Darker the Shadow

I have written a play set in the industrialized world, where two friends experience what the quick rise to power can do to the human mind, and how easily morals can become shackles that you must get rid of.


6. Scene 6: A Meal

Setup: James and Clark are sitting across from each other at a dinner table. Next to James sits Maria, and next to Clark sits Clarence (An american girl). The table is set with fine silverware. 

James: So Clarence how did you and Clark meet?

Clarence: Im a consultant for the northern branch of the meat processing section. Clark visited the office during a busy day, and he accidentally spilled coffee all over me, when I was bringing some papers to the mail box. 

James sends Clark a sarcastic look, Clark blinks.

Clarence: He apologized a million times, even offered to buy me a new set of clothes.

James: Did he now?

Clarence: He did, and the next day he showed up again, with a brand new dress with matching jacket and shoes. 

James: Really? I can barely recognize him. He wasn't always such a gentleman, you know.

Clarence: What do you mean?

James: Well I went to college with him, and he did some things back then, that would make you run scared.

Clarence: Is that so? Tell me something.

James: Well you see, he used to be quite good with a drawing pencil. So one day he hid in a tree outside a girl from his streets room, armed with a pencil and block of paper. He came back to our room later that night, with a grin on his face reaching from ear to ear, all hysterical about what he was about to show me.

Clarence  and Clark laughs. Clarence elbows Clark in the side.

Clarence(Sarcastically): Clark would never do such a thing.

Clark: Well what about the time when you came home from a night at the pub, so drunk you couldn't even find the toilet, so you just went out the window. Damn near hit our english teacher, lucky for him he wasn't paying attention, or James probably wouldn't have stayed another night at that place.

James: Full of tall tales as always Clarkson. Never fail to come up with a good story to tell.

Clark: Well if you hadn't done so many stupid things, maybe I'd have to try a bit harder mate. Maria would you be so kind as to fetch us some wine from the pantry?

Maria: Of course, I'll be right back.
James: Thank you honey.

Maria leaves.

Clarence: So has Mr. Johnson responded to the proposition yet?

Clark: No not yet, he might have to much pride to give up his business, in which case he'll be sorry.

James: Although it would be preferable, we wouldn't have to forcibly take it over.

Clark: The only one that would bother is the man himself, we would have no problem trampling him.

James: But hopefully he agrees, that way it wont be as expensive for us to buy out his business.

Clark: Who cares, it's not like we have a shortage of leverage.

James: But there's no reason to be irrational with it. 

Clark: There is also no reason to be humble with it. 

James: If we are to irrational, it'll be out downfall.

Clark: If we don't act it'll go the same way.

James: So you say that we should just go an spe-

Maria enters with a glass vial of wine.

Maria: Gentlemen please, there's no need to fight.

Clark: We aren't, we are simply discussing business strategies.

Maria: Well you'll have to wait ti'll after dinner, which by the way will be served in a minute.

Clarence: Sounds wonderful, and smells thereafter.

James: John, my cook, is excellent at his work.

Maria: For tonight he has cooked a wonderfully looking goose for us.

Clark: Sound delicious. James we'll have to discuss this further after the girls have withdrawn.

James: Sure, for now let's enjoy our meal.

Clark: Sound's like a plan.

A man carries in a silver tray, covered with a lid. He places it on the table, and leaves. While the characters get ready to eat, the scene ends.

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