car crash

short story I wrote for English based on a picture.


1. the crash

They were driving down the rode in the pouring rain when the car skidded of the rode going round and round in circles causing skid marks to form on the slippery rode. Their lives flashed before their eye like pictures on a mantel piece, trips out as a family,first days of schools, tantrums, arguments, slamming of doors then there was the sickening crunch of wood against mental, the smell of burned rubber hung in the air like a damp cloth, unwilling to move and then it all when black.

The world blearily cam back into focus as they could hear the alarm bells of the fire truck and the ambulance. They lay their unconscious, they looked as if they could be sleeping if not for the blood, so much the blood. It had been hours since the crash, when someone found them on the side of the rode and called 999 for help and it looked there was little chance the family of four were going to survive the deadly car crash. The paramedics with the help of the firemen used the jaws of life to get the family out of the cars and onto stretchers so they could be taken to the ambulance and hopefully be treated at the hospital. the youngest was 10 and the oldest was 40. Human life is so fragile that it can be taken away at anytime and there's nothing we can do to stop it. It took an hour to get to the hospital where the next of kin were informed of the crash. The woman collapsed on to the floor in grief and the man kicked a chair across the room in anger and he yelled out "Why, why them, Why us" as he looked up to the sky and  I could see the tears streaming out of his eyes as he looks up,he then goes to comfort the woman of the floor. as she begins to rock herself back and forth and mutters in her ear "everything will be okay Lyn, everything will be okay" as she sobs into his arms that it wouldn't.

I looked down on this tragic event and realized that even though humans are only on this earth for a blink of an eye that they still make a big impressions on those around him even after they are gone. They shape and mold the world into what it is and that is truly a remarkable thing. The four who were in the crash aren't going to make it, as you know by now but their time walking this earth was up and the path their path has ended and they are ready to die peacefully but I doubt the man and woman would agree with me on this one but they are stronger then they know and will do just fine without them.

I float into the room and look down of the youngest a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes aged 10 whose once perfect face was batter and bruised from the crash but despite all this he still looked beautiful. The man  from the hall was there, in the room with me but he couldn't see me,sitting with the boy holding his hand telling him to pull through so he could live because he has barely lived and deserves this chance. "come on champ you can do this, this isn't right a grandparent isn't meant to out live their grandchild when they are so young so please, if not for me live for you grandmother, she wouldn't be able to live knowing you never got the chance to". As he says this the tears began to flow again and land on the young boys hand as he over to his other family and wishes the same for them. The man get's up and walks to the door and just as he crosses the threshold all of the heart monitors go flat and start beeping he turns round and rushes back to the boys side and starts mumbling "No,no no no no" as the nurses and doctors flood the room and try their hardest to save them but it's all in vein and the doctors go along and one by one turn off the monitors and go and tell the angry man how sorry they are for his loss.

I look to my left and see the young boy smiling up at me but when he looks at his granddad he asks me "Why is granddad so upset?" as he says this his brow furrows and he starts chewing his lip  I smile at him a sad smile full of memories of the past of young boys just like him asking the same question. "He just lost something he cares about deeply that's all" I tell the boy. "Well I hope he finds it because I don't like to see granddad so upset" I smile at the boy again and say "He will find it again some day" then I offer him my hand and the young boy and i along with his family walk off towards the light.              

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