Steal My Girl || N. H.

"I wont let them steal her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."
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Day of departure


“Hailey! Hurry up, Niall’s here!”

“Coming mom!” Hailey bounds down the stairs with a large suitcase trailing behind her, along with a smaller bag over her shoulder. She meets her parents and I at the door, throwing her arms around me.

“This is really happening, isn’t it!?” She exclaims.

“Sure is.” I reply grinning.

“We’ll miss you honey.” Her mom pulls her into a hug, and her dad follows suit.

“Be safe Hailey,” her dad speaks into her shoulder. “Take care of her son.” He turns to me and gives me a pat on the back.

“Always, David.” I extend my hand to Hailey and she takes it swiftly, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Oh, gosh!” I look at the clock hanging above her moms head which shows that we are running behind. “If we don’t leave now, we are going to be way late!” As much as I’d love to stay, the guys, not to mention our managers, would probably have my head if we were late.

“Oh we wouldn’t want that!” Her mom exclaims, pulling me and Hailey into another hug. “I’ll be thinking of you every day honey,” she gives Hailey a quick kiss on the cheek. “And you too love.” She does the same to me and opens the door for us to head out, causing a nice breeze to flow in.

“Don’t worry about us too much mom!” She exclaims as we make our way out the door.

“Have fun you too!” Her dad calls out.

“I love you guys!” Hailey calls back as we jog out to the car.

“Love you too honey!” They shout back again.

I open the trunk of my car, letting Hailey throw her stuff in, and we turn, waving to her parents one last time.

“Austria, here we come.” I sigh, taking my seat behind the wheel. I roll the windows all the way down and let the wind hit us in the face all the way to the studio.




"I'm so ready for this tour." Zany proclaims once everyone is seated on our private jet. After leaving Hailey's house, we stopped at our recording studio to meet up with the guys, and proceed to take a small stretch to the airport. We had to load the airplane quickly since we were running slightly behind schedule, but we made it just in time. Now we can focus on relaxing before we arrive in Austria.

"I'm not." Liam says, his feet kicked back and eyes closed. Everyone turns and stares at him with a blank expression on their face. When Liam realizes that no one is answering him, his flickers his eyes open and says, "I was joking!" As if it should have been obvious.

"I'm just glad I don't have to be away from Hailey." I smile down at her and she places a quick kiss on my lips.

"Me too." Harry sends a grin to me, and I flash back a glare. What is up with him always being so quick to throw in his opinions? Did I ask what he thought? I didn't think so.

"We always miss you when we leave on tour." Louis pouts from next to Harry.

"Awh, you guys are too sweet." Hailey answers back, though my thoughts are the opposite. If the guys are just going to talk about Hailey the whole plane ride, I might have to jump off. Im not kidding. I thought that maybe once the tour began, everyone would focus on that instead of her. I guess I thought wrong.

"So when are we meeting with our new openers?" Liam asks suddenly making me let out a silent sigh of relief, glad that someone diverted the conversation from Hailey.

"They should arrive at the Austria airport the same time we do." Hailey says, a large smile breaking on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. I love how excited she gets about her work, she's so proud of it.

"They better be as good as they were in that video." Harry says, winking at Hailey. I clench my fists next to me, then slowly release them, trying not to yell at Harry.

"Well," she replies. "I would say they are better than you guys but..." She giggles, and I playfully nudge her in the shoulder.

"No ones better than us." I joke.

"Of course not." She giggles, and I wrap my arm around her. Maybe meeting our openers will stop the comments about Hailey for a while. We're going to have to get to know them pretty well, so hopefully that will occupy the guys's minds.


Man was I wrong.





The tours finally getting started!! And the next chapter will involve meeting their openers!! I know everyone probably can guess who it is, but the book will reveal it next chapter!! Yay

Anyway, ---> #TourStarting! for next chapter 

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