Mega Teens

There was a time when there was three teenagers that didn't their whole world was about to change.


2. The Bering Strait

Nathan “Really?”

            Gage “Yeah. But How?”

            Nathan “When I used the time machine it must have given me the intelligence of the Dinosaur age.”

Gage “Well at least I now know what this girl looks like. She died by falling off the Bering Strait.”

Nathan “She couldn’t have, I saw her in the vision.”

Gage “Then if she is still alive how do we find her?”

Nathan “You said she died on the Bering Strait right?”

Gage “Yeah…. Why?”

Nathan “Then that’s where we start. The Bering Strait!”

Gage “But how? It was a land bridge that was formed over hundreds of years ago.”

 Nathan “We will swim to the bottom of the sea and find her. SHE IS NOT DEAD!”

Gage “What logic do you have to prove she is alive?”

Nathan “None.”

Gage “We will go and see if we can find anything but there is nothing that we can do if she isn’t.”

Nathan “Ok then let’s go and see.”

            So they left off for Nome Alaska. Once they got there they rented a boat and went straight to where Gage could track Beringia. Then they dived down to see what they could find. Since G``e couldn’t swim Nathan swam down and found something that looked like a wooden bow with an arrow. But there was one thing about it, it was covered in ice but the ice was thin and not thick.

Gage “Was there anyone beside it?”

Nathan “No just a few bones and some more arrows.”

Gage “I need you to get me water proofed.”

Nathan “Why?”

Gage “So I can go down and see if I can find anything.”

            So they got Gage waterproofed and he went down to see if he could see anything, when he came back up he had a frozen girl. The girl was dressed in a polar bear skin dress, seal boots and also a bow and arrow in her hands. When Gage reached the surface with the giant ice cube her eyes started to glow and the ice started to melt once she thawed out all the way she bulled the arrow back and asked them who they were. Gage said “I am Gage and this is Nathan. May I ask who you may be.” She said “My name is Aluki. What is this thing we are standing on?”

Nathan “This is called a boat it is to float on water.”

Gage “How long were you down there?”

Aluki “I don’t know maybe a few days.”

Gage “I am sorry but I think you were down there for more than a hundred years.”

Nathan “Let’s go back to the house and catchup with Aluki.”

So all of them went back to Charleston and got to the house. But when they got there the door was in the house with a hole burnt through it an nothing near it. So they got a new door and put it in.

Gage “What happened to the door? It was burnt right through.”

Nathan “Do you think it was….”

Gage “No it wasn’t it couldn’t be.”

Nathan “Scan me and see if there is a memory of the burnt door.”

            Gage did and when he got out he said “There was one memory of it.”

Nathan “What did it show?”

Gage “Nothing that we don’t know already. Except I saw a camera pointing right at the door of the house.”

            So they went in the house and looked at the footage of the camera. The footage showed a comet and it crashed right into the door but after they saw a fire angel come out of the house and disappear.

Gage “What do we do now?”

Nathan “Can you get a heat signal off him?”

Gage “Let me see.”

So Gage tried to get a heat signal off of the fire angel and he did.

Gage “I got his trail for some reason it hasn’t faded away yet.”

Aluki “How did you track him?”

Gage “I have a heat sensor in my arm.”

Aluki “A what in your arm?”

Gage “A heat sensor. What it does is it picks up where heat has been.”

Aluki “Okay. So where do we go to find him?”

Gage “It says he is right next to the light pole.”

            So they went over to the light pole to see if anyone was by it but there wasn’t anyone. But when they got over to it they got hotter and hotter. So Gage went into his thermal scanning and saw what wasn’t seen. 

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