Almost -Taylor Caniff-

The both gave up on love. Now they will take a path like no other.

When Ashlynn first moved to California with her father it was because she wanted to leave her scarring past. But, then she meets Taylor Caniff.

Will she break the promise she made to herself? Will he?

Warning- Mature readers preferred.


2. Chapter 2-

California was exhilarating, it was absolutely stunning.

It's time to start over.

She changed into black skinny jeans, with heeled combat boots, and a loose white shirt.

Walking through the front doors of a new school. Everything absolutely everything was going to be different and for her that just settled in.

Here she has no best friend, here she has no boyfriend, and here no one has any memory of who she is or who she was.

Within a week she was hanging out with a girl named Sam and a girl named Quinn.

They were fun and loud and everything that others were not. They liked to make their presence known.

"Ashlynn get your a** over here." Sam screamed across the cafeteria. "There is a party tonight and you are going.

Ashlynn before would have said 'no'. But, this Ashlynn couldn't be more excited.

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