Darker the Shadow

I have written a play set in the industrialized world, where two friends experience what the quick rise to power can do to the human mind, and how easily morals can become shackles that you must get rid of.


7. Scene 7: A Snitch

Setup: James is once again sitting at the little table, writing in his book. The stage is dark and the only light is from a candle on the table. 

Narrator(James Voice): Journal entry 10. May 19th, 1885. Fortune at last smiles upon me. Finally me and Clark have managed to get our business up and running. We have build our company, and it has grown faster than I could ever have imagined. We have just proposed for Mr. Johnson, the only meat processing company, with a process unit larger than ours. If he does not respond before tomorrow, we will have to forcibly overthrow him, and buy out his company when it hits rock bottom. It would be preferred if he complied, but, seeing as the deadline is tomorrow, I doubt that he'll agree to our proposition. In which case, no matter, we will simply be a little delayed. But eventually we will make it to the top. Something has been bothering me about Clark and I. Since we have been gaining capital, it has become increasingly clear that he and I, disagree on how to run a business. He charges ahead, spending money, and preferring to  trample upon everyone who's in our way. But he was the cause for our success, and he is the appointed CEO of Clarkson & James, so in the end he makes the final decision. But I can't begin to argue with him now, if we start to argue internally, it won't be long before we go the same way as Mr. Johnson is about to go. 

Clark puts down the pen, and leans back in his chair. Clark enters the scene.

Clark: Writing in your journal again mate?

James: Yeah I just finished.

Clark: Why do you do that anyway, you realize that only girls keep diaries right?

James: It's not a diary, it's a journal. It is for keeping track of important events, so that one day I'll be able to look back, and remember the ups and down of my history.

Clark: Why do you care so much about the past anyway, it doesn't matter anymore.

James: It certainly does, we must learn from it, to avoid making the same mistakes we've done before. 

Clark: What mistakes, we're doing great.

James: But we weren't always doing this good, as you might recall. Or have you already forgot.

Clark: No I haven't, but we aren't going back to that, we have money now. We'll never have to worry again.

James: What about the good Mr. Johnson, he has money, and he certainly has to worry.

Clark: Johnson's a fool, he doesn't know a first thing about running a business.

James: Yet he managed to for so long. Now we're surpassing him, and he is so lost in his confidence in his own abilities, that he doesn't see where he's heading. Documenting such things will help us to remember not to make the same mistake, as he is currently making. 

Clark: No one's ever going to be able to beat us.

James: That is exactly what I'm talking abou-. You know what never mind. Why are you here any way?

Clark: Oh I almost forgot, I have some worrying news. 

James: Oh?

Clark: So after we upgraded our grinders a week or so ago, no more than a day went by before every Johnson facility had brand new grinders as well. As far as I am concerned, our upgrades are not public information.

James: So you're saying we have a leak?

Clark: A darn whistleblower.

James: What do you propose?

Clark: I don't dare to ask the employees. With my luck I'll probably end up asking the darn guy himself, and he'll be gone faster than I'd be able to fire him. 

James: So you wan't me to find him?

Clark: Exactly, you know the company structure better than anyone, you shouldn't have a problem finding these guys.

James: Except it's not my job. I have to keep the financial situation stable. You're the boss, so you're the one in charge of the employees.

Clark: Look I need you to do this for me. I can't have some fuckin' snitch running around, leaking all of our secret to every damn corner store in town. 

James: Fine I'll see what I can do, but I'm not going to be your private detective.

Clark: Sure sure, just this once, I promise. Just get it done as quickly as you can. 

James: Sure.

Clark: Alrighty mate, I'm off. Clarence and I are having dinner tonight. 

James: But you're supposed to be taking care of the Johnson merge.

Clark puts on his jacket, and turns to leave.

Clark: Bah, there's nothing to take care off. I'll take a look tomorrow.

James: But-.

Clark: Goodnight James.

James: Goodnight Clark.

Clark leaves the stage. When he's gone, James get's up from his chair, and walk to the phone on the wall. He grabs it and dial a number on the rotary, then waits a little while. 

James: Maria darling, are you there?

James: Yes it's me. Listen I wont make it home tonight, Clark has given me a bunch of extra work, so I'll have to stay here overnight.

James: I know, I know I'm sorry. It won't happen again I promise. We just can't have anything going wrong, not now.

James: Clark isn't available tonight, he had other plans.

James: Some other work that he had to get done. 

James: I know, we'll have dinner together tomorrow I promise.

James: I love you too darling, goodnight. 

James hangs up the phone, and walks back to his desk. But stop before he sits down. He then kicks his chair, and yells, before wiping his desk clean in anger. He stand around for a little while, the start sobbing while picking up the paper, and placing the chair back. When he's done he wipes his eyes, sits down and starts looking through the papers as the light turns out. The scene ends. 

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