinions sometimes.

“Oh.” She’s obviously confused, but the fact that she doesn’t know the song is about her and the guys makes it okay. Now all I have to worry about it facing the guys about this. I can tell by Harry’s comments that they aren’t happy.

“I’m gonna…” Hailey stands up, probably wanting to get out of the situation that’s brewing between us guys. “I’m gonna go find the 5SOS boys.” She cocks her head at me as she gets up and bites her lip, her look of confusion growing.

“I love you.” She mouths to me, before closing the tour busses door and heading off towards the rest stop we are at.

Almost immediately after she closes the door, the boys begin yelling at me.

“Niall James Horan what the actual fuck is this!?” Harry grabs my notebook off the desk and shoves it in my face, the anger spread across his obvious.

“A, a song.” I reply, flinching a little, though he doesn’t even make a move towards me.

“This was a jackass move Niall, to write a song about us trying to take your girlfriend.” Louis grabs the notebook from Harry and looks it over. “‘Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me?’” He shakes his head as Liam grabs the notebook. “If you had such a problem with us joking about-”
“How was that a joke!?” I cut him off, thinking about their little “plan.” That wasn’t a joke, they were clearly trying to actually take Hailey from me. They can’t just blow it off like some little prank, that’s shallow.

“What do you mean?” Louis looks at me with a confusion, a look all of the boys except Zayn are wearing.

“What do you mean what do I mean!?” I’m beginning to get very irritated, and the fact that Zayn is sitting there all chill is making me anxious.

“It wasn’t a joke they were just drunk as all get out.” Zayn says, shrugging his shoulders and taking a sip from my coffee. I blink a few times, wondering how he can be so nonchalant right now. I lean forward, staring at him in utter disbelief.

“Excuse me?” I pull the coffee away from him, though the question was directed towards his statement.

“I don’t know, I watched them down drinks in the bar for hours and they came home talking about this crazy plan to break you and Hailey up.” Zayn shrugs again. The rest of the guys look at each other like they’ve just been told they have hours to live, while I’m looking at Zayn the same way.

“And what about you?” I inquire, still looking at him like he’s an alien. “Didn’t you contribute to this,” I make air quotes, “plan?”

“I didn’t realize it was the alcohol talking so I just went along with it.” He once again shrugs, making me want to punch him.

“But Louis said, ‘Nice work guys!’ What is that supposed to mean?” I argue, even though I know that the alcohol probably completely took over their minds. It just sounded so real! But they were at the bar last night, and none of them seem to remember it…

“I don’t know man, they drank a lot.”

“What about the 5SOS boys? Do they know it wasn’t real?” I ask, suddenly panicking that the 5SOS guys will carry out this stupid “plan.”

“Probably not.” Zayn says, and that just makes me panic more. I hope they don’t do anything while Hailey’s out with them, I really don’t need any more problems right now.

“Are you sure this actually happened?” Harry asks.

“Yeah.” Zayn and I say at the same time, though I sound much more forceful.

"I don't even remember going to the bar." Liam says sadly.

"I've never been so drunk that I can't remember anything." Louis whines. "Actually, I've never even been all that drunk before." All the guys faces reflect a look of disappointment, and I find myself feeling bad for them. The five of us are always so cautious about how much we drink, and being good examples for our fans. Especially in the face of the paparazzi.

"Now that I think about it, my head hurts like hell." Harry groans, climbing into the chair next to me and throwing his head into the table.

"How did you not drink anything?" I turn to Zayn, suddenly curious how he stayed sober while the rest of the boys drank like pigs.

"Designated driver." He says, his stature still composed and unconcerned. Does he not realize that this is kind of a big deal?

"Please tell me that the paparazzi weren't there. No one caught this on camera, right?" If anyone caught the boys being irresponsible on tape, oh God, it could completely ruin parts of our future.

"I got them out of there when I suspected cameras coming." Zayn replies. "Don't worry, Zayn here's got everything under control." How is he so calm right now!?

"Okay but this is still wrong." I shake my head, preparing to lecture my band mates. "First you get drunk in a public place, so bad that you can't even remember anything from last night. Keep in mind there could've been fans around! Then while you're at it, you make some idiotic plan to make me and Hailey break up, even getting four boys who aren't drunk on board with it!" I'm now pacing the room, wringing my hands together in anxiety. I pray to God that there were no fans in that bar last night.

"We made a plan to make you break up with Hailey?" Liam asks, his face a little shocked.

"And you believed us?" Louis adds, equally mortified.

"Well as much as you talk about her it wasn't hard to believe." I mutter, almost wishing I hadn't said it. The guys look taken aback by my statement, and I honestly can't understand how they think they don't talk about Hailey.

"How many times do we have to tell you Niall," Harry sighs. "We just really admire her."

"Her ass?" I ask, recalling his comment about her backside the other day.

"Just because she has a nice ass does not mean I'm in love with her." He groans, walking over the couch and turning on the television. I roll my eyes in annoyance, knowing that we are in for a long hour of channel surfing.

"Harry Styles you literally make me want to vomit." Louis comments, fake barfing into the garbage can in front of him.

"You sure it's not the alcohol?" Zayn smirks, and Louis smacks him in the shoulder.

"Oww." He whines in response. "Be nice, I got you home alive last night."

"Why did you guys go to the bar last night anyway?" I ask curiously, almost more curious at why I wasn't invited a long, but not willing to ask.

All of their eyes suddenly shift to Harry, and he pauses flipping through channels. The brief moment of hearing only one TV station actually makes my rising blood pressure stop rising.

"Harry?" I push.

"I just thought we needed a night out, plus you were hanging with Hailey and we wanted to do something." He spits the words quickly, and I can tell that he's not telling the truth. And a much as I want to pry that truth out of him, I know that it's best to leave it alone for now.

"So on a different note," Louis speaks up. "What are we doing about this song?"

"I say burn it." Harry inserts his opinion from the couch. "I'm not going to sing a song that's bashing me."

"Yeah..." Louis agrees, making me snatch the lyrics before any of them decide to take action. "It's just kind of offensive to us you know?"

"Okay stop." I interject. "I kind of worked my ass of writing this stupid song, and if you could at least consider it for a second that would be greatly appreciated.” My voice is harsh, but the fact that I don’t care overpowers my instinct to tone it down.

“Then play it for us.” Zayn suggests, though it’s more of a demand in my eyes.

“Fine.” I answer, grabbing my guitar from the front of the bus. As I grab my wooden baby, I look out the busses front window to see our bus driver, Hailey, and the 5 Seconds of Summer boys walking back to the bus. How nice that I could have an audience for this.

Sarcasm implied.

“It’s missing a few lyrics.” I inform as everyone sits around the connected living room and kitchen, Hailey and the 5SOS guys included.

“Just play it.” Harry groans, leaning back into the couch, finally turning the television off.

I take a quiet deep breath, and begin to strum the notes on my guitar. It feels slightly weird to be singing all of the song, since I’m used to singing only parts of songs, but hopefully this can persuade the boys to give my work a chance.

“I know, I know, I know, for sure.” I sing, liking how my voice sounds on those lyrics, and making a mental note to write myself down for that part.

If the boys even let it get farther than our tour bus that is.

“Everybody wanna steal my girl. Everybody wanna take her heart away. Couple billion in the whole wide world.” I grin a little at my guitar, then glance up at Harry, locking eyes with him.

“Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me.”

“Asshole.” Harry mutters, and I hear a snicker come from Louis next to him.

I continue to the sing the song, inserting random lyrics where there are none written, and praying that the boys like what they’ve heard. Upon strumming the last note, and singing the last lyric, I look up to everyone for a response.

And might I say those responses are quite mixed.

I look to Hailey first; her eyes are lit up in admiration and encouragement. A clear sign that she approves of what she’s heard.

Zayn looks like he might be mildly impressed, though it’s hard to tell since his face is hard to read half the time.

Ashton Irwin is holding a blank expression, not showing whether he hated it or enjoyed it. So safe to say he’s no help.

Luke Hemmings has a grin on his face, so I’m going to take that as a good sign.

Harry looks completely pissed off, which I probably could have predicted, and Louis face is almost a perfect reflection of Harry’s. Sometimes those two’s similarities makes me think all the Larry shippers might be on to something.

Liam on the other hand actually looks more than impressed. Remind me to go to him when writing new songs.

Calum Hood has his head cocked like a lost puppy, looking towards me with somewhat of a confused expression.

And lastly, Michael Clifford. He’s smiling, and though that’s the only emotion he shows, it’s better than most of the others, making me interpret him as a thumbs up.

“I’m not going to perform that song.” Harry groans. Louis nodding his head in agreement.

“It’s got a good tune though.” Liam argues. “And the lyrics don’t actually suck.” He shrugs. “No offense Niall."

“It has a good vibe.” Luke adds in, still grinning.
“Agreed.” Michael smiles at Luke.

“I object.” Zayn speaks up, denying my thoughts that he might have been impressed.

“This isn’t a wedding Zayn.” Liam jokes, and I laugh in response.

“No,” Zayn shakes his head, ignoring Liam. “We can’t go up on stage and sing a song that talks badly about ourselves.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m not doing it.”

“But Zayn it’s not a bad song.” Liam interjects, as Hailey just sits there with a confused expression.

“We’re never going to get anywhere with this pointless arguing.” I moan, wishing we could just come to a consensus and be done with it.

“Well then what are we supposed to do?” Louis asks angrily, slumping back into the couch.

“Why don’t we just ask the fans?” I groan out the suggestion, so tired of fighting about it.

“What?” Harry looks almost taken aback by my suggestion.

“We’ll play it at the next concert, and ask the fans what they think.” I shrug, thinking it’s actually a decent idea. We could post something on Twitter and ask people to comment their thoughts. The fans are usually brutally honest since they think we never see what they reply, so it seems like a good plan.

“Niall that’s-” Louis starts to object, but I cut him off before he can knock down my idea.

“Genius, I know.” He rolls his eyes at me, but doesn’t argue any further.

And for once, I actually get my way.

With that I stand up, and begin to walk towards the back room. I need to get away from the guys for a while. I lay back on the comfortable bed, and close my eyes for a few seconds before hearing footsteps enter the room.

“Niall?” I hear Hailey’s voice, her footsteps getting closer to the bed until I feel it sink down next to me. Hearing her say my name is almost enough to make everything that went wrong in these past few days better.

And then my eyes snap open at her next question; “What do they mean the songs about them?”




Sorry it's been so long guys! But I tried to make this one extra long for y'alls!

Also sorry for the cliffhanger

Nah, not really that sorry ;)

Also I kinda only half edited this but sorry if there's any mistakes I'll fix it tomorrow

So yeah, thanks for sticking with this story even though my updating schedule is crap.

Love you guys! <3


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