Mega Teens

There was a time when there was three teenagers that didn't their whole world was about to change.


3. The Unseen

~~Gage saw that there was a humanoid figure of heat standing there. But when he went out of his thermal viewing he saw something burnt in the side of the light pole. It said
 “I was here, if you know who I am I will be somewhere at a warehouse come meet me.
         The Angel”
Gage “Who wrote this?”
Nathan “Didn’t you say that the last person was a fire angel?”
Gage “Yeah, you think it might be him?”
Nathan “Who else would write a note in the side of a light pole by burning it?”
Gage “True, so where do you think the warehouse is?”
Nathan “Well there is only one that is abandoned it’s right outside of town.”
Gage “ok then lets start by looking there. Beringia stay with us and don’t talk to anyone right now.”
Beringia “Ok, I’m still confused about all this that’s happening.”
Gage “We’ll tell you what’s happening along the way.”
Nathan “So everybody ready?”
Gage and Beringia “Yep.”
 They head out for the warehouse and start telling Beringia what’s all happened and tell her how they knew about her being in the middle of the ocean. Then they finally get to a warehouse that was supposedly abandoned but has light coming from inside of it.
Gage “I thought you said this warehouse was abandoned.”
Nathan “It is. It’s never gone up for sale because the town said it was going to fall down.”
Gage “Well I guess we need to do some investigating, Beringia you too we can use your hunting instincts.”
 They go to the door and realize that the lock was burnt off and the handle is a red tint like it was introduced to extreme heat. After they examine the handle they went to one of the many windows and Gage put his thermal up and saw that there was a wing type things floating around the room.
Gage “He’s in there alright I saw his wings.”
Nathan “Ok so what do we do now?”
Gage “I guess we just walk in and introduce ourselves.”
 Then the wings stopped flew to the window with extreme speed and covered the window with a metal safety reinforcement. After it closes Gage sees that the reinforcement is heating up.
Fire Angel “Who are you, and what do you want?”
Gage “We are the people that you left the message for on the light pole.”
Fire Angel “Fine open the front door and come in.”
 They go try to open the front door but the handle was too hot. So Beringia used her ice to cool it down and they went in. Once they got in they heard the door shut with no wind.
Gage “So you wanted us to come meet up with you. What do you want?”
Fire Angel “I need y’alls help.”
Gage “Our help with what?”
Fire Angel “My planet it is in trouble.”
Gage “So, how do we help we’re just human teens.”
Fire Angel “No you aren’t. I know you aren’t because you got my message that I left.”
Gage “So. Anyone can get their hands on thermal visors now a days.”
Fire Angel “But you don’t have a visor with you, and you tried using thermal vison to see what was in here.”
Gage “Ok so what do you want us to do to help since you already know what we are?”
Nathan “Wait before we help you do anything first of all we don’t know you name and how do we know you won’t kill us or something?”
Fire Angel “You want my name it’s Comet, and I don’t mean any harm I need help with my planet and then I will leave you be.”
Nathan “Fine, but after we finish helping you, you leave this planet.”
Gage “So I don’t care if you stay or leave after but how can we help?”
Fire Angel “Its core is going unstable. I need help stabilizing it.”
Gage “How are we supposed to help with your planets core?”
Fire Angel “Help me train and get stronger and I will save the core.”
Gage “Ok, fine, but what do we get in return?”
Fire Angel “You get an ally that will help you in tough times.”
Gage “I think it’s fine, but it also depends on what the others say.”
Fire Angel “What do y’all say, will you help me?”
Nathan “I guess it’s ok.”
Fire Angel “Thank you. You won’t be sorry.”
Gage “I have one question.”
Fire Angel “Ok I have answer for a pretty good bit of questions.”
Gage “What is your name?”
Fire Angel “My name. Well I have lots of answers for that question, which answer do you want?”
Gage “The correct answer.”
Fire Angel “My name is Comet,” (so punny)
Gage “Ok Comet you know where the house we live in is so we will meet you there.”
Comet “Ok see y’all there.”
 So Comet flew out of the warehouse and went to the teen’s house and met all of them there.
Comet “Do you really think it’s a good idea for me to stay her in this house with y’all?”
Nathan “Yeah it’s perfectly fine the house is fire proof.”
Comet “Ok I’ll sleep on the couch since you probably don’t have an extra room.”
Gage “Ok, but training will start at 0500 (5:00).”
Comet “Ok see you in the morning.”
 All of them go to bed but Comet. Comet lays there staring at the openness thinking about his life back on his planet. All of his friends and his family everything he had. Then Comet realizes that it’s already 5:00 in the morning. So he went to wake up Gage to start training
Comet “Gage you up yet we are going to be late for training.”
Gage “Ok. Be out in a minute.”
 So Gage came out of his room after he got ready and all of his disguise off and took Comet to the training room.
Gage “So you ready to start training?”
Comet “Yeah I’m ready.”
Gage “First thing I need to know is what all powers do you have?”
Comet “All I know of is fire and the I have my wings which I can use at a minimum before it starts to hurt.”
Gage “Ok so we will start with dodging and aim.”
So when Comet wasn’t looking Gage shot a rocket right beside Comet and Comet turned invisible.

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