Dirty Little Secrets

This is about two best friends who have feelings for each other and try to keep secrets from each other and others.


3. New Things

“Bye Cass, see you later.” Miah said. She and Karlie were walking out of the front door. “Wait, I thought you guys were going to stay the night and stuff.” I said, following them. They stopped and turned around. “Well, we thought that you and Cameron could have some ‘ALONE’ time.” Karlie said. I looked at Cameron, who was standing at the end of the stair way. “Oh, well I appreciate you guys for doing that but I was really looking forward to us spending a little bit of time. You know, as best friends.” I said. They looked at each other and smiled. “Alright, I guess I could stay the night. But, only if you give me a favor.” Miah said, walking back inside. I looked at Karlie, who was still standing on my porch. “I gotta get home. My dad is probably wondering where I am.” She said. Karlie sounded nervous, like she needed help. I walked back inside, watching Karlie head towards the bus stop. I closed the front door and headed back up to my room. I started to get worried about Karlie. I was her friend and had a feeling that she was in some kind of danger. I opened my bedroom door and walked in to see that Cameron and Miah were on the deck, drinking a couple of cokes. I joined them. “So, where is Karlie?” Miah asked. I grabbed a coke and sat down next to Cameron. “She had to go home. She seemed like she was scared though. Do you know anything about that, Miah?” I asked, sipping on the drink.

‘Not a clue. You know how Karlie is, always keeping her secrets.” “Yeah, you know some secrets you just gotta keep to yourself.” Cameron jumped in. I thought about that for a little bit. “Yeah.” Miah said, drinking what was left in her cola can. “So, what should we do first?” I asked. Cameron looked at his phone, it was 10:00 p.m. “Damnit, I gotta get home. I have to be at work by 7 in the morning.” He said, getting up from his chair. He drank the rest of his cola and threw away the can. “Ok, well I will walk to the door I guess.” I said, getting up as well. Cameron smiled and turned to me. “I thought that was the guys’ job?” he said. I smiled back at him. “Well, girls can do anything a guy can.” He grabbed my hand and we walked down the steps together. I thought to myself, is this really happening? What if my parents figured out that I am dating one of my best friends? I guess I have to keep it a secret. We finally reached the front door. “So, I’ll see you later.” I said, standing in front of him. He nodded his head and hugged me. I hugged him back. His arms were warm and his grip tight. “Come on now, you don’t wanna kill me with that grip of yours.” I said, sarcastically. He let go, smiled at me and then left. After a couple of hours, Miah and I got sleepy. “Hey Cass, do you have any pajamas I can borrow?” Miah asked me, looking through my drawers. “Sorry Miah, they are all being washed.” I said, putting my boxer shorts and tank top on. It was about 11:00 p.m. and we were getting sleepy as hell. “I’ll go get something for us to snack on while we watch some movies.” I said, opening up my bedroom door. As I walked downstairs, I saw something on the bottom of the stair case. It looked like a bag. As I got closer, I could see that it was from the Super Market. “What the hell?” I finally reached the bottom and saw that my parents were home. “Oh, hey mom and dad. Home so soon?” I said, walking to the fridge. I grabbed a couple of soda cans and the sour cream and onion French dip. I went to the cabinet and grabbed the plain potato chips. “Well, your father and I decided that we wanted to come home early this time. Any ways, I want to know how your night was.” My mom said, putting groceries up. I scooped up the drinks and food I pulled out and headed towards the stairs. “I’ll have to tell you tomorrow mom, Miah and I are about to go watch some movies. Night, love you guys!” I said, rushing to my room. Once I got back in the bedroom, I saw that Miah was only in her underwear and a dirty t shirt of mine. “Looks like you found something to wear huh?” I said, closing the door. “Yeah, you don’t mind do you?” she asked, getting under the covers. “No, it’s fine. I brought some chips and dip and also some canned sodas’.” “Perfect. Now, we can watch this movie. It’s called ‘Oculus’.” Miah said, pulling out a cd case out of her purse. I grabbed it and put it in the DVD player. “Don’t hit play until I get back.” I said, putting the remote and food on the bed. I walked out on the deck, cleaning up any trash I saw. I then heard a truck across the street. I looked down to see movers picking up furniture and tables inside of the empty house that sat across from mine. “Hmm, new neighbors.” I said, throwing away the empty beer and soda cans. I closed and locked my deck doors and let down the curtains. “Ok, so we ready for the movie?” Miah asked me, dipping a chip into the dip. I hopped under the covers and hit the play button on the TV remote. 45 MINUTES LATER. I could feel my eyes getting droopy. Miah had already fallen asleep. I grabbed the bag of chips and dip and put them in my dresser. The movie was almost over, it was at the part when the siblings possessed mother was chasing them through the house. That was freaky. I got back in the bed and fell asleep. I could still hear the moving truck outside, but it sounded like it was leaving. “I guess I can visit the new neighbors tomorrow.” I said to myself, falling asleep.

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