In love with my bully

Just read it and I hope you like it


1. 1

Niall horan was the bad guy in school. He was a drug addict and bullied me all the time.No one dared to talked to him except for his friends. Harry liam Louis and Zayn, Niall was the leader of the gang. Got kicked out of 3 schools, and went to jail for some reason.

I'm Liz, I'm 17 and I live in Alabama. I live with my mom. My dad moved away with his girlfriend 2 yrs ago. I do have contact with him. we skype once in a while, but now I don't have enough time for him. Im the smart one in class or u can just say that I'm a nerd. Ever since niall moved to our school. I would always get bullied by him. He has punched me, he almost killed me for just bumping into him for an accident. I swear he's bad news.

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