Dirty Little Secrets

This is about two best friends who have feelings for each other and try to keep secrets from each other and others.


4. Welcome Back

“Cass…Cass wake up.” I heard Miah say as she shook me awake. “What? I was sleeping.” I said, “Look.” She went over to the balcony and pointed over to a ginormous group of people standing over at the house across the street. I look at Miah, who was getting on her shoes, and grabbing her jacket. “Where are you going?” I asked getting up, “I’m going to go see what’s going on over there.” I grabbed my shoes and put them on, and put my blanket over me. I walked downstairs to see my mom making cookies, and my dad reading the morning papers. “Where are you two going?” mom asked not looking up from the baked goods. “Over across the street.” Miah said.  My mom picked up the plate, and walked over to us. “Cassidy please be a dear and take these cookies over to the new neighbors.” My mom said handing the plate. I gave a cheeky smile and took the plate. Miah and I walked out the door and crossed over to the ‘New’ neighbor’s house. Everyone in the neighborhood was over here… well except for Cameron. I see a familiar face and walk over. “Matt?” Miah said as she gave him a hug, he smiled and hugged her back. “And don’t forget Carter.” We all laughed as Carter popped his head between Matthew and Miah. “So what are you two doing here?” Miah asked. “Isn’t it obvious… were here to see the new kid. I heard he’s supposed to be going to our school, and he’s starting tomorrow.” Matthew replied. “Hi everyone, um I know you all are being very kind and welcoming us to the town but we would really appreciate it if you would all just go home please. We were on the plane for days and we’re really tired.” A voice had said, it was a female voice, but it was probably just the mom though. Everyone cleared out and we could see the new face, it was a young girl. She had long dark brown hair, she was skinny but thick. She kinda looked Hispanic. Too young to be a mother. “Looks like that he is a she.” I said as the girl approached us “Hi I’m Linaa.” She said. “Hello Linaa. My name’s Carter.” She smiled and so did he. “So you just moved here.” “Yeah I did.” “How old are you?” Carter asked, “I’m 17. I’ll be going to Buckle High this year.” She said, “I’m Miah, and this is my boyfriend Shawn.” “I’m Cassidy, but most people call me Cass.” “Yeah and her boyfriend is Cameron.” Miah blurted out. Carter and Matthew looked at me, puzzled. I looked at Miah, who was smiling and turned away. “So do you have a boyfriend?” Miah asked Linaa. “No, just got rid of one a month ago.” “That’s good… well I mean it’s not good, it’s bad that you don’t have one. But I’m not saying its good you don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m not saying its bad you don’t have a boyfriend…” We all laughed at Carter, who was blushing. “Aww seems like Carter’s got a little crush on the new girl.” I said laughing. We all laughed as Carter’s face got red and he started to laugh along with us. “We all need to hang out. How about we go to get something to eat?” Matthew said, grabbing Miah’s hand. “Yeah that sounds fun, you wanna come Linaa?” I asked, “Umm… I don’t know. I mean my mom might need my help getting everything unpacked.” “Oh c’mon, it’s just for a little while. She won’t even notice you’re gone.” I don’t know what’s wrong with them, they always do this. “Ok fine, just let me go and get changed.” Linaa was still in her pajamas. We all nodded and she went inside. After a couple of minutes she came back out in a cute pair of skinny jeans, vans, a tank-top, and varsity jacket. “You ready?” Miah asked, she shook her head. “Shoot, I am still gotta get changed. I’ll be right back.” I said. “Oh yeah, my mom made these for you Linaa.” I handed her the batch of cookies and ran back to my house. Once I got to my room, I started to pull out my favorite pair of shorts, a crop top with black leather jacket, and my combat boots. I fixed my hair and made sure my makeup looked good. I then started to head downstairs. “Hey guys, we all ready?” I asked, walking out the front door. “Yeah, looks like we are.” Linaa said, standing up from her front porch. Miah signaled us to follow her towards her car. We all hopped in. Matt in the passenger seat, Carter in the middle, and me and Linaa on the outside. “So, where are we going to eat?” Carter asked, feeling uncomfortable. “Ted’s Bar-B-Q Palace. It is the best in town.” Miah said, looking at me through her mirror. As we drove off to the restaurant, I started to think to myself about Cameron. I was still curious about what he said about his ‘Night Shift’. It took about 10 minutes to get to Tim’s Bar-B-Q. “Ok kiddo’s, time to unload.” Matthew joked. Linaa smiled, so did Carter. We all got out and went separate ways, Miah went with Matt, and Carter took Linaa away from us. I sat alone, looking at all of them having fun. Miah and Matthew, both lovey-dovey, just made me desperate and lonely. “Hey Cass.” Linaa came and sat at the table with me. “I thought you were hanging with Carter.” I asked. “Yeah, he’s really sweet but damn. Any ways, you needed the company, and I needed to get away from ‘Ladies Man’ over there.” “Who Carter? He’s nothing like a ‘Ladies Man’ he’s just that one sweet, romantic type of guy.” She smiled. “So where’s your boyfriend? Cameron right?” “Yeah, and he’s working.” She nodded her head, and it wasn’t too long before Carter came over and sat with us. “So what are you ladies talking about?” “Nothing, a guy you should know.” “Yeah it’s just you know ‘Lady Things’ you know how that goes.” His eyes got wide and he turns away. We both laugh. “Carter were just playing.” He blushes and turns back. “So, Cass. What is up with you and Cameron?” Carter asked. I rolled my eyes and smiled. “Well, something happened at a party and… we decided that it was meant to be.” I said, looking down at the ground. “So, let me get this straight. You and Cam just decided to be together because you slept with each other… once?” he asked. I thought to myself for a moment and realized, Carter was right. “Hello and welcome to Tim’s Bar-B-Q. Can I take your order?” asked a man. His voice sounded familiar. I looked up and saw that it was my cousin, Shawn. “Shawn?!” I said, getting up and hugging him. “Cass? Hey.” He said hugging me back. We let go of each other. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Well I could ask you the same thing. Why are you working here? What happened to your singing career?” I asked him, crossing my arms. “Oh, well my friend got me a job here. And I am on hold with my singing.” He said. “Friend? Who is she?” Carter asked. Shawn smiled. “I don’t think I am a girl. All though, I do look good as one. You have to admit.” Said another voice. It was a males. I looked over Shawn’s shoulder and saw a brown headed boy with a blonde patch in it. His eyes were crystal blue. My eyes then widened when I saw that it was my ex… Nash.

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