Dirty Little Secrets

This is about two best friends who have feelings for each other and try to keep secrets from each other and others.


1. Making Mistakes

“Beep, beep, beep…” I heard my alarm. I felt around for it with my head buried in the pillow. I then raised my head and the sunlight blinded me. “Oh, god damn that hurts.” I said, putting my hands in front of my face. “Beep, beep, beep…” my alarm still went. I finally grabbed my phone and turned the alarm off. The time was 6:30 a.m. “Oh shit, I’m about to be late.” I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to my dresser. I had on a big t-shirt and nothing else, except for my underwear. “Where are my pants at?” I worried, going through the dresser. I then realized that the clothes were not mine. It wasn’t long after I heard some bath water running in the bathroom. I slowly walked over to the door, opened it, and saw that someone was in the shower. I walked toward the shower, and the water stopped. I jumped, and reached for the curtain. “1, 2…” I thought to myself. “…3” I slung open the shower curtain, and in the shower was my best friend. “Cameron?” “What the hell Cassidy! What are you doing?” he asked. “I-I’m sorry. Where the hell are we?” I asked. Cameron grabbed a towel from the rack and wrapped it around his waist. “Oh, sorry by the way.” “Yeah.” He stepped out of the bath tub and walked out of the bathroom. I followed. “Don’t you remember what happened last night?” he asked me. I shrugged my shoulders. “Not a damn clue. I was hoping you could tell me.” Cameron smiled and looked at me, puzzled. “Damn, you really don’t know do you.” “That is pretty much what I have been telling you. Listen, just let me know so I can go home.” I pleased. “Well, let’s just say that there was a lot of drinking last night. And also some things happened with me and you also.” He said, dropping his towel and getting dressed. My eyes widened as he did so. “You mean, me and you.” “Mhmm, you are one lucky girl Cass.” He pulled his pants up and buttoned them. “How am I lucky?” I asked. He walked back into the bathroom, grabbing his dirty clothes. “Because sweetheart, I don’t just let girls take advantage of me. usually I make em’ pay me.” Cameron walked back over to me, lifted the big t-shirt that was on me, and put it on him. I felt nude, which I was. I tried to cover myself, and jumped back in the bed. I threw the covers over myself. “Now what do you mean by making them pay you?” I could tell he was getting frustrated with all of my annoying questions. He walked over to me again and laid beside me. “Wait, you don’t know about my night shift.” I was confused. “…huh?” I said. He smiled. “Never mind. It’s not important. But, what is important is me getting my ass to work.” He said, getting up and heading towards the door. “Work? Why are you going to work?” “Um, because. I work on Saturdays and Sundays.” I paused for a second. “Wait, today is Saturday? I thought it was Friday.” “No, yesterday was Friday.” I stood frozen, and then got out of the bed. I took the cover sheet and wrapped it around me. “Ok, so now what?” I asked. Cameron walked towards me, slowly. “Well, that is up to you I guess.” He said. He then pecked my lips, smiled, and walked out of the room. “Oh my god. What have I done?” I still could not move a muscle. Suddenly, some girl walks into the room. She had red hair and green eyes. “Oh, I am sorry. Is this Cameron’s room?” she asked, standing in the door way. She sounded desperate, a little too desperate. “Um, yeah. If you are looking for him then you just missed him. He left for work like, 30 seconds ago.” I answered. I felt a little uncomfortable standing bare naked in front of one the prettiest girls in the entire school. Her name was Augustine. She was the head cheerleader, school president, and the school’s biggest slut. She had sex with everybody, and I actually mean everybody. Girls, guys, nerds, teachers etc. All of them, and that is why she is apparently popular. “Oh, well why are you in his room…” Augustine asked me, walking towards me. “Naked?” She grabbed the cover sheet and rubbed it between her fingers. I got nervous. “Um… I just got out of the shower. Oh, and I blow dried my hair.” I quickly said. She nodded her head and bit her lip. “So, what is your name?” “My name, it’s Cassidy.” “Mhmm, and how come I haven’t seen you around the school, huh?” I thought to myself, why can’t this bitch just leave me alone. “I have been at Buckle High for 2 years now. You probably just haven’t noticed me.” I gulped, hoping Augustine could not hear it. “Oh, I think I can notice a pretty girl when I see one.” She smiled, stroking her fingers through my hair. I got even more nervous. Augustine circled around me, looking at me up and down. “Ok, well I should be getting home now. My parents are wondering where I am probably.” I looked in a corner and saw my clothes. I grabbed them and quickly ran to the bathroom. After I shut the door, I locked it so that Augustine couldn’t get in. “Damn, that girl has got a major case of the gays.” I said, joking around. I then got an awkward feeling inside, like I was craving… sex. Oh god, now I am turning into the slut. Please Lord, don’t let it be me. I thought to myself. It took about 5 minutes for me to get dressed and look like I was kind of sober. But, it didn’t work out. I opened the bathroom door and looked out, making sure Augustine was out of the room. She was, so I quickly ran out of the room and made my way towards the front door. I opened the screen door and ran across the street. My house wasn’t far from Cameron’s. That was a good and bad thing. The good part was since we are best friends, we can hang out more often… out of school. But the bad part is, well… after what apparently happened last night. There was a lot going through my head. What will change at school, would I change my personality. Oh god, what if we continue to have sex and I get pregnant? And what was that night shift Cameron was talking about? I walked through my front door and quickly, but quietly, ran to my room. I opened it and saw that everything was the same. Usually my parents would be buying me new things every Friday night and put it in my room. But everything was still here. My bed sheets, pillows, piano, deck. “Wait… a deck?” I said, walking towards the door that led out. Once I walked out on the deck, I could see everything. The park, the town, even my school. “Whoa, this is amazing.” I looked down and saw that my parents were pulling in the drive way. I quickly ran to them. “Mom, dad. What is up with the whole deck thing?” I asked them. “Oh, hi honey. How was your night?” my mom asked, getting out of the car. “It was fun, now about that deck.” “Oh, we just thought that we would get you something that will let you have a good view. You know, and tonight is the festival. So you can get the chairs, candles, tables, and a shade that we bought you and decorate it for tonight.” Said my dad, popping the trunk. My eyes got big and I smiled. “Yeah, you can invite some of your friends to watch the fireworks on the new deck if you want. And don’t you worry, me and your father will be gone doing our romantic things.” My mom said, winking at my dad. “Mom, seriously, gross.” I said, walking back inside. “Oh yeah, thanks mom and dad. You guys are the best.” My parents were good parents to me. They bought me new things, showed their love for me very well, and the best part was, they are always gone so I can get away with almost everything. I went back up to my room to call some of my friends. “Wait, where is my phone?” I asked, looking around the room. I then hear the house phone ring. I went downstairs to answer it. “Hello?” “Hello, is this Cassidy Wilson?” “Um… yes. Who is this?” “This is your phone that I am calling from. You left it in my room.” My eyes widened. “Cameron? You are on my phone?” “Yeah, you might wanna come get it. Or I can take it to you.” I thought for a moment. “Can you please bring it? I have to get my new deck ready for tonight.” “Sure, and what is happening tonight?” he asked me, sounding childish. “Well, my parents are going out and I am inviting some friends over to watch some fireworks from the festival.” “Cool, what time should I be there?” “Hold up, I hope you don’t think you are coming.” “Why not?” “Because, it’s a sleepover.” “Well, who said I can’t sleep over?” I rolled my eyes and giggled. “Fine, I guess you can come. But you are in charge of bringing beer and cigarettes.” “Done. So, what time?” he asked. “I’ll say about 7:00 p.m.” I answered. “Ok, see you then.” “Wait, what about my phone?” “Oh, don’t worry. You will get it back if you give me a favor.” “And that is…” “You’ll see.” He hung up. My put the phone down and smiled. I don’t think I have ever felt this way before. What the hell is happening to me?

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