Darker the Shadow

I have written a play set in the industrialized world, where two friends experience what the quick rise to power can do to the human mind, and how easily morals can become shackles that you must get rid of.


9. Scene 9: A Leak

Setup: James is sitting at his table working, the light is dim. Clark enters the scene, dressed in a coat, and rubbing his eyes. When Clark walks in, James looks up. 

James: Clark! How are you?

Clark: Good, great, I really just needed a night to get over it. How is everything going?

James: Marvelous. I just received a third letter from Mr. Johnson, begging us to reconsider the merge.

Clark: Guess the idiot finally realized that he was ruined. 

James: Yeah, I threw the letters in the fire. 

Clark: Heh, he gave up his chance, and now he'll loose his business. Has there been any progress on finding the leak?

James: I did find something suspicious in the files.

Clark: Go ahead.

James: It seems that a group of our employees, especially in the processing plant, were previously hired by Johnson Co. Might be them, might be a coincidence. Certainly something to look into. 

Clark: Great work James.

James: Thank you. What's on your agenda today?

Clark: I'm going to visit the southern plant, they've been complaining about the gear and I wanted to supervise the repair myself.

James: Sounds like a plan to me.

Clark: While I'm there, I might as well check out the people you found. Did you have any names for me.

James: Sure.

James hands Clark a paper from his desk.

James: Just remember that we aren't sure, they might have just gotten fired from Johnson and applied here. Theres no certainty that they're spies.   

Clark walks out of the scene.

Clark: Sure.
Clark leaves and James starts writing in his papers again. As he does, the sound of a clock ticking starts, and continues for a minute. The phone rings and James get up to answer it.

James: Hello, James Gillean here.

James: You wan't me to what?

James: Clark I don't have time for this, I have to finish the financial papers before tonight. I don't have time to interview your employees, that's your job.

James: Clark you don't need me to do this, you're perfectly capable of handling it yourself.

James: You know what, fine, I'm on my way.

James hangs up the phone and grabs his coat, then leaves the stage. The scene is over.

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