Mega Teens

There was a time when there was three teenagers that didn't their whole world was about to change.


1. They all meet

~~In 2105 in a little city called Charleston there was a teenager named Gage. He was eighteen years old and in twelfth grade. One day when school just got out and Gage was going to the bus a space satellite came down out of nowhere and hit him and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors did not know if he would make it. The satellite crushed half of his skull his upper torso, both arms, and one leg. But no one could guess what was about to happen.
No one in the hospital knew that an evil villain lurked in their halls. Until one day after Gage’s accident he took Gage from his hospital bed. To everyone’s surprise it was the always friendly Dr. Goo that was not who he seemed to be. When Dr. Goo had gotten home with Gage’s lifeless body he got out his tools and over the next six months Dr. Goo transformed Gage into the first ever cyborg on earth. Soon he would start to implant powers into Gage’s main frame. So from then on Gage was a cyborg and didn’t remember any of his life before the accident or after. All he knew was what Dr. Goo had put in his memory. Gage thought he was always Dr. Goo’s son and Dr. Goo had taught him everything he knew. But Dr. Goo wasn’t Gage’s dad and definitely didn’t teach him everything he knew.
Since he was home schooled he had to do P.E. and when he was running instead of running slow like someone would think, he ran about 100 miles an hour. When he came back he asked Dr. Goo “How did I do that?” The answer from Dr. Goo was “When you were in a coma I made you a cyborg. All of the shots I gave you were super powers. So you are not only a cyborg but you are a supervillain.” 
Gage “Wait. What? I am a supervillain? I can’t kill people with no purpose. Let alone with purpose.”
Dr. Goo “Really?!? I chose a goody good boy who probably can’t fight someone if they were beating him up.”
Gage “Yes I could. What do you know about me? You don’t even know my name.”
Dr. Goo “Your name is Gage Waters. You are eighteen years old. You were in an accident when a satellite came out of nowhere and hit you and you were going to die if I didn’t make you the first and only real cyborg on earth and I also gave you the super powers.”
Gage “How do you know so much about me?”
Dr. Goo “Because ever since you almost got killed I have been watching you.”
Gage “Why? You should have known what I acted like before you revived me.”
Dr. Goo “Now I know that which is why I have to pull you power source and kill you.”
Gage “Fine. I would have died in the first place.”
So Dr. Goo pulled Gage’s power source but what Dr. Goo didn’t remember was when he made Gage a cyborg he inserted a labyrinth power which made Gage indestructible and also made him very confusing. So after Dr. Goo threw Gage’s body away and when he left, Gage used the labyrinth power to come back to life.
When Gage was hitch hiking a very odd person picked him up. This guy had scales all over his body and his eyes were like a dinosaur’s. When Gage got in the car the person asked him “What is your name?” but the unfamiliar person had a very interesting accent. The person was British. Gage said “My name is……… Labyrinth. What is yours sir?” and the person said “My name is Nathan. But since we are not in public call me Pre-Cambriano.”
Gage asked weirdly “Why do you want me to call you Pre-Cambriano?”
Nathan told Gage “I was at my house one day and trying to make a time machine and when I turned it on I went in to it because I wanted to see a dinosaur and something went wrong instead of me seeing a dinosaur I became a dino-human.”
Gage said to Nathan “That is funny. I had a friend named Nathan that was obsessed with dinosaurs and he would do anything to see one. But one day he just disappeared and I never saw him again.
Nathan “Well I bet you will see him very soon.”
Gage “I doubt it. No one even knows where he went.”
Nathan “Well you never know. He might show up today or tomorrow.”
Gage “Thanks Nathan. Where are we going?”
Nathan “I have to stop by my house real quick. When we get there you can go in with me and cool off if you want.”
Gage “No I’m fine. Remember I am a cyborg I have an a/c built in to my chest with a fridge too.”
 Nathan “Oh well. Do you want to practice your powers there?”
Gage “I don’t even know all my powers. Let alone one.”
Nathan “That is fine. I could help you find out what powers you have.”
Gage “Thanks Nathan. But I couldn’t take up your time.”
Nathan “It is fine. I don’t have anything to do and I also have three extra bedrooms in my house.”
Gage “Why do you have a four bedroom house if it is only you?”
Nathan “Because I had a vision that three people would join me. A cyborg, an ice time wizard, and a fire angel. I believe that you are the cyborg that was in my vision and the ice time wizard is next and then the fire angel.”
Gage “So you think that there is such a thing called an ice time wizard and they are going to join you off of a vision.”
Nathan “Yes Gage. I have a question for you.”
Gage “what do you need?”
Nathan “Gage how old do you think I am?”
Gage “I don’t know at least thirty.”
Nathan “Actually I am the same age as you eighteen.”
Gage “How? You don’t look like it.”
Nathan “I don’t look like it because of the scales. But I assure you I am your friend Nathan.”
So they finally got to Nathan’s house after two more hours of talking. When they got there Gage said to his new, old friend “I have made up my mind I want to stay with you my old friend. I need someone to help me with my powers.”
Nathan said “Ok. Under one condition.”
Gage said in a sarcastic voice “What condition?”
Nathan “You help me find the two other people to help us.”
Gage “Help us with what?”
Nathan “To help us fight crime.”
Gage “Wait. What? Something like this before you picked me up.”
Nathan “What happened before I picked you up?”
Gage “This person named Dr. Goo built me but he wanted me to be a supervillain and then I told him I don’t like to hurt people.”
Nathan “Well that is harsh. But you won’t be hurting people with no purpose, they will and you will help me stop them.”
Gage “Fine. I will help you. What do you know about the ice time wizard?”
Nathan “I only know her super hero name.”
Gage “What is it?”
Nathan “Her name is Beringia.”
Gage “Beringia?.”
Nathan “Yes her name is Beringia.”
Gage “Ok I got something her actual name is Aluki. But it says she has already died.”
Nathan “When does it say that she died?”
Gage “It says that she died on the Bering-straight over a million years ago.”
Nathan “That is impossible. She has to be alive. She must have survived.”  
Gage “I don’t think she did. It says that she fell into freezing water. Not just any water she fell into the Bering sea.”
Nathan “Then why did I have a vision of us meeting each other?”
Gage “I don’t know but if I could track that memory I could see what time it is and what day it was supposed to be.”
Nathan “Do it. We need to get our team together really quick.”
So Gage started to go through Nathan’s memories. When Gage came out. The date on the memory was September ninth 2009. Which was way before now but they weren’t alive back then. So Gage said to Nathan “How do you have memories from the ice age and when the dinosaurs were alive?”
Nathan “I don’t know. Why?”
Gage “Because you have that old of a memory!!

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