In love with my bully

Just read it and I hope you like it


2. Chapter 2

As I was walking in the hallway... I saw niall at the end of the hall. He turns around and noticed me. I freaked out and began to run. I was close to the girls bathroom, but then I felt some one grab my arm. Turned out to be my friend angel. I looked everywhere and he was nowhere to be seen. I sighed in relief.

  "Hey why are you running?" She asked

" um.. I don't want to be late for class" after that I went to class  

It was lunch time and everyone was sitting talking with theirs friends. Niall was sitting with his gang three tables away. My friends were eating except me... I just really didn't want to. I was scared by the way he looked at me. He was giving me the "I'm gonna beat the shit out of you " face, which meant I was gonna be having problems after lunch as usual. 

  *skips the rest of lunch*  

My friends and I were walking to our lockers to get out things for the next class. We had to go our own ways and I was afraid to be beaten up by niall. When I got to my locker I saw him standing in the corner. I turned around so he won't notice, but that didn't work. Harry and him were right in front me.  

"What were you looking at huh?" He asked

"N-nothing...please dont hurt m-me"

"You know what happens when someone stares at me" he said and after that he gave me a punch in the stomach. Then he left me there laying down crying in pain. I knew that would happen, but I had to be so stupid and not run like a zombie was chasing after me. I got up slowly and looked at my watch. I was already 5 mins late, obviously the teacher would ask where was I and I can't say that i got punched by niall and just laid there in pain because niall would kill me. i got in and everybody turned around to look at me.  

"Liz you're 5 mins late, where were you?" She asked

"Uh... I was in the bathroom"

"And you had to take 5 mins to go and come late"

"I wasn't feeling good"

"Well you could have just come over and tell're getting detention"  

I rolled my eyes and went over to my seat. I hate her guts, she's like the worst teacher ever. She puts us in detention for everything, like getting late, not asking to use the restroom, not paying attention, talking, and more.   

*skips detention *

The last bell ringed and we all went home. I was walking alone in the street and it began to rain.i knew I should've brought my umbrella. I began to walk faster until I got home. When i entered my mom wasn't there, but I found a note  

"Went to the mall, there's food in the fridge, I'll be back in a few a hours"  

LI went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. YASSSS THERES PIZZA!!!! I took out the box and went over to the living room to watch tv. Mmmmm pepperoni!! I was flipping through the channels and didn't find anything good so I picked a movie from the one that were in this some type of weird shelf. I watched vampires suck and began to eat. My phone began to ring in the kitchen, but I was to lazy to get up...wait it's my mom! I quickly ran to go get it.   

"Hello?" I asked

"Hey Liz...I'll be coming home late, one of my friends is going in labor" she said as a lady was screaming in the background.

"Ha I can tell"

"Yeah, we'll take good care lock the doors and did you eat already??" She said

"Yes I did, ok mom I know what to do,you've told me thousand of times"

  "Ugh I know, sorry well I gotta go, bye" she said

"Ok bye"  

*sometime later*  

It was already dark so and I was getting tired. I locked everything just like my mom said . I put on my pj and went to bed.

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