Darker the Shadow

I have written a play set in the industrialized world, where two friends experience what the quick rise to power can do to the human mind, and how easily morals can become shackles that you must get rid of.


10. Scene 10: A Gun

Setup: Clark is standing on stage, looking at his watch. James enters the stage dressed in his coat.

Clark: Finally!

James: You better have a really good reason for calling me here, I have work to up over both my ears, and barely any time to do it. 

Clark: Of course I have a good reason. I found the snitches.

James: Then what do you need me for, just fire them and get on with it.

Clark: Not before I make sure that it doesn't happen again. 

James: And what exactly do you mean by that?

Clark: Very simple.

Clark disappears from the stage for a second, before returning with a man with a bag over his face. 

Clark: There.

James: Clark what is this? Who is that man? 

Clark: It doesn't matter, he leaked information, so he's a threat to the company. Therefor he must be gotten rid of.

James: Yes but what the hell is this.

Clark: It's our standard firing procedure, for people who are considered threats.

James: And how exactly does that work?

Clark: Like this. 

Clark pulls a gun from his coat, and hands it to James, who takes it with a shocked look on his face. He then turn the hooded man to face James, put him down on his knees, and takes off the hood.

Clark: Shoot him.

James: WHAT?

Clark: Shoot him James, I trust you've seen a gun before.

James: What do you mean shoot him? I'm not going to do that. 
Clark: Well then I'll do it as soon as you leave, and I'll hand you a firing slip as soon as I come back. 

James:  Clark this is absurd, you can't be serious. Are you testing me?

Clark: Yes I am. I'm testing your loyalty, and your dedication to our course. 

James: I am not going to shoot this person Clark. 

Clark: Do you know what happens if you don't?

James: He'll walk away without a job, he wont be able to provide for his family, and he'll eventually ned up on the street, and most likely die from disease. 

Clark: Wrong, he'll simply go to another company, and he'll give them the list of everything he's seen here. They'll copy it all, and they'll eventually be bigger than us. And you know what's going to happen to us then? You know what'll become of all of our dreams?

James: You know that's never going to happen.

Clark: We'll be the ones ending up on the street mate, not him, us. Meanwhile this little spying snitch is probably going to be making more money then you.

James: You have no way of knowing that.

Clark: No you know what, it's probably fine, he'll probably just go home and burn all the papers he's stolen, and all the notes he's taken, and just accept his life in poverty. 

James: We can't just kill him Clark, we don't have the right.

Clark: He didn't have the right to sell company secrets either, but he didn't seem to give a damn.

James: There must be another way, there has to be.

Clark: You know what, even if there was, I wouldn't bother with it. I need you to do this James, prove that you care, as much as I do, about the business and about us.

James: Of course I care, but I won't kill someone.

Clark: Then you're not dedicated, an we'll have to let you go. Give me the gun back James.

James: What are you going to do with it?

Clark: I'm going to shoot him, then I'm probably going to shoot you.

James: You wouldn't, you would never. 

Clark: You know what James, I've always been impressed with your wits. You always did better than me in college, and to be honest you're the only reason we got here. But I can live without you now, it'll be a challenge to find someone else, but I know people who would kill for your job. So for all I care I can put a bullet in your brain, and go find me another James. It won't even be a bother.

James: What happened to you Clark, how can you say these things. 

Clark: Because I care about the business James, thats all that matters to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing comes in my way, even if it's you. So if you'll just give me the gun and we can get over with it.

Clark gestures to take the gun, but James doesn't move.

Clark: Just give me the gun James, there isn't any reason to postpone the inevitable. 

James: No. I will not let you just kill me off like any other guy.

James points the gun at Clark.

Clark: James, is that really necessary? We both know that you wouldn't do it, even if your life depended on it. You are too concerned with morale and friendship, foolish things that will only hinder you.

James hands start shaking.

Clark: What about Maria? What's going to happen to her when you don't come home? She'll end up working as a whore in some dirty alley. Is that what you want? Is that where all your dreams were headed? You can avoid all that, and all you have to do is get rid of a leak, repair a hole in the hull of our great ship, as easy as scratching.

James lowers the gun, and starts sobbing. After a minute he suddenly raises the gun and shoots the still kneeling worker in the head.

Clark: Great job James, good shot. Now wipe your nose, you aren't done yet.

James: What do you mean?

Clark: You didn't think that there was only one did you? Bring em' out!

A man leads four other workers out from behind the scene.

James: Clark, no more, please.

Clark: You know what they say about starting something. In the end you're going to have to finish it.

James: But I only gave you four names.

Clark: Does it matter? If I tell you he's a problem, he's a problem.

James: It's not right.

Clark: We're beyond right now mate.

Clark whispers in James ear.

Clark: And there's no turning back now.

James raises the gun again, and shoots the first man. As he shoots the next four, his face goes from sad to stone.

Clark: There you go James, not so bad was it.

James: No.

Clark: Now as you might understand only the two of us can know about this so-.

James immediately raises the gun and shoots the guy who brought the workers. He then hands Clark the gun. The two of them leave together, Clark having an arm around James shoulders. 

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