The Drummer's Sister

"What if Ashton finds out?"

"He won't, I promise."

"But-" I tried to reason with him.

"Trust me. Okay?" He said his hands on my waist.



1. the band

I have just gotten a call from Ash to come home. He said something big has happened.


I told Taylor that I would be over tomorrow and started over to my car. It was a yellow Porsche and was only a year old. I hopped inside and started the engine. It purred and I pulled out of the driveway. I headed over to Ash's place.


I pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door. Ash opened it and swooped in for a hug. His body was shaking, and he was clutching me for dear life.


"Ash, Ash, what's going on? What's wrong?" He had tears streaked down his face and he was choking over his words. I clasped my hands around his face and looked into his eyes for something, anything.


"Ashton. Speak." He shook his head and the words poured out.


"Dad was driving from your house to mine to visit with me since my mum wasn't home. I just got a call a half an hour ago that Dad was in an accident. And he didn't make it." He collapsed into sobs again. 


I stood there in shock. I was an orphan. Mum had died when I was four, and I lived with Dad. We moved to New York when I was six, because Dad couldn't take the memories of Mum in Australia. Ashton's mum, Anne, had begged Dad to come home, so we moved back when I was twelve as Ash would have a dad in his life. 


Now I have no one. Just Ash, the brother who was my whole world before I left and when I came back. I collapsed into Ashton and cried. Through the broken sobs, I managed to ask if anyone else was hurt. Big mistake.


"Who cares if anyone else is hurt?" Ash's voice grew louder. "Dad is dead and you care about who else might have been hurt?"


"Ash, there's nothing we can do about Dad, but we could at least talk to the other family." I tried to look him in the eye but he looked away.


"I already know the answer. There was a mum and her son. The mum has a broken femur, and the son is temporarily paralyzed." He didn't even seem phased. He doesn't care that a little boy can't walk anymore. I looked into his eyes as my head hit the floor.


"did she faint?" I heard the middle of a sentence when I came back into the world. It was unfamiliar, and when my eyes fluttered open, I realized it was one of Ash's band mates. I blinked the sleepiness out of my eyes. The blond was on the end of my bed, fiddling with my frayed blanket. My eyes searched the room for someone else. Ash stood in the corner leaning against the wall. 


When he finally met my eyes he came rushing over. "Are you alright? You've been out like a light since last night." I nodded my head and sat up. Immediately I felt dizzy and laid back down with a hand on my forehead. I snuck a peek at Blondie. He had a lip piercing and was biting it nervously. An Asian looking boy walked into the room and gave me a smile. I gave him a weird look and he started to talk.


"Michael's back with pizza if you're hungry. I'm Calum, but you can call me Cal for short." He winked and walked out for more pizza.


"Do you want some? I can bring you some. Cheese right?" Ashton started lining the questions up and I just nodded. 


"Actually, Ash can you just carry me to the kitchen so I can pick some up myself?" I gave him puppy eyes and everything but he shook his head.


"I think you can walk Cam." He gave me a stern look and I kicked in the acting skills.


"No I can't." I stood up and fell wobbly down. "See? I'm not stable." 


"Finnnnneee." I giggled and hopped on his back. He carried me to the kitchen where Cal, and some other boy I'm assuming is Michael, were sitting. He set, more liked dropped, me on a chair. I reached up and kissed him on the cheek.


"Thank you Ashy." I smiled an innocent smile and reached for a cheese piece of pizza. "So I know that you're Calum-" I pointed to him. "-and that you're Michael? Right?" He nodded in response. "But you are a complete stranger to me, and you were in my bedroom. So explain." I looked expectantly at him. But instead of getting answers, I got laughter. They all burst out laughing, and I crossed my arms and gave them all a look. They stopped and Blondie started to talk.


"My name is Luke Hemmings, and I'm on of Ashton's best mates." I nodded. Ashton didn't want me to hang out with his band mates. He thought that if I would date any of them, and we broke up, it wouldn't be good for the band. It would ruin chemistry or something. 

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