Until all gone. Left over with scratch memories, old walls with their picture, echoes of their laugh and cry, everything is too late, it is already hidden by time and fate.

Cover Made By Tiara.


1. Chapter 1

"Ugh, no." I looked into the little window on the door.

Another one.

"Damn it." I put my thumb down to the teacher stand inside still"blah blah", some of the students realize me, they start to laugh out loud, and eventually that old lady noticed the laugh, she step up to the door angrily, but when she opened it, gone with wind.

It is the 15th lesson I had skipped since the beginning of this third term. At The National Conservatory of Music, students are allowed to skip 15 lessons at the most, clearly you can see I wants to challenge the school law, usually we will say I challenged it for a reason... But no, i did that just because of my own interest.


Music came from the phone echoed around the corridor.

"Hey! Hey! This is mission specialist NorNor, I'm on a very important mission right now..."

"Do not tell me that mission is skipping your fifteenth lesson NorNor!!!"

"Oh. Uncle. Is you." I sighed,"what?"

"...looks like I'm right." On the other side of the phone, where the time is 8 hours slower than Beijing, London, Mr. Qiu is holding his phone, stand in the corner, he knew everyone is looking at him right now, so he simply give them a sharp look and those eyes just look away immediately.

I know my uncle is the stage director of a newly came out boy band: One Direction[Even though I have no clue what that is]. He has worked quite hard for them, sometime he even phone me to judge on some of the tune they have got for them.

Poor uncle, he probably won't have a thought about it when he send me into this college, all he need is a elegant music lady, but yeah, surprise is always at the end.

After all, it is not madness of sending me into that school and that school still wants me after what I had done. Perfect pitch, this is the only reason they keep me as their student, because this ability is too rare to find, chance of people getting them is like trying to find a man with blue skin.

The truth is, I was never a music lover . That doesn't mean I hate it, but I'm just not passionate about it. So I always skip lessons, even if I attend on that lesson, I will do anything to shame that teacher, it goes on and on for 3 years now, and I wander how long they can wai...

"NorNor." Someone tapped me on my shoulder.

"Euh. Mr Liao." I give him a warm smile, "Good afternoon Principle."

"Afternoon NorNor."he replied politely, "I just want to tell you a news you will love about it."


"There are people came from London this morning says they want select a student from our school to be their Vocal assistant, you are not there, but the thing is they choose you."

Nani? what? Did I just hear, Vocal Assistant???

"So I..."

"You don't need to come to school anymore, you can pack you things and go this night."

He pulled out a Airline Ticket from his pocket, put it in my hand, and walked away with a light step.


A scary laugh suddenly bumped into my ear, ouch, i nearly forgot my uncle is still on the line...

"You are surprised hey!! Ha Ha Ha! I planed this!" Qiu's tone is full of complacement,"I desperately need a vocal assistant, but you know, it is always hard to find a real good one, so I think of you, you hate go to that school anyway aren't you? So this is a great chance..."

I pressed the red button on the screen, and the whole corridor quiet down in a second.

Oh dear.


Hello I'm Ara XD. This is my first English fanfic, so the grammar is quite...yeah. I'm not a English speaker though, through out this first chapter you can see I am a ChineseXD. If you think I use any of the words wrong or the grammar is incorrect, pls tell me in a polite way, I just hate it when someone just jump up scream and shout to my work..._ it feels horrible.

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