Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

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8. *Chapter 8*


Calum won't talk to me at all.Whenever I see him around,He turns in the opposite direction as if I have Ebola or something.Even though he was a complete ass in the beginning,I was actually starting to like him,a lot more than I planned to.The whole week,My mom has been constantly apologizing,for what I don't know.In other news,I finally got my phone back.

My mom is making me go to the store and pick up a few things for dinner tonight.I was glad to be getting out of the house.I grabbed the car keys and quickly made my way to the car.As I was driving,Calum kept appearing in my thoughts.Why all of a sudden did he think that we shouldn't be friends?

I got to the store and picked up the items.My mom was making chicken Alfredo with green beans and crescent rolls,which was my favorite.This was probably her way of saying she was sorry for overreacting.I ended of buying a jar of Nutella,a French vanilla cappuccino,and a gigantic bag of gummy worms.

I walked up to the cash register and paid fun items.

"That'll be $25.64"

I handed her my money and exact change,waiting for her to count it.

"Thank you,have a nice day."

"You too."

I grabbed the bags and headed out of the front of the store.As I was walking to the car,someone called my name.


I turned to see a dark figure walking towards me.The figure was pretty tall in height,which reminded me of a certain someone.As the person walked closer to me,the face came more into my view.It was Calum.

"Can we talk?"

"Can't.I have to get this stuff home to my mom."

"Please,give me two seconds."

"Why? you dumped me as a friend and have been ignoring my since."

"Because I like you a lot,more than I thought I did.The day we hung out was probably the most fun I'd had in a long time."

"And what does that have to do with us being friends?"

"When your mom basically banned me from talking to you,It reminded me of who I was,what I was.I was a bad guy that didn't deserve a smart,beautiful girl like you.I should've listened to Michael and stayed with people like me."

"People like you?"

"People who do what I do,who are just like me.People who do drugs and skip school.People who steal and do illegal shit."

"And that's your reason for ignoring me?"

"I'm a waste of your time.You should be hanging around people like you,smart people who are going to be something one day."

"A waste of my time? Calum,If I thought you were a waste of my time,I wouldn't have even taken the time to talk to you at the game.If I thought you were a waste of my time,I wouldn't have ever hung out with you,let alone taken the time to get to know you."

He stayed silent as I finished.I can't believe this is what Calum really thought.Did he really think that I was too good for him?

"I don't deserve your attention or your time."

"From the crap your telling me right now,You obviously do."

"Tell me,what made you think this way? What made you believe that you weren't good enough to hang around 'people like me'?"

"It's a story I'd rather not tell."

"Fine then if you won't tell me it's no point of me staying here."

I turned on my heels and started walking towards my car,when he came running towards me.

"Wait,Can you meet me at the beach that we went to on Thursday?"

My mom would kill me if she found out that I was sneaking away to meet up with him.The one guys she never wants to see me with,but I had to learn.I had to know why he thought this way,felt this way even.


"Tomorrow after school,3:45."

"Yeah,I'll be there."

"Okay,see you later."

I watched him walk away.In my mind I was wondering what it was that he wanted to tell me.Would it be one of those bullshit stories or would it be a legit heartbreaker? I put the groceries in the trunk and made my way home.


I got up early this morning,preparing myself for the story that Calum was about to tell.The only thing on my mind last night,him.I couldn't stop pondering on the everlasting thought,what he would tell me.My mom was at work and she wouldn't be back until later tonight,early morning.After breakfast,I went to get in the shower and put some clothes on.

*6 hours later*

I reached the beach,where there was no sign of Calum.I walked onto the cold sand and made my way to the shore.I pulled out my phone to see the time.

3:57 p.m.

I looked aimlessly around for him.He was no where to be seen.My phone soon vibrated.

Meet me at the pier -Calum

I didn't reply.I walked to my right and continued down what seemed like an endless sandy path until I saw a long,wooden pier.There I saw Calum,one leg folded up to his chest and the other dangling lifeless in the water.I walked over and sat beside him.



It stayed silent.The only things to be heard were the seagulls swooping down to get fish and the ocean waves crashing up against the rocks.

" so I guess I should tell you."

He turned to me,not even attempting to make eye contact with.

"When I was little,I was a straight-A student all throughout middle school.My mom used to reward me and tell me that I would be the next Steve jobs or something like that.I felt special,as if I could actually be the next him."

"So what changed that?"

"My mom started staying in her room for weeks at a time,I would be starving because there was no food in the house.One day,I had decided to go see if she was okay.I opened her door and what I saw scared the hell out of me.I saw my mom shooting heroine into her bloodstream.She looked like complete crap."

"Sorry about your mom but what does this have to do with you?"

"She started beating me and constantly tell me that I would never amount to anything,that I was dumb as a sack of bricks.After a while I started to believe it.I fell into the wrong crowd.I started doing drugs,skipping school,beating people up,even stealing."

"Why'd you believe her,you had the grades to prove otherwise."

"It wasn't just my mom,It was almost everyone around me.I had no one around me telling me otherwise.Its kinda hard to tell yourself otherwise when there's a thousand other voices In your head contradicting your judgement."

"I'm sorry."

"I really don't need anyone to feel sorry for me."

"Does your mom still struggle with drugs now or..."

"She died when I was in the seventh grade.I came home one day and found her dead in her bed,overdosed on heroine.I had her body buried at wethers cemetery.I've struggled with hunger ever since."

I pulled him into a hug.I felt bad for him.He wasn't the best guy in the world,but no kid deserves to go through what he went through.

"Where do you live now?"

He looked back down at his hands,fidgeting with his fingers.


"I'm homeless."

The two words I feared he would say,'I'm homeless'.My jaw fell open as he said this.

"So you don't have anywhere to stay,no extended family?"

"My dad,but he doesn't want me.I better go,it's getting late."

"Well maybe I could find a friend who would he willing to-"

"I don't want free handouts."

He got up and started to walk away.I got up and grabbed his wrist,pulling him around to face me.I pulled him into another hug,wrapping my arms around his neck.

"You're definitely not a waste of my time Calum.I'm pretty glad we met."

I pulled away to see him tearing up.

"Thank you."


(A/N): I wanted to do a chapter to give a little more insight on Calum.I'm glad Calum didn't grow up like this in really life bc that would've crushed be completely.

So in other news,I FINALLY found someone at my school who was a fan of 5sos today!I'm pretty excited about that lol but her favorite is Calum,which is also mine.🙅✋

QOTD:// who's is your favorite 5sos member and why???


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