Winter... The snow.. The white snow is Blinding to my Eyes.. All blinding moments, must come to an end.. My blinding moment is now covered with lots of red blood...


2. Gaining Memory

Wake up.

I'm not dead?

Remember you were taken in by a stranger.


I jolt awake remembering the events last night- Wait, do I even know what time of day it is?


What's my name?!



I find myself in a bedroom.

Wait, I jolted up?! I have strength and I'm alive?!


I heard voices and I turned and staring at the door.


Go and open the door...


I know you are curious about what they are talking about...

No I'm not.

Yes you are.


I stared at the door thinking of what my next move should be and I decided to peak through the door.

​I got up tip toeing to the door and I slightly opened the door until I was able to see the two men talking.


One of the had dark black hair with a beautiful light tan and hazel eyes.

​The other one had dark brown curly hair with a light skin colour and emerald green eyes.

Damn they're hot.


"Harry have you figured out what we are going to do with this girl? I mean we are on tour and all." Harry? Tour?

"Zayn, no I haven't, but the best solution I've thought of was to bring her on tour with us!" Zayn? Harry? Tour? That's definitely One Direction.

"No, we will not bring a human on our tour bus! Remember what happens when one of us is with a human too long? We go crazy and after that person is not seen ever again!" My eyes widen and I slammed the door closed sliding down the door.


Wait, maybe slamming the door closed wasn't such a good idea..

I know they heard the door slam, and hearing what they said... Well now I'm terrified of them. Should I try to escape?

​Don't Run..

Why not?

Just Don't...

They'll get me.

They already got you...


I'm running out of the time, because of my stupid door slam.

How can I get out of here? No other door... Umm..


My head turns to the left, facing the window...

Don't do it...

It's the only way...


Harry's P.O.V

Zayn and I both snapped our heads to the direction of the door slam. 

We looked at each other knowing that she heard..


I ran to the door swinging it open..


​"She's gone.. But how?"

"Not exactly..." Zayn said pointing to the open window.

"No.. I don't think she's that crazy, we are in a building! On the top floor for god sakes!" I said running my hand though my hair.

"What makes you think she knew that?" Zayn said crossing his arms.


A gust of wind came through the window with a strong, lovely scent.


"That's her." I said with my eyes wide open.


Layla's P.O.V

Outside is so cold.

It's snowing and I am standing on the ledge of the building. I just realized these aren't my clothes.

A purple tank, with black sweats...

Don't look down...

Wasn't intending to..

​Or you'll die...


I shut my eyes closed staring up and I realized I'm on the top floor...

I wonder how tall this building is..

I take a deep breath and look down.. It's a VERY far drop.

As I stared down, I felt myself about to fall.

I slipped off the edge grabbing the ledge with my hands hoping not to lose grip. I started clutching the edge, but I was losing it.

What did I say about looking down?

I was just curious.

Curiousity can get you killed...

I'm not dying just yet.


I started trying to stand up back no the ledge. Each time I tried to climb on, ice would prevent me from getting back on to it. I continued trying until the point I almost fell off.

Stop you'll die...

No I won't. I will if I don't try..


I tried again, and ended up with one hand on the ledge.


"Haven't you tried enough already? Do you wanna die?" I heard a chuckle. I turned my attention towards the window seeing Zayn. I found Harry standing on the ledge in front of me.

"Take my hand." Harry said lending out his hand.


Don't take it. You were meant to die yesterday in the snow.

I don't wanna die yet, though.

Don't take the hand of the Demon..



I started to slowly stretch out my hand, but end up losing my grip.


But I was grabbed by both hands and pulled up back onto the ledge into his arms.

Your future is dark.

Why, why is he so cold?


"Why would you come out here sweetheart?" He said whispering in my ear as my back was toward his chest while I was in his arms.

I was afraid, staring at the world from this height.

"Don't be scared. I won't let you fall. You're safe." He said.

He is a Demon. Don't go with him.

Harry's P.O.V

I can feel her warmth dying quickly.. I can tell she's scared. I mean two guys just took her in, when she was about to be killed.

"Let's go inside." I said slowly leading her into the room




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