Darker the Shadow

I have written a play set in the industrialized world, where two friends experience what the quick rise to power can do to the human mind, and how easily morals can become shackles that you must get rid of.


3. Scene 3: A Start

Setup: James sits at a new table, writing in a leather bound book. Around him are stacks of papers, and he appears to be stressed but content.

Narrator (James voice): Journal entry 8, February 1st, 1885. It has been a couple of days since I left, and there has been no sign of Clark. I fear he may have been serious in saying that he will not join me, in which case this will certainly be much more challenging that I hoped. Nevertheless I have managed to set up the shop, I even found three Irish immigrants whom have agreed to work for me. The official opening is today, and I have done more work today, than I have the last several months. It feels good to be working again, although, as of yet, it hasn't earned me any revenue, but it hopefully will as soon as our doors open. 
Tonight I will go on a date, the first one I've been on for over year. She is a sweet girl, that I met among the immigrants. She's from Italy, but is well read in the english language, which is a rare trait for an immigrant, especially one from Italy. Now obviously neither of us have much of anything, so it'll be a scarce dinner, but it'll be something.
I am out of time, I have so much to do, and so little time. Hopefully this will be the start of something new, and not the end of everything.

James puts down his pen, and closes the book. He then leans back and rubs his eyes. A man dressed in work clothes enter.

James: Patrick, what's happening?

Patrick: We're all ready for the opening.

James: Brilliant, and you have everything prepared and ready for selling?

Patrick: Of course, just as instructed

James: Great Patrick thank you, I will be right out, just give me a moment to get ready.

Patrick nods and leaves the scene. As James talks he paces around the room.

James: This is it James, no turning back now. You started this even though you knew it would be hard, and now it's time to get started. This is your one chance of making it somewhere in life, your one chance to get where you wanted to be, so don't you dare waste it. This is going to be the start of something new.

James turns and walks after Patrick

James: This is not the end.

James leaves and the scene is over.

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