A year later

A girl thats in love and they find out their pregnant ....


1. It all begins

        I'm in my last year of high school. My name is Amber but my parents and friends call me Angel. I do not even know why either. I'm 18 years old. I love to swim and play basketball. I work at a nursing home after school. I had that job since I was sixteen. I'm hoping to go into nursing after I finish school.  

       l walked into my favorite store for clothes, Victoria Secret. I wanted a couple new bra's and underwear to go with the bra's. I picked out a black bra that had white lace over it and the matching underwear. Then I got a pink bra with lace and the underwear but I also bought a pair of underwear that would go great with both of them. I went to cash and paid for my items. As I was walking out, I walked out of the doors and this guy walked right into me. He then said he was sorry and he would watch where he is going next time. I picked up my phone and he picked up his. We both left in different directions. I decided I want chinese food before I went home. Grabbed my food sat down and my phone went off but I didnt recognized the name or the number. It was not my phone. I called my phone the guy that answered it said he just got home. He told me that the GPS on my phone has the address on it. Follow it here and you can have your phone back. When I was done eating I walked outside, jumped into my car and opened the GPS and brought up his home address. He was waiting outside for me. I opened my car door and stepped out, walked up to him giving him his phone and getting mine. He gave me the phone without a problem. Good thing I have a password so no one can get into it because I have siblings. I say thank you and I leave.

I get home and I go to relax because got to be up early tomorrow morning to go to work have to be there at seven am. I decide that its a bath night and reading a book. After I get out and put on my silky blue night gown. Its my favorite sleep wear. I laid down in my bed and put the television on to watching Haven but before it started I fell asleep.

      My alarm went of at six in the morning giving me time to take a quick shower and get dressed. My work clothes have hearts on the top and the pants have little blue stars and red hearts and the color is black. Work is only a ten minute drive from my house. Just as I was getting ready to leave, I got a text message from Jackson. He is a guy I work with. He finished high school two years ago. He is in college taking doctor courses. He wanted to pick me up this morning. I was fine with that. He sometimes picks me up and most of the time we end up going to his parents after work. We spend a few hours there every week. They make supper for us and i help with dishes before I decide that I want to go home. We talk on the way home about are dreams. We arrive home and I tell him thank you for picking and taking me home tonight. I had a good time with your parents. I love spending time with them they are so nice. He says your welcome. Later on that night after I called my parents they are on a trip to Paris. Some days I hate their business. It takes them away for weeks. Good thing that I do not need a babysitter anymore. I asked them when they are coming back. They tell me me that their on the anniversary and after that we have to go to Japan for business in a week. We will see you in about two weeks Angel. Okay mom I love you and see you soon. 

       Well tomorrow is going to be a boring day. I do not have anything to do not even going out with friends. Tomorrow is the day were they spend their thanksgiving with family. My family does not live close to me they all live ten hours away. I do not want to drive ten hours. I pick out a movie and put it in my dvd player. Lay on my bed and watch it. Half way through the movie I got a text message from this person I do not know. I answered it with, "Well hello I'm not sure who you are. So could you tell me who you are?"  I'm the guy that had your phone. My name is Nick. What is your name? How are you? Well Nick I am Amber but everyone calls me Angel. I am good and how about you? I'm good too. So Nick why did you message me? I wanted to see if we could go on a date tomorrow? Nick I'm not sure if that is a good idea. Why not? I do not know you Nick. Just give me a chance plus i know you do not have anyone to be with tomorrow. How do you know that? My mom works for booking your parents on their meetings and vacations. Lovely so then you already knew who I was when we switched phones then? Yes I did. I just wanted a chance to get to know you for who you are. So I am bagging you to come out with me tomrrow or I will be sitting in your drive way till your parents come home or you give me a chance. You do what you need too Nick but its not a good idea to go on a date with you yet. Now Amber I think you should come outside or even look out your window. Nick go home. Not until you go on a date just once please. I call Jackson tell him that I need him to come back over. I explain about Nick and how hes here but Jackson just tells me to except his date and if you don't like it after the one date he will leave me alone. Well thank you for not wanting to be there for me. (hangs up  mad)

   I get up off my bed to walk outside. Nick if you do not leave my yard or you will regret it. Baby you cant threaten me I'm not scared of you. Really do you want your mom to still have a job? Well of course but she can work for a different company. It wont be my moms and dads then. Now leave. No, just go on a date with me. Are you going to still be here if I say yes? No I will go home till tomorrow. Fine I give up. Date tomorrow you pick me up at four we can have supper and you better not be late. I will not be late I swear. I head back to my room and fall asleep during my movie.

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