Once upon a time

Once upon a time take a sneak Peek at all of the relationships in it


1. Emma and Hook

Emma is the saviour, born to do great things to save everyone.

Captain Hook (aka Killian Jones) is a pirate a bad guy. That was until he met Emma.

So here's their story...

When Emma and Hook first meet, she knows he's trouble and ties him to a tree. She definitely knows how to make a first impression.

One of the first things Emma and Hook ever do together is climb a beanstalk, after which Emma's hand is kind of beat up. Hook dresses her hand in a cloth using his hand. I mean really try to keep it together Killian.

The trip up the beanstalk was just the beginning of a little spark between Emma and Hook.

There are accidental embraces. Like when Emma tripped over and hook caught her and they stared into each other's eyes ext.

But what's way more awesome is how much Hook flirts with her when they are fighting in fairytale land. Hook says"normally I like to do other more enjoyable things with a woman on her back!" Whilst Emma is trying to get of the ground, back to sword fighting with him .

During season 3 Emma and hook share a special moment, a kiss but Emma ruined it by saying it was a one time thing but hook replies with " sorry Emma I don't believe this'll be a one time thing!"

On the winter finale hook went to New York to help Emma remember her memories . They also shared a kiss then as well but Emma didn't exactly want that kiss as she bit his lip when he did because she didn't remember who he was or know why he kissed her.

Eventually Emma kissed hook because she wanted to after being back in Storybrooke for a while and spending some time with Hook, watching him be kind to her son, and finally learning he had given up his ship for her, she leans in and kisses him in the season three finale. Will they live happily ever after? We'll just have to wait for season four.


Watch this if you want to see their best moments

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