In love with my bully

Just read it and I hope you like it


3. chapter 3


"LIZ WAKE UP, YOURE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!! " my mom yelled. I look at my clock and it was 7:30.
"Shit I forgot to put my alarm!" I murmured. I took a quick shower, got dressed,did my hair, and got my things.
" hey Liz I'm gonna be at the hospital for a while, I'll be back before it gets dark." She said
"Mmm k, bye" I said and went off running to school.

When I got to school my friends were waiting for me in the hall, but Niall was close to them. I cant just walk a different direction, my friends will think I'm leaving them. Well I walked up to them and talked for a while.
"I'm so bored!" Said angel
"Well I'm sorry I can't do anything!" Said sandy.
I noticed Niall kept staring at me and it was really freaking me out. I leaned over to sianna,

"can we go somewhere else? I don't wanna be here"

"Why , what's wrong?" She asked and I pointed at Niall. Good thing he wasn't looking.
"Oh ok...guys lets go somewhere else" she said. And we left 

Classes started and I had class with Niall. Whatever he never goes anyways. I went inside and just stood there in shock. Niall was sitting next to the table that sianna and I sit. I went over to my seat and waited for this class to be over. I didn't dare to turn around and look at Niall. I felt my heart beat going faster and began shake in fear. Yes I'm that scared of Niall. 

"Liz are you ok?" Asked sianna
"Yeah...I guess" I said in a shaky voice
"Just act like if Niall wasn't there... That's what I'm doing" she said
After was class over everyone went out and then they left me alone with Niall. I ran to the door but Niall catcher up.
"Where you do you think you're bitch!" 
"L-leave me alone!"
"Don't yell at me!" He said and slapped me across the face. I fell on the floor and began to cry.
"Don't you ever yell at me again!" Niall left and I was sitting against the wall crying. Why won't he leave me alone? I've never done anything bad to him. Nobody ever knows because I know that Niall would get pissed off if I tell. But i'll try not to do anything stupid. I got up and went outside and hanged out with my friends. They were all sitting on the bleachers laughing there this asses off until I came. 

"Hey Liz where were you?" Asked sianna.
"Um...I was in library"
"Oh really?" She said
"I'm not in the mood to mess around..."
"Oh I'm sorry... Like what happened?" She asked
"I'm sorry I just can't tell...or I'll get in more problems"
" we'll talk about this when schools over... Sit with us were having funny ass time right now!" She said and the laughing began.I really don't know how can I tell this to sianna? What will Niall do to me? Oh boy I'm gonna be in some serious shit. School was over and sianna and I were walking alone in the street. Then we had to go our own ways.

As I was walking I heard someone yell out my name. It was Harry. what is he doing here? Is he gonna do niall's job like beat me up ?? 

"Um....what do you...need?" 
"Oh nothing... I just came to tell you that Niall wants to see you at 4:30 in his flat...if you don't come you'll have problems tomorrow." He said
"Why should I?" 
" how the hell would I know?!" He yelled and I kinda got scared. I'm such a scary cat.
"Ok ok....I'll ...go" 
He nodded and left. Why does Niall want? Did I do something? Is he going to beat me up like always? Is he going to warn me about something? So many questions came to my head. I got home and did my homework quickly and got ready. My mom will be home soon so I left her a note. I locked everything no heard a knock on the door. I ran to open it. It was Harry. 

" are you ready ?" He asked
I nodded and he led me to his black range rover. I was so nervous, I began to shake. We arrived at his flat and let me tell you, it's big as fuck! Harry got off the car and went around to open the door. I got out and got more nervous. We got to the front door and Harry opened it. I swear it was big. No. Huge! 

Once we entered I saw Niall sitting on the couch. I began to shake again once he saw me. 
"Harry you can leave now" he said
"K." Said Harry and left . 
"You get over here" he said 
I walked up to him and he got up. What is he gonna do?
" so..your mom says she has a job for me" he said
"W-what is ?"
"I'm going to be your babysitter" he said
What the fuck? What's wrong with my mom? He can't be my babysitter. First of all I'm to big to have a babysitter and second instead of babysitting me, he's gonna be beating me up when my moms not home. How could she? 
"But..why? I'm too old to have a babysitter..." 
"She's not home most of the time and she said I'm gonna babysit . Besides she doesn't have any clue of what I do to you at school." He said
" I can just tell her all the shit you've done to me you asshole!" Oh shit, I shouldn't have yelled.
Niall slapped me so hard I fell on the floor. By cheek was burning bad and tears were falling.
"Don't call me that ever again you little piece of shit! She will never believe you. Wonder why? Because around her i don't act like the mean guy. She thinks I'm going to take care of you well. But that's what she thinks " he said.

I was already getting scared. My mom has to believe me. There's gotta be some way to prove it. But with Niall there's no way. 

" everything starts tomorrow. I'll be waiting" he said and told Liam to take me home.

Liam and I got in the car and headed towards my home.

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