Darker the Shadow

I have written a play set in the industrialized world, where two friends experience what the quick rise to power can do to the human mind, and how easily morals can become shackles that you must get rid of.


4. Scene 4: A Hope

Setup: James is sitting at the same table as in scene 3, he is once again writing in the leather bound book, the scene is dark.

Narrator (James Voice): Journal entry 9, February 9th 1885. It all failed, all my dreams and hopes were for nothing. When I opened a week ago, I didn't expect much, maybe ten customers in the first week, twenty tops. But you know how many I got, zero, not a single customer has entered the store since I opened. I have been forced to fire all three of my workers, since I relied on some sort of income to pay them, but I haven't made a dollar. I have nothing left to pay rent, and there doesn't seem to be any rising sun in the horizon. The only person I have left in my life is Maria, whom, for reasons unknown, didn't leave me as soon as she learned that my business had failed. In fact she is the only happy thing in my life now, in this past week everything I thought I'd be, has crumpled away and become ashes. But even she can't distract me from the inevitable, I failed at fulfilling my dream, in a few weeks they'll kick me out on the street, and I'll be left to live the rest of my life there, in misery along with all the other failures. I fear that I have but one way out, maybe it's better just to say my goodbyes, and leave with what little dignity I have left. Maybe I should just go out to the bridge and j-.

A bell goes off, and James looks up. Clark enters the scene. James jumps up.

James: Clark! What are you doing here?

Clark: Well I heard about your little misfortune, and i decided that you might need some help.

James tear up, and Clark spreads his arms. James walks into Clarks embrace, and they stand like that for a minute or two, until James walks away from Clark.

Clark: So, since it seems you managed to mess it up good, I suppose we better get started.
James: I'm so sorry Clark, I should've listened to you, It was doomed to fail from the start. I should have never sold the apartment for this crazy project.

Clark: That's right ya' shouldn't have, but ya' did and there's nothin' to do about it now. So we'll have to make the best of it, and if we wanna do that, we'll have to get started right this instant. 

James: I'm afraid there's nothing you can do at this point, it's all gone to hell.

Clark: Better late than never I suppose, there's always somethin' to be done.

James: What could we possibly do, I ruined everything. 

Clark: Well we're certainly not getting anything done with this mood, you'll have to get ya' mind out of the gutter. What happened to the determination that I saw only days ago, when you were standin' in the apartment, tellin me how you were going to take over the world. Now you're standin' here complainin' about how tough it is, as though your success was ever gonna be an easy one.

James: I just never realized it would be this hard, it shouldn't have to be. 

Clark: But that's the world mate, and you're gonna have to get used to it, if ya' want to make anythin' happen. 

James: What do suggest we do?

Clark: First of all we need to get ourselves advertised, if we want any customers at all. Secondly your prizes are too low, this is supposed to be prime wares, but you're prizin them as though they're junk. Finally you'll have to do somethin about this place, it boring to look at, and the facade hardly stands out, I nearly walked by it when I came. We'll have to get some pain and some brushes and start over.

James: I have nothing left to pay for it, I don't see how it's doable. 

Clark withdraws a fat convolute from his jacket pocket, and slams it down on the table.

James: What's this?

Clark: That's the last shot at makin' anything happen.

James: How'd you get this?

Clark: I took a loan on what little I had left.

James: But Clark, you can't pay this back if we fail, you'll go to jail.

Clark: Argh don't mention it. I hear they have great food in the prisons.

Clark picks up the convolute, and hands it to James. James looks at it for a second or two, then he hugs Clark. 

James: Thank you.

Clark: Don't get me wrong now, If ya' waste it I'll be real sad. So let's go and get this place fixed up.

James nod, and the two leave the scene together. The scene is over.

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